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  1. I once went into a bike shop wheel-in-hand trying not to swear at how tight a particular tyre/rim combination was, I had snapped levers and on one ride given up after 30 mins and called the team car (sic). The manager took a tyre off by hand and put it back on in front of me and it was a salutory lesson in technique. With that contect all machines I had previously owned had a preferred personal technique and I have had 1, 2 and 3 hole steam tips. The Vesuvius 4 hold tip is the fastest I have ever used and I was aware of the criticism of the wand before buying. Cue DaveC calling in in my first week and 20 seconds later perfect milk. He should probably put up one of his typical videos as his approach has stood me in good stead ever since.
  2. Choffter, DaveC's guide will no doubt tell you more but I would suggest this is the minimum amount of space you want as you can put scales and container directly under the cooling tray exit hatch and have the net roast weight withouyt further faffing about, stand a phoner in a holder (I always use two timers - phone and wristwatch in case one fails for some reason), stand a drink, roast log etc.). Of course the space some people have around their roaster is even better. Reason for mine is when this was set up (and this pic is probalby 3 years old now) DaveC advised me to use a trolley so worst case in the event of a roast chamber fire I could reach to unplug and wheel it all outside. These days I use a different light DaveC suggested to judge final roast stage colour better.
  3. I thought that too. Oh no, please don't say it's Russell Brandt?
  4. Yes, I expect so. For low coffee usage, low retention, minimum fuss you probably get to a shortlist of the usual suspects of which N is the cheapest.
  5. Has it helped you understand why you are dissatisfied with the V and if the LM doesn't make it, what machine you will try next?
  6. If you are the wife of a Chelsea/other-elite-club footballer with him bringing home £10K per week minimum, why would a £2K coffee machine cause an argument? A £200K coffee shop investment maybe but a £2K coffee machine?... If you are genuine, you will have detected that a 2-group commercial machine with the compromises this entails is not the direction most people will take, but you bought it anyway before waiting for advice on the alternatives.
  7. Guys, I was probably the 2nd person on the forum to receive my Niche a few months ago and remain a happy owner. But if the original investment and 'perks' was fulfilled, why are new ones still using this approach rather than a product purchase on Indigogo or your own web-site?
  8. Very hard for a thread like this to be objective, CC hates the look of the Niche (hope that doesn't overshadow what it brings at it's price point, for me the white is more subtle). Some folks like the look of the LM, it's an eyesore to me, like a badly out of date piece of mechano and it's easy for the thread to become a poll of what we find 'acceptable' in our kitchen. But I guess you could invite a few folk around adept at pulling shots and let them puill shots for you back to back on the LM and the V using different grinders for a true blind taste test. And a large spitoon if you don't want to be on the ceiling for hours! Sounds like you've got a good plan though, use them over several days with different grinders to learn to live with them and find your preference. The thread shows one thing though, a healthy variety of opinion and kit which gives enjoyment and I suspect those if us with opposing views would still have a decent coffee in each other's litchens and a good chat, it's not a Model T community!
  9. Good to see the forum can still lighten up :-) Yes, I notice it in that photo too and those tiles that work in some places will give way to a white glass effect surround this year. I scoured the shelves for a small pot of wipeable paint and had to buy 2.5L of 'Dulux Easy Care' for £20 but resigned myself to it knowing I will also use it elsewhere, the bathroom ceiling for example.
  10. Pretty sure I have posted this before. Cupboard above has coffee in airscapes, tools, Milton tablets etc. cupboard below has toolbox with spares, accessories, cupboards opposite have tons of cups and cupboard below has vesuvius wooden spares kit. Spoilt for space for all the things we use and prefer to have out of sight but close to hand.
  11. I didn't Dave because it was so dry, just wiped it with a damp sponge and left it for an hour first.
  12. For anyone who is interested, I have just waxed the wood on my Niche (one coat last night and another a couple of hours ago) but not the feet yet so I could look at the difference:
  13. I think that's pretty cruel but if you and one or two others found it underperforming that's your right. Now if it had an elite name on it, three times the price and lots of marketing around the unique materials used in it I wonder how it would be perceived. I wasn't going to post except for the grinder comment, if folks want expensive glass tubes, mirrors and accessories why not. I have 3 campagnolo groupsets of different vintages and would personally never pay for their corkscrew * but if someone wants to why not. I like things that are well designed and made and the addition of a brand for me has to mean someone will stand by their product in a way that differentiates, then I will pay the premium if I can. I used to a work with a colleague that made any conversation like a branding gameshow. I need to paint the hall soon, "Farrow & Ball", pardon? You need Farrow & Ball. Why, are they celebrity decorators?... I might change the [white good] soon, "Miele", I'm looking at floor tiles, "brand y". It didn't matter if there were alternatives, wasn't interested, highly expensive brand something was always the answer. Amusing thread though :-) * If anyone is curiouis enough https://www.campagnolo.com/NL/en/store/big_the_corkscrew
  14. I have 5 or 6 jugs to be honest, accumulated through the years in conventional shape and also torroidal but my favourite is an Ilsa about 10 years old maybe more. I just checked the capacity and it's 0.5L, I can't see it out there on the web but it looks like the 0.75L one in this link https://edobarista.com/en/product/250-anniversario-milk-pitcher-750ml
  15. With a 3-hole tip I would probably go as vertical as I can into the centre of the milk just under the surface and count then gently lower a little. This is the approach that I find best with the Vesuvius (Minima has more power as I understand it so as a starting reference 200ml in the V is 8 secs initial gentle surf then gentle plunge for another 10 to 12 secs)
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