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  1. I’ll take the Barista Hustle milk jug for the asking price (£15 delivered), please.
  2. Any recommendations for beans from Extract for Flat Whites? Not tried any of theirs before. Thanks.
  3. Do you happen to have a product code for this item please? Thanks.
  4. Their cafe is in Witney and I think one of their USP’s is that they use a traditional oak fired roasting process?
  5. Yes, James Hoffman mentioned that Colonna were switching to aluminium Nespresso compatible pods in his live YouTube webcast a few days ago.
  6. Have you adjusted the volume of output for both espresso and lungo as out of the box they may not be what they should be (40ml and 110ml)? Ristretto is usually 25ml so would need to stopped manually because most machines do not seem to have separate controls for Ristretto and Espresso.
  7. Came here to post James Hoffman’s new video about your machine but you’ve already beaten me to the punch! [emoji6]
  8. The odds just got shortened, lol! [emoji23]
  9. Surely that has to also be cambosheff? [emoji12]
  10. That’s listed at £449 via your earlier link. You got some deal there as that’s almost the same price as the lower 630V model (£369).
  11. Quite a few of the models mentioned in this roundup would fall within your budget: http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/tvs-entertainment/1405322/best-tv-deal-uk-tv-deals-from-4k-hdr-tvs-full-hd This might go beyond the technical detail that you’re interested in but it’s worth at least a quick skim over as you’ll probably hear 8-bit and 10-bit panels mentioned quite a bit with regards to HDR. https://www.pugetsystems.com/blog/2017/07/17/An-Introduction-to-Understanding-8-bit-vs-10-bit-hardware-987/
  12. No doubt they’ll be promotions but imo they have never been great in the past in the run up to previous World Cups etc. I’ve never seen large screen tv’s from big name manufacturers available for so little as I have in the past few weeks. Just one example being a 49” LG UHD for £249! Granted it’s obviously not a 10-bit panel with true HDR but plenty of people haven’t upgraded to BluRay let alone UHD BluRay so it wouldn’t make any difference to them if all they mainly watch is Freeview channels and/or $ky!
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