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  1. I'm sure you will ? Now sold. Can a mod please update the thread. Thanks.
  2. Hi mate, I'll be happy with 520, as I just need to find some packing now as I've got a big enough box. If you pm your address I'll look at delivery options.
  3. @Border_all Hi, this is the water tank version. 3 litres I believe.
  4. Hi mate, Well I was just looking into postage as I've found a box big enough some just need so good packing now. I'm probably not going to sell the grinder with it now as the grinder is to fagile to post with it. I was going to make a new post once I got prices. If your interested, let me know and I'll get costs etc.
  5. Yeah, that's a good 4hrs plus! I don't mind posting, but don't think I can find a good enough box too send it in, it's so hefty! Lol
  6. @coffeechap thanks, but I'll stick with 500 for both, but I'll take 450 for just the La Spaziale.
  7. @coffeechap Thanks, but I thought 500 for both was fair. I think I'll see how I go first seeing separately. Cheers for the offer though.
  8. @coffeechap£450 without the grinder and you have a deal?! ?
  9. It is a great machine, just too much for me, I only make one espresso a day if I'm lucky and starting to drink more pour over, so doesn't really get the use it deserves.
  10. Willing to throw in the grinder for free for a forum member, before it goes on eBay. So £500 for both.
  11. Hi, I'm looking to sell the la Spaziale and the grinder can go with it, sorry guys.
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