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  1. Thanks John Quite strange some people have it some people don't. I will see if I can video it and post it up later here. Thanks for your advice btw regarding the portafilter
  2. So now all the DBs doing this? I know it doesnt really affect the function but I wasnt sure if this was normal lol these 2 girgitating sounds from the initial start up and just before pulling the shots arent too pleasant
  3. Hello fellows It's been 3 days since I've bought a sage DB - been really happy with a machine, quick warm up, fast steaming and stable temp. By using this machine, a few questions have come up in mind: 1) I've just noticed that when the machine is turned on from cold, it initially makes a gurgling sound as if water is being filled into the boiler. 2) also, when pulling the shot, there is gurgling sound again for the first 2-3 seconds then it disappears. Is this normal at all? From what I can see from youtube videos of other users, I can't really see this. 3) boiler reaches 93C within a few mins from cold, but how long does it take for the grouphead to reach this temp too? Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. yes, thats what I thought. seems that it will be a f64e
  5. hi John that's right. budget is important - I've got about £400, and can stretch a bit. SJ is well within the budget while fiorenzato and quamar might just fit.
  6. Im based in bournemouth so Lancaster would be too far space I've got is about 54cm - mazzer SJ, fiorenzato, quamar will all fit (with a small hopper)
  7. Hi John again that qumar one sounds interesting. Will consider that one too. Regarding an eureka mignon, would it be a lot better than a vario?
  8. Hi @coffeechap any news on a f64e and a price?
  9. Hi Coffeechap How is the f64e compared to the SJ? Is it a lot more superior to the SJ? I am obviously new to the grinders so your advice would be helpful Jon
  10. haven't heard much about fiorenzato - looking forward to comparing this to more well known SJ!
  11. It would be a good asset if he has one available. I am up for anything recommended here as long as its within my budget
  12. Hello folks After having purchased a Sage DB, I am now in pursue of my new grinder. Been using a vario for the last 4 years with my Silvia, it's been serving me well but a new upgrade to match the new machine would be more ideal. I have a Mazzer SJ, mini electronic, Eureka Zenith etc in mind and a budge is around £400. Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jon
  13. this time, I ordered the Italian job blend from Rave
  14. Thanks Clive, had a last try with the old beans and it was slightly better. Will give it a go again once the new beans arrived. Frothing has been a lot more difficult than a Silvia though. It's weaker than a Silvia so I guess it will take a time to get used to the new machine.
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