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  1. Yeah i would love to support a local milkman, i just get such good results from Cravendale
  2. Morning all! Happy Friday once again! lets see those friday pours
  3. Yeah thats not right lol, kind of funny and unique though.
  4. Yes please, very nice offer thank you
  5. Recently had a Bolivian geisha from Hasbean and it was absolutely gorgeous! Didn't bother dialling in for espresso though, i just had V60’s with it. For my pour overs i use an old Sage Pro Grinder, so nothing special and I had no issues at all...... i guess this is really no help to you though.......so i wish you luck and i shall ‘do the off’ from your thread 👍🏼
  6. Happy Friday y’all! ❤️☀️
  7. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.
  8. Yeah, i think its quite possible to lose weighing and go by eye, as long as its a repeatable method, like you say 2 flat scoops and eye ball to same point on the cup and so on...... for me, i think ill stay where i am, my scales under my coffee cup make me feel soooo on trend 😉 seriously though - weighing in & out with a timer - i just cant think of a better way to get the consistency i need, i like to swap beans/roasters weekly so i need to know where my extraction ratios are. but i like this, lets take the science out and put the soul back into coffee! Im the same with Golf, ev
  9. Burnzy

    Mara X

    Ive got the lelit wooden naked portafilter, i use a ridgeless 18 VST and it fits better than the Lelit baskets, also the lelit tamper works perfectly in the VST as well 💪🏼
  10. To be fair one of the best English breakfasts i’ve ever had was at this posh B&B we stayed at in the Scottish Highlands, it was the first time i tried potato scone, and it also came with this big wonky chunk of black pudding! Never had black pudding it, it was superb! (sorry i’m on a diet, so well up for talking about food)
  11. Hash browns belong on my plate!! I don't care for this must be English crap, tomato sauce is hardly an English creation, in fact its Mexican! Look, fry ups are hugely personal like roast dinners, we’ll all have different opinions, so its best we all agree that.... i am right and you are all wrong! hash browns or potato scone fat butchers sausages (not herby and well done) maple cured back bacon baked beans, well stewed not lots of sauce (don't mind in separate dish) Fried or scrambled egg i don't mind. Whole meal bread, toasted and left in a ra
  12. Burnzy

    Itunes ahhhh

    Same here, I've deleted my facebook and twitter and never ever want them back in my life.
  13. Burnzy

    Itunes ahhhh

    I had to google YMMV 🤣 Thank you, yeah i may jump ship, I have the xs and my wife has the 11, i love the camera’s and how easy they are to use. The only issues i have with connectivity is with YouTube on the TV, its a bit unreliable. My only concern is i hear android phones slow down if you have too much on them, like a PC. Is that true ? I think Iphones restrict my wifi speed as well, i have 900 down and 150 up FTTP, i only get about 360d and 116 up to the phone, but i think all the 5g phones will have better wifi receivers.
  14. Burnzy

    Itunes ahhhh

    How have you found it? Ive been Apple for about a decade and I am thinking of jumping ship for a Samsung phone. i agree about Itunes as well, its an embarrassment
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