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    Metal was my first love. And it will be my last. Metal of the future. And metal of the past.

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  1. The two Banko Gotiti Ethiopian coffees from Fortitude in Edinburgh are delicious. I'm a big fan of naturals but the bergamot flavour from the washed is classic: https://www.fortitudecoffee.com/shop-1
  2. Friedhats never disappoints https://sprudge.com/in-amsterdam-the-latest-from-friedhats-coffee-is-a-big-fuku-141320.html
  3. Try a local spray paint suppliers. They should be able to match the colour pretty closely and put it in an aerosol can for you. They'll also have all the sundries you'll need (rubbing paper, primer). A quick google suggests http://www.jkwrefinishingsupplies.co.uk/ and https://vrsexpress.co.uk/ might be able to help you. You'll need to take the machine to them for colour matching.
  4. I don't think this is a natural and it's not from Ethiopia. It could be some form of honey process. Central American maybe - I'll guess El Salvador.
  5. Tightened up the grind a few notches for my Bonavita ceramic dripper and I'm getting delicate florals (jasmine maybe) and a delicious mild acidity. I think there's much more to discover with this coffee over the next few weeks.
  6. Received mine yesterday and opened this morning. Wish I'd read the thread before brewing! Need to go much finer for the Chemex. Still really delicious though. Sent from my PCT-L29 using Tapatalk
  7. Surely it's more Catchphrase with Roy Walker.
  8. Just finished my kilo. Enjoyed every brew. I'll make a point of going to visit Common Coffee one weekend soon. Farewell and thanks for all the beans @fatboyslim
  9. Well @fatboyslim has certainly gone out with a juicy bang with this selection. Thanks for all your work on behalf of LSOL.
  10. Received mine safe and sound. Two 500g bags 👍
  11. Same as @GCGlasgow collected mine from the delivery office this morning. Going to crack open tomorrow morning.
  12. You'll find it very difficult to top this quarter - looking forward to it.
  13. Received mine via the neighbour. Looking forward to trying them in a day or two. Thanks
  14. I'm planning to visit when I'm in Boston this summer, so interested in your thoughts.
  15. Just ordered some along with some more of the Costa Rican. Should tide me over until May's LSOL drops!
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