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  1. Hello all, I’ve got a couple of coffee machine currently listed as local collection only. I am keen to open up to postage but don’t have a box for either machine. I don’t want a damaged machine to arrive so any tips for best methods of packaging. I’m unsure if getting hold of some polystyrene is an option? James
  2. I could probably do some point Monday. I was hoping for more like £150 for it. I’ll grab a picture in the morning! Kind regards James
  3. Hello, sorry for the delay. I believe it is late 90’s. I bought it off a friend who emigrated to NZ, and it was his dads before him. There’s no SN on the underside, just what’s pictured
  4. Item sold to @edpirie. Moved to PM
  5. For sale is my feldgrind, owned for about 2 years and has had max 4kg through it. Good condition and will be shipped in original box. I’ve added a porlex mini rubber band too to store the handle. Looking for £100 inc postage James
  6. For sale is my La Pav, Love this little machine, I’ve owned it for about 2years, using occasionally at work. Before that it was a friends and his dads before that so has been well looked after from what I can tell! There’s a bit of rust under the driptray, but other than that it’s in great condition. Looking for around £150 for it. Comes with a custom tamper and usual size double basket and pf Collection from Horndean, Hampshire James
  7. For sale is my classic, It comes fitted with a silva wand, IMS screen and brass dispersion plate. I have also conducted the OPV mod. It comes with a double and triple basket along with the standard portafilter and a bottomless one. The machine is regularly de scaled and backflushed Collection only at this point. Located in Horndean, Hampshire Looking for around £150 for it.
  8. Hello Nik, I have a feldgrind I’d be willing to sell See pics below It’s prob has max 5kg through it! I’ve added a rubber holder off a porlex mini for the handle too.
  9. For sale is my Porlex mini, I've owned this for about two years, although I haven't used it since I purchased a feldgrind approx 18months ago. It's in great condition. I cannot find the rubber holder for the handle so it'll be sold without that Item is located in Horndean, Hampshire should anyone want to collect. The item is listed else where Looking for £20 inc delivery
  10. I use a feldgrind for espresso and brewed 3-4times a day. It's really not a chore grinding more than one shot at a time, just takes a few minutes is all. I can't justify £3-400 for a electric grinder because I can't be bothered to grind by hand!
  11. A feldgrind is my only grinder for brewed and espresso! I'll have to take a look at one of these, don't really have the kitchen space for a massive electric grinder!
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