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  1. Planning on cleaning it all out this weekend, so will defo get a photo up!
  2. So recorded my coffee this morning. So im about 4 mins! I dont think i faff too much to be fair.... 👍🏼
  3. Ill take up the challenge tomorrow, but i do faff, reckon its probably 4/5 mins for me 🙈
  4. Ooh , why do i never come in this part of the forum, i would have loved to have entered. Ill have to keep an eye out when theres another comp. well done to the pourers 👍🏼
  5. Yeah and they warn this pandemic is not even the big one yet 😩 roll on spring, hopefully things should look better then
  6. Yeah its crazy situation atm, i agree with all! although that french rave looked banging - seriously we just need to lockdown properly, supermarkets need to start reorganising tills and queuing customers again, and ban all flights in, and we need to invest in more testing for everyone, thats how everyone who has managed it well seems to have done it. This constant mismanagement of trying to juggle the economy and virus and we are no further ahead nearly a year on. & my biggest annoyance atm is the referring of nurses, frontline NHS staff as “superheroes” i agree with the sentiment of
  7. I know right, i remembered how pleased you were when you did yours, and i always see people doing there EK45’s. its a baffling response
  8. Yeah the first reason i got back in July. It was the burrs are sticky. But you can see where she says not to shim, not that id be confident to get it right anyway 🙈
  9. I will do this for sure over next couple of days
  10. Yeah i even sent video to Eureka and they sent one reply saying they will send to the technical team. Its just something ive put up with, but now and again i get a coffee i cant use as it wont go fine enough without almost jamming the burrs together, and this sweet shop is one of them which caused my rant 😂 one day when i can afford to ill get a niche. 👍🏼
  11. So my Eureka facile has been terrible, i cancelled my niche few months back due to funds so im stuck with it I can only just grind fine enough, currently got a bag of sweet shop that i cant go fine enough for, i can hear the burrs grinding together and they stop instantly when i take finger off the button as they are touching. i have to say and im sorry to say but bella barista have been awful for me, they told me not to shim as it will damage it and don't listen to people on here. They said its an issue with most eureka’s and the burrs will bed in after use. Then the engineer
  12. My wife got me coffee spoons! My wife!!! Coffee spoons!!!! I know! I have no use for them! They are basically tiny little silver spoons that she is using for other stuff now... very clever. mother in law did well with some sweet shop and some nice cups, other than that it was all socks and aftershave for me!
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