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  1. Gaggia Classic in very good condition and working order Rancilio steam wand OPV set to 9 bar IMS Screen Brass dispersion plate Bottomless portafilter Original portafilter Due to having a Lever, it was stored and unused for a long time Now I would like the Gaggia baby move to a new home with good taking care like me It is not in Original Box. However, I can pack carefully and post to UK main land
  2. I will take it with the asking price i will come to collect it on Sunday please let me know thanks
  3. could you please tell me when you order? i found nothing in Rave coffee website at this moment thanks
  4. “Mystery 8 “ £13 for 1kg... I think it hard to beat that very-good value for money bean someone will give comment about that soon
  5. Thanks for asking let me work out how much delivery fee in mainland UK if I list for £230 incl delivery
  6. Hi The scale is my birthday gift. It is brandnew in the seal box Could you please give your advice the value if I list it for sale in this forum thanks you very much in advance
  7. Thank you very much for your help and advice Filter water is still not used. It was shipped together with LR. However, I use bottle water. There COULD be 3 reasons ( 1 of them is my mistakes: did not remove the RED plastic clip) that is why the pump is not active: 1/I forgot to remove RED PLASTIC CLIP ( anti vac). Due to following the video, it did not mention removing the RED clip. 2/ the anti vac valve did not move up and down for the first time ( after RED PLASTIC CLIP was removed) OR 3/ The water tank was not seated properly As far as I remember, few h
  8. Problem was solved now Having FaceTime for helping, it seems the Anti Vac valve did not go down after removing RED Plastic clip for the first time. Now it goes up and down as normal behaviour However, the interest thing after chatting FaceTime is that when shipping the LR, the factory forgot to send the clear plastic tube ( around 30mm long that fit inside the tank) and the distribution funnel Thanks God
  9. Thanks you very much for your help Is it ok to not apply the grease. When I open the group head and the Spring piston lever, I saw they are already greased. I just do 30 times pulling the lever. ( please correct me if I am wrong) another problem is: when the LR is switched on for the first time, the pump is not active. When I heard the beef sound, I turn off the machine, then wait around 5-8 seconds, turn it on again....the best sound was heard again... The pump still not active for the first time.... I do turn on and off for many times.... Still have the same problem please
  10. It is hard to discribe how the feeling is when I have to look at the " BABY"every day without touching it it was delivered this Monday morning. However, due to the fact that our business is very busy this time of year. I still have no time to set up. Tomorrow is Sat. It is still busy it seams I have to spend the whole Sunday to play with it. If someone knows the link to show step by step installation, please help. It will cut and save me a lot of time Thanks in advance
  11. Thank you very much to all your advice: MildredM, Grumpydaddy, MediumRoasteam,Thecalinux, Deansie26, CoffeeChap...... To Deansie26: Thanks. We work very hard and need to play hard. We believe there are many members in this forum who is the same leaving home early to work and back home very late. We could wait for being retired. However, who know, at that time, my GP may not allow me to drink coffee due to health problem. That is reason why, although we drink only one cup every morning, we like to enjoy right now. To Coffee chap: Thanks. My current bean is medium roast bean ( Br
  12. Please read and give your advice. Our current machine is Lapavoni, HG1 grinder, CofffeeCompass bean. Our favourite is latte and cappuccino- one cup every morning ( sometimes we do not have one due to being late for work) Our shot for cappuccino/ flat white is hit and miss. For that reason, sometimes, it tastes really good. However, sometimes my wife said Starbuck /Costa flat white were much better. We have some spare cash to spend for upgrading to Londinium R. She allows me to buy Londinium R. But she asked me: " ARE YOU SURE that will make a good cup?" I said :" could be" We
  13. This is what Reiss said : it will be a lever machine - londinium is focused on lever espresso it is an in house designed spring lever group, dipper fed with a PID, tank fed with a piston pump to load the water into boiler (i.e. to over come the internal pressure in the boiler) and as small and inexpensive as we can make it - in no way a competitor to the LR it is at least 12 months away - it is a lot of work
  14. According to Reiss, Londinium Compact (LC) is available in 12 months time it seems Londinium LC is a small version of Londinium R. I think it is will suit my kitchen and in my budget frame I hope it has no compromise to Londinium R Some one with more infotrmation and rumour about Londinium LC , please share
  15. Waitrose is very far away from my location. Last week I tried another name from Tesco , on sale for 2.3p per litre. I feel it still ok
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