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  1. Yes. All good. Will post tomorrow! Cheers. S
  2. @GingerBen Yes. Sorry completely missed this! I can do £15 delivered. I will DM you with details. Ta S
  3. 12. Gorilla Tamper (Tall) for E61 (Very precise, tight fit for E61 baskets) - £65 - AVAILABLE! Very good, precision tamper. Fits tight to VST baskets. Bought from Square Mile Coffee Roasters. 15. Inker cappuccino cup with matching saucer set. (Green) - £10 - AVAILABLE! These two are still available. Now including P&P to UK!
  4. This is still available and now reducing to £17 delivered within UK!
  5. Hello. I am cleaning out coffee equipment and I would like to sell Original Rocket Espresso Milano Flat White cup. 2 sets of cups & saucer. Images are here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/btlxwku3unc2bvv/AACtahGz6fEesSyiNoQgL8b3a?dl=0 £20 delivered to UK Mainland. Thank you Shin
  6. Thanks everyone who bought the items for letting me know that all items arrived safe. I've been offered £1150 in total for Rocket + Mazzer SJ, including delivery-in-person to Oxford (from London).
  7. @jerbla Great! Thank you for letting me know! And I hope you enjoy.
  8. Hey Ash Do you mean interested in Rocket and Mazzer combo? They can be posted. I have all original packaging. I do not own a car so I will have to rent one but can maybe drive up to somewhere in the middle for weekend trip perhaps. Where exactly are you? and if I am going up, I would like a deposit of 30% please. Thank you! Shin
  9. I have uploaded high resolution images of Mazzer SJ and Rocket to the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frbmvsxls...EgZD4BwEa?dl=0 It's high res, so you can zoom in and have a look properly. But please forgive me for water marks (just waited the machines to take pics!) and dust on them!
  10. @theashman1979 I have uploaded images now. Sorry for the delay. If you buy Mazzer and Rocket together, I am happy to offer discount. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frbmvsxlsut89l4/AAC5nV3fe2CNmOICEgZD4BwEa?dl=0 Any questions, please let me know!
  11. @Muska Thank you for the payment, and ACME espresso cups are now all sold.
  12. @hchrishallam Do you mean both ACME and Inker cups? Motta 500ml is still available. Thank you
  13. @Badgerman Yes, since you are buying 3 items, I can do multi buy offer. So 6 (Motta 58mm Flat Base Tamper (Black) - £10), 9 (Motta Milk Jug (Matt Black) 0.35ml - £7) and 13 (Tiamo Tamper Matt - £5) are yours at £23 including postage. Will DM you details.
  14. @Neil294 Thanks for your message. Yes it's better if we meet up. It's awkward item to send. I live i Shoreditch, I work in Baker Street. Where is the best place for you? I prefer somewhere between these two if possible?
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