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  1. Hi @mark8805 It hadn't arrived in the cafe when I was in at the weekend but I'd guess that the roast profile will be intended for both. Fortitude usually try to create an omni roast where possible.
  2. Received via my neighbour. Won't open until Friday probably.
  3. I visited their café/roastery last weekend. I bought some of their "complex" Honduran natural which is delicious as filter. A takeaway long black using the Kenyan beans was very nice indeed on a cold Fife morning.
  4. Not a blend, but Fortitude Coffee are promising a Christmas coffee which tastes (naturally) of gingerbread. Available in the next couple of weeks. Sent from my PCT-L29 using Tapatalk
  5. I upped the dose for chemex this morning (33g to 500ml) and enjoyed it much more at that strength. There is hope! Sent from my PCT-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. Then I am destined to be disappointed, sadly. Nice stickers though!
  7. I'm having to grind very fine for pourover in an effort to get some sweetness and discernible flavours. It's very subtle and pleasant as it cools but a juicy banger it is not.
  8. No beans in Edinburgh either so far. Not worried yet. Local delivery office isn't the most efficient.
  9. Thankfully the Thai natural is a winner - sweet with subtle red fruit acidity.
  10. I've been really disappointed with the Ana Sora natural having ordered three x 250g with Steve's super sneaky discount. Too medium a roast for my tastes as a pourover (my preferred method). Blueberry notes are subdued beneath slightly unpleasant "roasty" flavour. I bet it will work better as espresso with or without milk. I've got the Thailand Dong Pangkhon natural still to try. Hopefully that will be better. And latest LSOL is imminent.
  11. Hi @Glenn or another mod. Could the URL for Fortitude be updated to https://www.fortitudecoffee.com/ please? Also, could Obadiah https://obadiahcoffee.com/ be added please? Thanks
  12. The two Banko Gotiti Ethiopian coffees from Fortitude in Edinburgh are delicious. I'm a big fan of naturals but the bergamot flavour from the washed is classic: https://www.fortitudecoffee.com/shop-1
  13. Friedhats never disappoints https://sprudge.com/in-amsterdam-the-latest-from-friedhats-coffee-is-a-big-fuku-141320.html
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