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  1. I reckon a fairer test would be to dial both grinders in to 19-38 and compare, then do 19-52 then compare.
  2. Anything can taste better/worse depending on the grinder. Adjust recipe to taste.
  3. Pretty sure they won't, but I don't pull any punches when it comes to taste and absolutely told them what I thought of it. People put criticism down to subjective opinions but I reckon that's a defense mechanism so they don't have to accept that their product is shit.
  4. I actually had a particularly bad espresso served to me yesterday in central London by someone very well known in the industry which I can only describe as ashy, yet green and bittersour all at the same time. Like drinking melted innertubes. This barista and I split a shot and as I winced and almost threw it up, he grinned and savoured it. Maybe some people have done such damage to their palate through arselicking to get where they are that they no longer have actual taste.
  5. I think that people making decisions on buying and dialling-in coffees only listen to the 1% of their customers that like their coffee to taste that way.
  6. I've seen more than a few undercounter boilers fail/develop leaks/completely underheat/short out/start to rattle scarily. The Marco stuff is generally excellent, though without proper maintenance and upkeep they can and do fair on the regs. I have a countertop Marco 10L ecoboiler that I love and run at 98°c for everything, expensive teas included. I am of the opinion that if your tea cannot stand boiling water then you have bad tea, though but I'm not here to argue about that. I run my boiler and batch brewer on a BWT Bestmax XXL with a bypass set so my total hardness is between 2-3 drops on a standard drop test which is pretty low on mineral content. This is purely so I get clean, neutral water to add for americano etc and teas get no chalkiness if left infusing too long. It makes brewing batch brew a bit interesting as I can brew hotter and grind finer to hit high %EY but that's another story. Long story short: if you go down the undercounter route, get a Marco. But treat it well and maintain your filters.
  7. Might have one or two kicking about tbh...
  8. Ask what coffee I'll use first
  9. I'll give anyone a fiver if they can taste the difference between a shot from a 58.5mm and a 58mm tamp.
  10. It's not that they've fallen out of fashion, there are just other great titan-esque grinders on the market these days. For a shop grinder, there is little that comes close to an EK in terms of sheer capability, accuracy and cost though.
  11. Yeah, just attach a leafblower and you're good to go!
  12. Remove the excessive (for home use, at least) hopper and grounds bin, and you have yourself a very tidy grinder that won't take up much less than a spare bedroom.
  13. If money was no object, I'd obviously not worry about the amount of coffee I would have to go through to dial in a Mahlkonig DK27. So that.
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