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  1. Hey Coffeebean, we have pretty much the same exact setup , Piaggio Ape and all ! Since we also have a dual fuel your feedback has made my day. Thank you so much. I look forward to good start. If you every in Malta give us a shout
  2. Hi, We have setup a nice looking three wheeler coffee van and its all ready to go. We are roaring to go but someone has brought to our attention however that travelling with a coffee machine ( we have a MyWay Pompei Lever) might cause serious damage to it when changing location unless the machine is left to cool for a couple of hours. Although I can imagine that pressure build up, if not reduced, may be dangerous especially on bumpy roads I find hours to depressurize an operational problem. I was wondering if anyone could give some kind advise on the above and any procedure used to avoid such damage. For example does opening the steamer fully while waiting for the machine to cool down solve the issue? Or does this cause other damage? I look forward to anyone's feedback, thanks in advance
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