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  1. So you would say that then the slow ramp up time is 'normal' for this expobar grouphead?
  2. Hi, I'd agree with you its a really long shot, the prolonged 'pre-infusion' is taking approx 20 seconds, which is about 10 seconds longer than it did previously. I've messaged lelit to see if they have anymore info about their pump's flow rate (obviously the restrictor will have some impact on it). I will also get my machine to a place where it'll get a once over by someone who probably knows more about this than I am. I also completely took apart the grouphead to descale with puff caly and clean with cafiza 2 days ago - playing close attention to the restrictor in the mushroom and there was b
  3. @DavecUK found this: and from a review of the marax The boiler is large about 1.8l and with an approx 70% fill level, pump max no pressure flow rate of 260 ml per min, an empty boiler takes approximately 3.5 min to fill. So don’t worry if it takes a while. Just check the water level in the tank is going down. A big difference from 2 sources haha.
  4. Good early morning. Something doesn't seem right to me either, flow rate of the pump as mentioned is 120g/30s (or 240-250g/min). And the ramp up time when pulling a shot seems excessive, as if I was purposefully doing a manual pre-infusion etc. I wonder if it could be a sticky opv valve now as well. Maybe I dislodged some bits of scale within the OPV when moving the parts around. If you could do a check for me that would be great. I should have a ulka ex5 coming my way once I place an order (alongside other bits) in the next few days so we'll see. At least we'll get a good thread out of
  5. @DavecUKHave a look at the two links I have on my post higher up! I did upload videos Here they are again - with a blind basket to check it actually ramps up to pressure and doesn't stall , and with a empty basket running at 1 bar to check for flow as it seemed slow. I am actually in the process of ordering a normal ulka ex5 so I can update the thread later on to see how it compares... I convinced the mrs that I needed to replace some components... so in went the extra pump 🤷‍♂️ I'll update this post when I get round to actually pulling a nice shot - I've tried 2 shots this morning a
  6. I certainly wasn't doing it on purpose - my pump is either at full speed for brewing or off (filling up water tanks don't count :D)
  7. Hello, Interesting to know that the olab quiet is essentially a EX4. My original was indeed the EX5 pump. If that is true then the 120-125ml/30s isn't too far off their graph, which they claim just over 300g/min at 2bar, but its still a good 10-20% less. I'll make some coffee tomorrow and see how the machine does. I've never played with flow rate before... can I assume that I'll have to grind a little coarser?
  8. Hello everyone, I am back. Pump install went fairly smoothly thanks to the whole latte love video linked higher up. Sounds a bit quieter and runs smoothly. Tried a blind basket on it and it was ok. No stalling. However. The flow rate seems to have dropped significantly after changing the pump. It's around 120ml/30s (link also for sound of pump running against an empty basket). Any idea as to why or how I can adjust it? I am aware I may have dislodged a small piece of scale or something and cause the flow rate to decrease but it didn't seem all that scale-ridden when I took out
  9. At the end, I am going for the olab pump. Just placed my order for it just now. I'll let you know/update this thread with how it goes.
  10. see this picture, taken from whole latte loves YouTube video (credit goes to them). It's literally like that but flipped right to left in real life.
  11. I'm having second thoughts about it at the moment. The shape of the lelits out flow is quite different that that of the original one. Right angle Vs straight. Though again I've never dealt with pumps before so maybe the right angle bit can easily be swapped out...
  12. I think I've found the solenoid that you're mentioning. Had a look, nothing is obviously leaking, no kinked tubes. I guess I could take apart the opv valve and have a look to look at scale. But I'd have to take apart the whole pump - opv valve assembly to have a look inside.
  13. Hi Rob, Thanks for the quick reply. You refer to a 'service boiler', can I presume you mean the brew boiler? (in my head there is a brew and a steam boiler in my machine). I am also slightly confused as to the solenoid that connects the two boilers together? The only solenoid I know about is the one that releases the pressure from the grouphead after pulling a shot. You also mentioned the lelit pump, is it this one?
  14. Thanks all for the replies. I am finding that when I try to backflush using a blind filter, the pump does the stalling thing as well. Thank you. I think from the helpful posts here, it can be assumed that it is likely a pump issue. Water here is quite soft, I don't have any issues with my kettle ever scaling up even after a few years. Water is also run through an inline filter before going in the machine. No change in beans or grind and ashamedly I will admit I haven't descaled the machine recently but I have cleaned and relubricated the group head quite often and when I
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