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  1. I've had a look but not really found the answer, so wondered if someone knows a good water filter for a Bezzera machine? As it's not line fed I can't fit an inline filter and doesn't seem to have an attachment for one at the base of the tank. Cheers.
  2. @davril I've just bought one, so I'll let you know! 😉
  3. Dang24

    Baratza Settee 270

    Deal sorted with @elvanbrugen now sold. 👍
  4. Dang24

    Baratza Settee 270

    Hi @elvanbrugen, Fantastic, I'll pm you the details. 👍
  5. Dang24

    Baratza Settee 270

    After my Niche arriving early my Settee is up for sale. It's the non weight version so much more reliable and never had any issues with it. It's a great grinder and only selling as I'm giving Niche a go. Easily grind 14-16 grams in 5-7secs. It's just over 3yrs old and used for 1-2 coffees a day. Looking for £200 delivered although, collection welcome.
  6. Dang24

    Sage Barista Pro

    Can a mod now close as sold. Thank you.
  7. Dang24

    Sage Barista Pro

    Sorry, I meant to add £475 including delivery plus extras.
  8. Cheers, that's why I went with the non weight version as I'd already read they weren't reliable. I've had no issues with this one though👍
  9. Thanks, that's really handy. I'm starting to get fed up of the mess!! 😤
  10. Dang24

    Sage Barista Pro

    Reduced to £475 and can throw in some extra odd bits too. Set of Orion espresso, flat white, cappuccino cups, Loveramics flat white, larger jug and thermometer.
  11. Looking at selling my Settee, it's the non weight version with the infinite grind settings. Just over 3yrs old and working well. Not sure what these go for now. Cheers..
  12. I've found this too, although the grind is much finer. Definitely makes it tricker getting into the portafilter! 😵
  13. Cheers, I'll look out for this 👍 Will do, I'm sure some genius on here will come up with some great design for a portafilter holder that works!
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