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  1. Not sure that I trust the name of that blend 🤣
  2. Thanks for the share. Just ordered some ‘cast iron’ blend 👍
  3. Thanks for the rapid response Dave - I think i edited the questions just as you posted....and then again as you edited your first response. Apologies. So if I understand - Yes -the OPV is still needed. The OPV pipe must go to the drip tray (there wont be a tank). Mains pressure should be set to 3Bar. Q3. How does the pipe return to the drip tray please? The only way I can see is drilling a hole in the back of the drip tray and putting the pipe through the hole in the body that was previously used to adjust the OPV with a screw driver (pictured). I do not i
  4. Hi All, I've decided to convert by vibe/tank only Brewtus IV to a rotary/mains feed machine. I am competent with both electrics and plumbing - this job is easy work for me. Parts are being ordered as i type... saves me buying a R58 or Vesuvius (for now).... I have the manual from Whole Latte Love (WLL) and the job seems simple enough (attached if anyone wants a copy). However - there is 1 sticking point the manual appears to miss (hence my main question).... and then a few points for clarity please, if I may... Q1.i If i understand correctly, the OPV in the vibe m
  5. I'll take this at £90 inc post as advertised. Just posting on this old thread before going to DM...
  6. Not to get too distracted from the aim of my thread - but why are you selling this @Jony ? Feel free to DM
  7. Thats is one heck of a price 😂... good bye dream chalet in France... lol unfortunately i really don’t appreciate the black - i far prefer the stainless which do appear time to time. thanks for the heads up though folks.
  8. Thanks for that. i am swaying to the V. looking to get second hand if a V or discounted if R58 so price would be similar ~ £1800 either way... i’m all for the ‘once it works stop playing mantra’.... only thing i play with is gring setting ...
  9. I drink mostly milk based, but do enjoy espresso.... To be paired with Ek43 grinder (for everything)...
  10. If this question has been asked, please point me to the thread (but i didnt find one). I've got an expobar DB (vibe). Its still serving me v well but i fancy a rotary machine and am considering the Rocket R58 Cinquantotto or the Vesuvius. I’m leaning toward the V due to the pressure profiling ability - but electrics put me off (i know both have electrics). R58 electrics and dashboard look far more user friendly. V looks fiddly to manage using a small lcd screen otherwise, less im mistaken, both are DB, both are plum able with tank option as std and both demand similar
  11. Well i’ll leave my offer there as there isn't much interest... let me know if you change your mind.
  12. Update: The PID was faulty. I purchased a replacement from Bella Barista (£129!!!!!!) ... took maybe 30mins start to finish to swap them over and back to fully operational. Thanks for all the help folks.
  13. Hi Folks, I woke up this morning to find a hot but 'flustered' machine. When plugged in and turned on, the steam tank appears to heat fine - red light turns on, and pressure rises. The PID screen stays totally blank though and the brew tank remains cool/cold. I couldn't find a thread with this symptom, so thought I'd ask you kind folk re best fix. I haven't found replacement PID's from a simple Google search. At the same time, are there any plug and play upgrades? All advice welcome. Matt
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