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  1. Well its been three or so happy years using my ex cafe mk 1 Rancilio Epoca but it has become rather tired and something has given up. I could have had the old girl refurbed but decided to have something new and shiny. So a road trip to Bella Batista was in order and a very pleasant experience it has been, lovely staff who were knowledgeable and gave me plenty of time to have a good look at the equipment on offer. The outcome was the purchase of an ECM Barista HX machine which I am delighted with, a little bit of grinder tweakery and the shots are coming out very nicely. I did get a f
  2. I`m using the Espresso Parts HQ double basket which seems well made, works well and is a lot less than the VST ones. Got it purely because my Rancilio Epoca one had deformed slightly. TBH I think the VST baskets are well OTT on the price.
  3. What sort of budget are you considering? this could help us give some suggestions on equipment If you are prepared to get onto the espresso learning curve, the route Ron advises is the way to go. The budget would have to cover an espresso machine, grinder and decent tamper as well as a milk steaming jug. The end result will be more satisfying in terms of the quality of espresso and the skills you would develop. Don
  4. I`m with Vintage on this, just get the best grinder you can afford. Cannot comment on the K30 as never tried one.
  5. I think you might be struggling to find one that produces any form of crema other than the Bialetti Brikka which is of course aluminium. I assume you have an induction hob, all the stainless steel ones I have seen are just variations of the standard moka pot which don`t do anything resembling crema.
  6. DonRJ

    where to start

    The Gaggia Classic is probably the most commonly owned machine for forum members either now or as the machine that set them off on the espresso path.
  7. And now ready for delivery should be with you Thursday
  8. :coffee:The expensive hobby comment got me doing a rough calculation on the cost of coffee at home compared to drinking the same amount in a High Street coffee shop. My very rough calculation was that I would spend around £1900 more in the coffee shop than at home. That was 18 coffees a week for a year, less home drink making consumables and electrickery So clearly any espresso machine up to around Izzo Alex Duetto outlay is a money saving bargain:coffee: And yes that is very green,white and shiny kinda kitchen.
  9. Just to confirm,the Silvia is sold to CoffeeGeek
  10. Piccies for CoffeeGeek
  11. When I was contemplating my next (final he says) machine which was planned to be bought next summer as a retirement present having had to delay my retirement planned for this year, I had two paths in mind. One was the throw financial caution to the wind and buy something along the lines of an Izzo Alex Duetto or La Spaziale Vivaldi, the other was to go for something like a Fracino Cherub or Nuova Simonelli Oscar getting maximum machine for the least outlay. Needless to say, I got to roaming around the internet just in case a "bargain" came up that I could not resist. I nearly put offers i
  12. Good idea on the spacer, I have got to order a couple of spare seals as the one used was my last spare and will give it a go. I have cracked the steaming with a wee bit of practise, the huge increase in power took a bit of adjusting to.
  13. It was the engineering that struck a chord so to speak and if you check this link which I have just found, there is definite link. http://www.versalab.com/server/versadyn/players1.html Don
  14. That Versalab grinder is a bit wild, strangely reminds me of the engineering in a high end hifi turntable.
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