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    Metal was my first love. And it will be my last. Metal of the future. And metal of the past.

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  1. Received mine today. Thanks [email protected]_Hogg [email protected] Sent from my PCT-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. Very enjoyable whatever it is, but it hasn't made the juicy banger top 10.
  3. Received. Many thanks @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren
  4. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this is a washed Kenyan. Even if I'm wrong, it's still fantastic!
  5. I don't have espresso capability. Once my Gaggia Classic packed up eight years ago I took it as a sign that pourover was the way forward!
  6. Seconded (or maybe thirded)
  7. Nearly finished my kilo. I've thoroughly enjoyed these beans and will certainly consider ordering more from White Star in future. What's [email protected]_Hogg
  8. 500 grams into my kilo (lockdown consumption is high in our house) and every brew has been a winner. I've mainly used 8 cup Chemex 60g/l ratio and I'm at the coarser end of my grind settings for this method.
  9. Received and brewing nicely! Thanks to @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren as always.
  10. That's where I am with these beans. So much so I've moved onto others I bought before lock down and ordered more online.
  11. [email protected] Tried but didn't like the result. I've now abandoned Chemex in favour of Kalita. Finer grind and much tastier, sweeter result. Still searching for distinct flavour notes though.
  12. I'm not getting along with these beans at all. Easily over extracted using Chemex. I've also dropped my ratio a couple of grams to 28g per 500ml. Might reduce further. Hopefully get a tastier brew tomorrow.
  13. How about Ethiopian heirloom varietals grown in Ecuador? https://www.fortitudecoffee.com/webshop/fincavictoria It is fantastic as pourover and worth every penny.
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