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  1. Ive had both, the sage is the better machine. But i would not of traded those couple of years with a classic for anything. As someone above said; a great machine to learn with. Teaches you so much in terms of steaming and temp surfing/control etc.
  2. Hi, heres a couple from recent. Beans used, Rocko Mountain 2017 crop from Strangers Coffee.
  3. 3 years between the top and bottom. hope everyone well x
  4. Some of my pours from my instagram account roast_2_roast !! Hope you all well.
  5. One from this morning, i did the draw through and accidently went back up and it made these lovley leaves lol on purpose honestly!!
  6. One of my finest pours this morning i think. Full fat organic seems to really work for me. Coffee is a tanzanian tweega AA (washed) superb in milk!
  7. Nice one from this morning. Tanzanian beans.
  8. Much more like it 30 out in 30, could get that down as i am grinding on setting 5 now, so defo more than fine tuning, although if you go too fine you can hear burrs locking, so think its set on 4 on the internal burr setting now. Still got 2 years extended warranty on this, id bet my life i have to use it at some point lol. Thanks for everyones help.
  9. Hey guys, after a bit of advice, after a warranty issue with my first sage smart grinder, sage very kindly sent me a brand new pro. Its very nice, although i seem to be at the very far end of the fine settings, and at the moment i have a coffee by Drop, and i am on setting 1 and its still not quite fine enough, i got 29g out in 20 seconds.... Which is ok..ish i could either try dosing another gram in, or tamp mega hard, but the point is with my original smart grinder i was only at about 8-3 on this i am always at 3-1 setting. Any ideas? Can the burrs themselves be adjusted? Anyway, any advice as im sure these things do not need to be ran at the finest setting thanks.
  10. Yeah i know the roasters quite well, they are gonna throw me some beans, as i got another jam yesterday. Another rock hard little brown thing. Oh well, burrs seem ok. Got some new drop coffee dialled in now
  11. Thanks guys, the process these beans go through means they never touch the floor etc. But i guess it is some sort of rock. I did bring it up last time with them, but i will pop in tuesday and show them the bit. But am going to be more vigilant now, luckily my burrs seem ok. Thanks for your help
  12. This thing is rock hard, it wont snap with all my power!!!
  13. Hi. Hope everyones well. never had this before but my grinder has jammed twice now on this particular coffee on two seperate bags. I managed to locate the thing. Is it like a shell or something? I cant bite through it, and it wont snap so i assume its this that causes the jam. Any ideas?
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