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  1. Go for tulips on the Capps, you can get some beautes!
  2. I can notice a difference between poorer quality milk and higher quality/ organic stuff. It's quite noticeable once steamed.
  3. Most places do over dose. The faema baskets at my work hold at least 16g+ of coffee. I obviously don't have time to weigh coffee between shots. Not to mention, I think an over dosed shot tastes better...
  4. Too much coffee is when you collapse to the floor, foaming at the mouth. I've never been that far, but when I start to shake, I know it's best not to continue drinking
  5. If you're open at 7 in the morning (or earlier!) I presume you're expecting commuters? If so, you'll want probably 3 people front of house from opening (they may need to be in earlier to dial in the grinder(s), clean, etc.) You'll want at least one person to operate tills/ clear tables/ pot wash. Another to operate tills and help making coffee, and a final person dedicated to making coffee. You'll probably want at least one person in at 9 to cover breaks of the earlier people before lunch. Then you're looking at another 3 or 4 people coming in at 11, 12 or 1 to close. The people from the morning will need to stay in until 4ish to cover the breaks of the people that arrived at 11 or later. So that's around 8 people just for front of house. It'll be impossible to get the staffing correct for the first few weeks. Out of interest, where is this cafe situated? What espresso machine have you got?
  6. DavidS


    Don't know about the coffee, but all the hot chocolate flavours from there are good I'd always steer clear of pre-ground if you want a good espresso, regardless of who it's from. The problem isn't necessarily the freshness (although that is a problem), you just never know what kind of particle size you're going to get. Even at work, where we get pre-ground decaf on a commercial scale, the size of the grinds change more or less per bag.
  7. Why not get a new basket, rather than tamper? A tamper will be ten times the price of a basket!! Either way, theres no problem with a slight gap, but that does seem larger than normal...
  8. Is there a vegetarian or even vegan method of this available?
  9. Tamping has always seemed like the least important part to me... Way over rated sometimes. How coarse the coffee is and how much will make the largest difference. I've tested this, same coarsnes, one tamped the other not, and the un-tamped one was at most about 3 seconds quicker. The pour on the un-tamped was very messy compared to the tamped one though.
  10. Milk looks pretty good!.... Almost ended up with the dreaded "cockaccino"
  11. Used to play rugby, no longer. Gutted about today!!
  12. Bean freshness would be the main decider. As long as you're getting between 1-3 fl oz in anywhere between about 15-whenever seconds (not recommended! ) however long you should get some crema, it shouldn't be too difficult to achieve.
  13. I use a faema E98 (3 group) at work. Programming the buttons is simple. Hold the stop button until the machine beeps, then hold down the button you want to program until the amount of liquid you want comes out. Then hold the stop button again to stop programming, it should stop beeping. This assumes that it works the same way as the larger machines, of course That cappuchinnomagic thing sounds pretty dodgey. Again, if the machines anything like it's bigger brothers, you wont have any problem making smooth capp froth
  14. Ahh, and it's one of those PFs that have the spouts welded to the main bit of the PF? Those La Marzocco inclined PFs look pretty decent, and well designed. So it's just a "cosmetic" thing, it's not a busted basket?
  15. We have a near brand new Faema 58mm PF sat collecting dust at work, think they might notice it missing though Sorry if you're repeating yourself, but what's the problem with the current one?
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