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  1. Burnzy

    Freedom of Speech

    https://www.politicalcompass.org/test I came out a dirty snowflake marxist lefty libertarian! Give it a go!
  2. So l asked lelit what issues they have experienced with the MaraX heres response if anyone is interested “ Hi Louis, the first production batch experienced a problem that we have solved immediately and sent the repair kit to our distributors in case of need: some of the clients that have received the machine sent singularly, have noticed that the water tank coupling chamber was broken and the machine at 1st start was losing water from the tank. Our technicians have changed the position of the pump and inserted a support for the coupling chamber and those cases are working perfectly. But this is not your case, also your machine is not part of the 1st batch and the described problem has nothing to do with the tank coupling chamber. This is all I have for now… I hope you’ll receive your MaraX soon and enjoy your coffee! Take care! “
  3. No afraid not, but they were supportive and intrigued
  4. Been in regular contact with Lelit Support, they have been very responsive as well. 👍🏼
  5. Same! They said to me our cases, ie few days old take priority. I did manage to pull a couple of coffees from mine, and what i did get was amazing. So i think we have chose the right machine, we were just unlucky. 👍🏼 Let me know how you get on
  6. Even the Fed Ex man said “what its up the creek already” 😂
  7. Yes i did request id rather a replacement than a fix. I agree, its worrying when considering an upgrade, these are substantial purchases. I do think theres always gonna be a failure rate, just depends how much. Im sure Bella Barista would not stock them anymore if the 1st batch was problematic, so i am hoping i was just unlucky.
  8. Yes i saw your leaks Jason, think you are right to send back, rather than fix mate. Hope it gets sorted asap for you. Yeah i thought they bench tested to MediumRoastSteam. I have asked the next machine is thoroughly tested to avoid anymore espresso related heartache. I have to say they have been very good so far, they tried to make me pay for return, but i mentioned it was two days old, and they reassured me they would get it sorted asap!
  9. Yeah it was hard, despite its limitations the DTP has not missed a beat for nearly 5 years now! Incredible little thing for the money. I just cant get over how stunning the MaraX is - its so hard to send it back. But much like a new car that has issues, ive lost all trust in it now, and it’ll take a while to earn it back i think, Kinda hope they just send me a new one, but ill give it one more go. Anymore issues ill bite the bullet and go Mechanika V Slim and try a more traditional HX
  10. Burnzy

    58.5 mm Tamper (Torr)

    Tamper came today. Its proper gorgeous!! thanks Coffee Chap 🙏
  11. Thank you Dave, appreciate the help. They are picking it up tomorrow, and going to try to fix it i think. unpacked the sage DTP (thats depressing)
  12. Morning Dave So this morning i thought i would try what you suggested. Machine in BPM, switched on and lifted lever to pull some water through. 50 min warm up till ready, so even longer than the 33 mins yesterday. video here excuse my wife getting ready for work and just as i lifted lever to listen for air/bubbling noise my bloody cat starting scratching the washing basket. I did hear the noise again, and delay in water coming through. I lift again in 30 secs to compare. Because of my cat please see/hear side by side below - as its not clear on the first video. I did pull a fantastic coffee, but sadly this clearly needs to go back. Thanks for all your help. I will suggest to BB it may be the thermosyphon.
  13. Thank you, i genuinely appreciate the input. ill give it a go and see what happens but i don’t want to delay sending this back for too long if i can help it, as i guess ill have to wait for machine to be fully cooled to get accurate results?
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