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  1. Personally, temp tags are the most reliable for temperature. As for the rest of the ritual, I imagine we all have own variations.
  2. Phil104

    Dog and hat

    You won't regret it for a second.
  3. Phil104

    Not happy

    Good advice from Rob666 - it is worth being patient and if there is anyone on the Forum who lives near you who is willing to show their set-up at home, it might help with your decision making.
  4. Phil104


    +1 for here - it's tucked away but worth, well worth going to. Very friendly, and yes, amazing food. You'll obviously need to book. https://cookiescream.com
  5. Yes, please a moderator or even post on Forum rants if one must. I'm really here for the coffee.
  6. The new issue of Standart arrived today plus the bonus little bag of beans.
  7. Welcome. I started where you are about five years ago. A second hand Classic will be fine, especially if you buy it from a Forum member (which is what I did) and they are relatively easy to repair if anything does go wrong (often the solenoid). I'm not technically minded yet I managed to fix this - and there is an abundance of Forum help. I would also aim for a Mignon - I haven't used the MC2 but my impression is the Mignon offers more and it's what I got to go with my Classic. I hope this helps.
  8. A while, quite a while ago, someone on the forum recommended Brandon Bespoke wax oil treatment. I have a 225ml pot that is lasting and lasting. I just checked and they have an eBay shop - it's £10.50 (plus p&P). It works a treat.
  9. You might be struggling in Cowes - Newport is a better bet and not that far from Cowes but I suggest emailing Island Roasted and asking if they can recommend anywhere. I can also ask a member of my team, who lives in Cowes.
  10. Hi Gilly, welcome and a familiar route for many forum members. I think a lever restoration would be a good project for you :
  11. Brilliant - thank you and I'm sorry Ithat I have been late getting this. I'll PM you.
  12. I bought this from Juno earlier in the year and haven't taken it out of the box - I'm going down a different record cleaning route. I paid £80 for it and will sell it for £60 including UK postage. Here's the link with all the information: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/spin-clean-vinyl-record-washer-mkii-record/457593-01/
  13. If money was no object, I'd immediately email Frank (Durra) and ask him what he and Markus could sort out for me. http://www.titus-grinding.de If it was my Niche, I would immediately call Martin or James and beg them to sort something out for me.
  14. +1 for Andrew James (and it turns out that they are useful fore other things, too, which is what persuaded my wife).
  15. Okay, it's (very) expensive* but does anyone else buy Drift? The current issue is cracking with its focus on London. The quality of the writing and photographs is very good, in my view, and it doesn't really matter what city they cover, they do a brilliant job of opening a window on the coffee culture of that city. *It's probably an investment - the first two issues sell for eye watering amounts of money.
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