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  1. TSo, Happy with myself today as I successfully completed my machine conversion from a vibe pump tank fed machine to a mains fed rotary machine. Me - I'm an avid DIY'er. I happily service my cars/vans, i've refitted my last house including rewiring and re-plumbing... there's not a lot I won't tackle with a bit of youtube help. Only stating this so people have some understanding of my background. Heres a link to an old video of the machine - just to illustrate the noise IMO the mains plumbing is the hardest part. If you don't have the tools, then this is costly - i
  2. I'd say there was sufficient space tbh... So the suggestion here is to drop the ⅜ to ⅛ using the coupler/reducer and use a ⅛ - ⅛ valve ? Just checking I've understood...
  3. Hi Folks, I'm converting my tank only Brewtus 4 Vibe pump to rotary pump mains ... I want/need this one-way valve - but only place i've found it is from Whole Latte Love, but they won't ship to the UK. Valve should have ⅜" Male to insert into the pump and ⅛" Female end to receive the OPV. Pic below is of the unit I'm after. Assistance appreciated. Matt
  4. Not sure that I trust the name of that blend 🤣
  5. Thanks for the share. Just ordered some ‘cast iron’ blend 👍
  6. Thanks for the rapid response Dave - I think i edited the questions just as you posted....and then again as you edited your first response. Apologies. So if I understand - Yes -the OPV is still needed. The OPV pipe must go to the drip tray (there wont be a tank). Mains pressure should be set to 3Bar. Q3. How does the pipe return to the drip tray please? The only way I can see is drilling a hole in the back of the drip tray and putting the pipe through the hole in the body that was previously used to adjust the OPV with a screw driver (pictured). I do not i
  7. Hi All, I've decided to convert by vibe/tank only Brewtus IV to a rotary/mains feed machine. I am competent with both electrics and plumbing - this job is easy work for me. Parts are being ordered as i type... saves me buying a R58 or Vesuvius (for now).... I have the manual from Whole Latte Love (WLL) and the job seems simple enough (attached if anyone wants a copy). However - there is 1 sticking point the manual appears to miss (hence my main question).... and then a few points for clarity please, if I may... Q1.i If i understand correctly, the OPV in the vibe m
  8. I'll take this at £90 inc post as advertised. Just posting on this old thread before going to DM...
  9. Not to get too distracted from the aim of my thread - but why are you selling this @Jony ? Feel free to DM
  10. Thats is one heck of a price 😂... good bye dream chalet in France... lol unfortunately i really don’t appreciate the black - i far prefer the stainless which do appear time to time. thanks for the heads up though folks.
  11. Thanks for that. i am swaying to the V. looking to get second hand if a V or discounted if R58 so price would be similar ~ £1800 either way... i’m all for the ‘once it works stop playing mantra’.... only thing i play with is gring setting ...
  12. I drink mostly milk based, but do enjoy espresso.... To be paired with Ek43 grinder (for everything)...
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