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  1. Extremely. But Allegra aren't known for their good customer service skills tbh. On the other hand, I cannot WAIT to be on the second floor in the middle of summer in 45°c+ heat for 4 days! TruBru had better have some aircon or better ventilation sorted by then!
  2. Yeah. I'm not in a place to be posting detailed reviews about it, but it made some great brews a year ago. Be that due to the hands it was in or not, that's up to others to decide. Not sure why people are so desperate for a water jug if I'm honest. It's way overrun on projected timelines, does essentially the same as many other products on the market that cost a fraction of the price and is quite frankly, another revenue stream that PACED group don't really need.
  3. I sure am in a number of costumes as usual. Tried my hardest to not get roped in for the entirety again but I'm a slave to the rave!
  4. Basically, once you calibrate a set of burrs, they will wear evenly. But only with good alignment. Which is hard. A Mythos alignment is actually quite hard to do in that the burrs that actually need the best alignment are the moving ones, but the static ones are the ones you can really work with. It can be done, but your best bet is to get the static burrs aligned as best you can and then make sure to clean carefully and well. I align only on burr changes as doing it more often increases the chances you'll do it wrong one time. The best chance for good alignment is a torque screwdriver for accuracy on screw tightness (while you're at it, get some aftermarket pozi drive screws that fit snugly in the holes) and getting axial alignment as good as possible. Parallel is pretty much dictated by how well your burr carrier fits out the factory and there's very little you can do about that I'm afraid. Lastly, angular will knock out your axial if you change it even slightly, so concentrate on getting the axial alignment really good. It is best to use something with a stable thickness like 3m tape and layering it as a shim. But be warned that tape is soft so too many layers can be compressed upon screw tightening. Basically, my advice is once you've done it, take a week off, treat yourself to a spa-day, then get yourself mentally prepared for the next time you change burrs. I change burrs every year on 50+kg a week.
  5. As far as London Roastery ops go... Massive props to SqM and the entire team to this move. It's a huge step up from the cramped space they had before.
  6. Yeah we switched out premium as the extra Mg content doesn't play well with flow meters in our machine. Overall taste is basically the same but with slightly more clarity. Commercial filters should really be used in places that get commercial use or you'll end up wasting up to 10L a purge. We plough through a 2XL in about 3months. That's about 500l a week on a tight bypass.
  7. Scotford

    Recommend a Kenyan

    Curve - Berco aa. Crisp rhubarby tutti fruity.
  8. 95% of mine go to a mushroom farm locally in exchange for the odd few king oyster mushrooms (which are incredible). The other 5% goes to anyone locally who wants good compost starter.
  9. Yeah I think the main issue is that vegware just gets thrown in with all the other recycling and actually shouldn't be. It either needs to go in a food compost bin and left for years or a commercial composter pile. Of which there are next to none. Biodegradable cups are really the only way forwards, but again the by-product of manufacture is the issue. For me at least.
  10. Yeah I've found it unbelievably soluble so have been hitting high 22% on batch at a really short brew time lately too. Mental crisp and clean.
  11. 'eco' is a bit of a stretch (foil lined black bags), but the newish packaging is bloody sexy though!!! Had the El Doble on at the shop for a week and it's tasting like campari soaked tangerine and cherries.
  12. I tend to see a bit of softening on our LM PB silicone seals at around 3 months of use. Or roughly 12,000 shots per group. I do go for the 9mm ones as they lock tight with more ease than 8mm so were barely locking the handles in at all these days.
  13. Fully recyclable is the best way as the process of making compostable cups is equally if not more resource-intense and composting only works in super-specialised facilities. I sacked off the plant based cups as they were twice the price and it turns out that they more often than not end up in recycling not getting recycled. Because they are more difficult to recycle than regular cups.
  14. Scotford

    Vegan Milk

    ^^ they seem like fun
  15. Yeah the Mythos is already a few hundred shots deep in the Brixton shop, and the machine and robur will probably go into another train station site if/when we sign a lease on it. For now though, they will be used around SW Ldn doing some fundraising pop-ups for a few local charities.
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