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  1. Boots beat me to it. Mazzer ZM at £2,500, 35kg weight and dimensions of 64cm high and 43cm deep. "Pisses all over" and "a bit bigger..." I guess it's a waste of time posting to be honest with what seems to be for some reason a persistent campaign. I'm out.
  2. Why does everyone assume that those motors are better and make the other grinders superior or that the Niche has a stanrdard cheap Chinese motor. I got the impression that a lot of thought went into it and used Martin N's skills with planetary gearbox for torque, I suspect there is a lot more too it than these last few posts suggest. But I doubt we will know, I mean do the commercial companies duly divulge their designs, component choices and epxloded diagrams, I will be surprised if they do. More likely is they (quire rightly) keep it all tight to their chests for competitive reasons. Maybe I'm wrong.
  3. I meant once you're done you transfer the milton water into the next item(s) you are also sterilising so you don't use more tablets than necessary but, sure, you discard the water afterwards and rinse the items. You get efficient at it though and I only rinse the sides and swirl. It's safe, I just don't want any residual taste.
  4. Is that 4 years just knocking the Niche? ?
  5. Or - it's worth nowing baby products as they have their uses. What do you mean you don't have baby powder around, an old roadie trick for getting a tight tyre/inner-tube combination on a wheel rim, particular a turbo trainer tyre. ? Actuallt re Milton, part of my checklist I have pinned inside a cupboard is a monthly Mil;ton clean of fridge water tank, -Vesuvius water tank and kitchen jug used to fill both of those in addition to cleaning the Osmio tank. For efficiency you use the same water each time rather than waste more.
  6. ? absolute bargain - put a couple Milton tablets into the 5 litre water tank for 20 mins too (then discard and rinse of course) and you know the water going in is clean
  7. When I grind someone 100g/150g (e.g. friends) that's exactly what I do, or I put a sandwich bag on the scales and top up to the point I have ground enough across 3 or 4 casual fills.
  8. Go onto google and type in "ducting reducer aluminium" and look at the images. I forget where mine came from as it's several years old but basically you put the 4" end into the ducting you bought (tape together) and the 3" end over the Dalian exit pipe but it doesn't need taping (smoke doesn't leak out and my Dalian being on a trolley means in case of roaster fire it won't stop me wheeling the roaster outside). You don't cut the ducting itself.
  9. Possibly, expansion of metals or coming from drum area whilst it warms up?
  10. I once went into a bike shop wheel-in-hand trying not to swear at how tight a particular tyre/rim combination was, I had snapped levers and on one ride given up after 30 mins and called the team car (sic). The manager took a tyre off by hand and put it back on in front of me and it was a salutory lesson in technique. With that contect all machines I had previously owned had a preferred personal technique and I have had 1, 2 and 3 hole steam tips. The Vesuvius 4 hold tip is the fastest I have ever used and I was aware of the criticism of the wand before buying. Cue DaveC calling in in my first week and 20 seconds later perfect milk. He should probably put up one of his typical videos as his approach has stood me in good stead ever since.
  11. Choffter, DaveC's guide will no doubt tell you more but I would suggest this is the minimum amount of space you want as you can put scales and container directly under the cooling tray exit hatch and have the net roast weight withouyt further faffing about, stand a phoner in a holder (I always use two timers - phone and wristwatch in case one fails for some reason), stand a drink, roast log etc.). Of course the space some people have around their roaster is even better. Reason for mine is when this was set up (and this pic is probalby 3 years old now) DaveC advised me to use a trolley so worst case in the event of a roast chamber fire I could reach to unplug and wheel it all outside. These days I use a different light DaveC suggested to judge final roast stage colour better.
  12. I thought that too. Oh no, please don't say it's Russell Brandt?
  13. Yes, I expect so. For low coffee usage, low retention, minimum fuss you probably get to a shortlist of the usual suspects of which N is the cheapest.
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