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  1. Sounds like you took a chance and got caught out!
  2. You just position it so the lever sticks up between two outward opening cupboard doors. Check out the first post in my recently sold Londinium thread.
  3. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    Consider yoirself next in line!
  4. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    Ok thank you lets take it to PM.
  5. I've just bought the new type lid from Machina. It has transformed my Aergrind into an object of lustful desire. It's brilliant now.
  6. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    Yes Dave its easily done with a flojet pump - a lot of mobile coffee vans work that way. It really is simple to plumb in this case as all the tubing, valves and fittings come with it. Just screw the end of the pipe into a washing machine type feed - using a Y splitter if required or a cheap and easy kit from screwfix that taps into a handy water pipe. No tools required!
  7. Does this solve the grind adjustment slippage issue?
  8. Harts Bakery - come of the station and go left lòok for some iron stairs going down, then head right and look for it an old arch..
  9. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    I cant believe a Londinium One has stuck sround so long PM if yoh are interezted but worried about plumbing in. It really is straightforward and you wont want to go back to filling a tank. A silent pump free Londinium is a wonderful thing!
  10. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    Still for sale and I will accept 1250 as indicated above.
  11. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    Sorry for the delay in replying - I am on holiday in West Wales and havent logged on for a couple of days! The main differences I know about between this and the later model is that the latter has press fit panels for easier access to the internals, and has wenge wood handles as opposed to conventional black handles on the portafilter handle, water and steam levers. I will happily send more pics when I get home! I will go to 1250 and happy to meet halfway.
  12. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    Open to reasonable offers.
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