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  1. Nice rocko from dark arts!
  2. Its 100 % the beans imo. You wouldn't think it, but it is! Fresh quality beans is essential for home espresso, a mistake many make so don't worry you’ll get it. Pretty much anything mainstream, costa/starbucks and any whole bean sold in supermarkets etc are not suitable for a good extraction! Like someone said grab some quality fresh beans from a site sponsor and you’ll love it. My classic served me well for many years, but you have to feed it the good stuff
  3. Just got into mountain biking in an attempt to get fit and deal with my mental health - loving it so far although i went a bit over the top and my back is killing me, so have raised the handle bars a bit so im more upright, and its much better. but loving it so far! Went for a Voodoo Braag if that means anything to anyone
  4. I used to..... i’d have one line..err i mean cup and think its not the same this time.
  5. So do i..... 🤐
  6. Beautiful quote and so very true. So sorry for you and your family.
  7. Nice lil one from yesterday! Its a washed Kenyan from strangers i am loving atm!
  8. Honestly?? YES! - i returned my first one after two days with some weird issue. But BB sent me a brand new one next day and its not missed a beat for 7 months. I had my concerns, to be honest i felt sick with worry that i had made the wrong choice. But Lelit do know what they are doing, like someone said with brand new models we are beta testing, and they will iron stuff out. Just get it from somewhere like BB and you’ll have no worries (and its so easy to box up) despite the odd issues that some people and i have experienced i don't have any regrets buying the MaraX. Buy
  9. I have them, the timer stops on its own now and again, other than that all good!
  10. i’m sure there brownies are nice though
  11. I have milk and sugar. Ive cut back my sugar massively in coffee over the years, as my coffee got better i found i needed less sugar. im down to half a teaspoon in flat whites/lattes and 1 in filter. I hope to cut that back even further.
  12. Planning on cleaning it all out this weekend, so will defo get a photo up!
  13. So recorded my coffee this morning. So im about 4 mins! I dont think i faff too much to be fair.... 👍🏼
  14. Ill take up the challenge tomorrow, but i do faff, reckon its probably 4/5 mins for me 🙈
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