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  1. Aye if it gets shorter and shorter i'll probably sell it on or something. Not sure about the history of the grinder either, was a commercial machine for the majority of its life, then was taken on by a light domestic user, then me, up to 5-7 cups/day. I mentioned it to the person I got I off and they've never experienced what I've experienced.
  2. Will take your advice on board. Not really in a financial position to be changing grinders for now though So maybe I'll just keep buying capacitors until I've saved enough. Or is that a bad idea from a fire/shorting point of view? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the informative post. Apart from looking at the basic wiring bits and making sure everything's attached properly and no obv faults, is there any way of inspecting the windings? Thanks.
  4. Strange enough, the same 'symptoms' are showing again after being problem free for the last 10 months. Do capacitors age and 'die ' this quickly? I bought a replacement 14uF capacitor from espresso solutions.
  5. Now unavailable, can mods please delete/archive. Thanks.
  6. Now unavailable so can mods please delete/archive. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Duplicate post but really need this gone in the next 24 hours so I hope the mods let me off. Got this grinder 2nd hand, came with the original large 1kg? hopper which was far too big for my use so i downsized to a smaller one and this has been made redundant. No cracks, lid fits well, the sliding stopper thing works fine. Pictures here Need this gone quickly as I am emigrating with 48h notice (i'm not getting deported don't worry), so free to a good home, ideally collection only, can drop/stop by enroute from St Helens to Heathrow tomorrow, will be setting off 12pm onwards - will be heading down the M6 then the M40 to heathrow, if you want it and its not too much of a detour, (ideally up to 15 mins one way) I can deliver. Or if you can collect that would be a bonus. Can post as well but buyer needs to pay postage and the box as I literally have nothing left.
  8. Hello all Need this to go quickly - Quick relocation out of this country forces this to go in the next 2-3d. Came with my used e37s have since 'downgraded' to a smaller hopper as I do not need this monstrosity for domestic use. Looks pretty new, no major scratches or any cracks, as pictured. sliding thing works well. Free to a good home - needs to go in the next 2 days. Can post if you want but you will need to cover costs of postage. Ideally local collection - based around St Helens area (now without a car as that's gone as well), I'm in Liverpool tonight for dinner and bring it there if suits, I am also hiring a car Tuesday so can drop off en-route to heathrow from St Helens go google map it and let me know if it works better for you without too much of a detour. Pictures to follow. Egglet.
  9. @Jimmybean Fantastic. Let's go to pm Thanks for the tag @Planter ?
  10. Hi, Would you take £700 collected from hull/york? (am coming from the opposite coast just outside Liverpool). Egglet
  11. Hi whereabouts in yorkshire are you based? Would you be travelling across to york or further west anytime soon?
  12. Ah sugar I came a little late to the party. Hope everything goes well
  13. Sounds like a steal. Would've taken it had I not recently upgraded to an e37s. Good luck with the sale. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  14. Hi, With the gentle push from @coffeechap Am interested, but I have recently gotten the same grinder as you have, but am willing to offer £700 for the mechanika alone (I do need to travel a bit down south to come pick it up) I guess i can sort packaging later.. Reece
  15. I too am interested, am wondering if you have the original packaging? More for transport purposes, am able to collect but may be moving out the country in the not too distant future. Thanks.
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