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  1. ... checking the bank balance ... may thake the std stainless machine
  2. Offer now withdrawn. I'm going to buy new. Thanks
  3. Hi @d_leonit, I had to check prices and currently I can buy the exact units brand new for £110 delivered (Happy donkey website) with warranty (where applicable). So £10 difference following 3years of use wouldn't be worth it for me. I appreciate I am offering a deal less than you listed them for, but I can't justify used units for basically the same price as new units. £80 is my best offer. kind regards
  4. I can confirm that a 'blown' pump was the issue. Ordered a replacement (£15 delivered). Swapped the old for new and instantly solved the issue. Hope this helps inform someone if they have this issue in the future.
  5. I've tested the feed to the motor and the feed is fine. The motor is defo kaput. Not saying this is the only problem but it's the first one I'm going to fix.
  6. Seems to be the pump on initial inspection. Took the machine apart this afternoon and theres no connection between the pump terminals. Have ordered a replacement and will update with news once I have some.
  7. You mean a water level sensor in the actual boilers or the switch under the reservoir? The reservoir is now full, but had run low - not enough for it to turn off though. - I guess the feed hose could have moved to allow air entry - i.e., so the pump was sucking in air.... doubtful, but cant rule it out...but maybe that is why it now doesnt pump?....hmmm I'll have a ganders over the weekend... Scale isn't really an issue - I have descaled in the past, but I only use volvic, never tap water etc... will happily double check this though. Yes I've got a decent multimeter and yes I know how to use it. I'll certainly double check the pump... Thanks for the initial suggestions.
  8. Sorry, I've been daft - the machine is an Expobar Leva Dual boiler. Tank only. Main fuse is fine - i.e., PID turns on. After turning on the mains there is a clear and audible click. My assumption is this is a for of internal break switch? I haven't had time to look at one of the exploded diagrams of the internals. So wondered if anyone was any the wiser?
  9. I've now had the machine for about 2-3 years. I got it from a forum member, he got it from Bella Barista.
  10. Morning folks, Advice please. My machine is turned on using a time switch so it's nice and hot by the time I get out of bed. However today, the machine did not heat up. The PID is stuck saying 20/21 deg. When I open the steam, hot water or brew switches nothing happens at all. From the lack of hot water and steam output this I gather there is no temp/pressure in the boilers thus no flow (correct?). However the pump doesn't work either. Tried a standard computer reset (turn it off and on again) and nothing. What I did notice is that a few seconds after turning the machine on I can her something switch (same sound as a trip switch). This happens each time. Before I spend the weekend opening her up and searching blindly, I would appreciate it if anyone knows what this is likely to be from the description. If there are multiple things to try, what are they and in what order? Many thanks in advance.
  11. I apologise if this has been answered. But from the specs all i get for the motor is 230v/50hz. What is the motor's power? Thanks in advance
  12. I'm game ... just need to remember to buy extra beans AND milk this year, having run out last time... Oh, and a professional photographer to make it look better... Oh oh.. and some latte art lessons...
  13. I saw that, the seller originally had it listed as £5999 buy it now.... i see it finally went for £2650... I don't know enough about it and the availability of parts to even consider that, given a used modern version can be grabbed for a couple £££ more
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