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  1. Sorry, yes mainly espresso & yes i totally agree with that! 🤣
  2. Thats really helpful! Ive snapped a shot of that table and ill make myself one
  3. Hi all, So I've been wondering about what effects how fine you have to grind a certain bean. I know light roasted beans have to be finer than darker roasts as a general rule. But i tend to only buy light roasts and i was wondering if certain countries need a finer grind, or a certain process usually needs a coarser grind and so on. For example; would a washed processed bean need a finer grind than say a natural? Or would a south American bean need a courser grind than an African bean and so on. i cant seem to find much on that, so i thought i would ask on here?
  4. Yeah I'm loving iced coffee at the moment Dave. Admittedly i am putting a spoon of hazelnut syrup in , then just iced milk and dump a shot in. its gorgeous!
  5. No thanks, im waiting for Apple to announce the icup
  6. Intrigued by this, but honestly been put off flat burrs from my current mignon, just the thought of having to align a £600 grinder. My taste buds are not good enough to tell any difference, so id much rather conical. As much i like the look of this, id much rather wait for a Niche
  7. With British summer in full swing & now gone again, ive started to indulge in iced coffee for the first time. Nothing fancy - milk & ice and i dump a nice shot of fresh Ethiopian on top. Surprised how much i love it actually.
  8. Ha suddenly realised this is from 2016. Lol - sorry
  9. We have Arlo, its been fantastic, had it a few years now. Its motion activated, and been very reliable, it is broadband/wireless reliant and has to be with in range of the Hub. Batteries last months, but we had to adjust sensitivity so it doesn't pick up every car etc otherwise the batteries would not last. Get a handy little app for your phone. Can even talk through app if you enable mic, and set alarm off in your home. also get some nice footage of birds when they fly up to it to have a look! We have two running 24/7, definitely makes you feel more secure. o
  10. Nice little one from yesterday ❤️
  11. Lovely Indonesian natural. Espresso just looks so beautiful!
  12. Yes really happy so far! I wouldn't have bought one based on Hoffman’s review, i read Daves review and was more than happy to drop the cash on it.
  13. Ah absolute game changer! Its like a different grinder atm
  14. Anyone watched that yet? Feeling a little biased towards the MaraX (as thats what i spent my money on) im wondering why he failed to discuss the brew/steam modes! The fundamental feature of what sets that machine apart from other HX machines? Bizarre
  15. I've watched barista competitions, and some tamp incredibly lightly, i should imagine you would have to grind finer if you want to do a lighter tamp. No idea the benefits, more notes of flavours i never taste anyway maybe ? 😂
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