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  1. Unexpectedly in the post today a 'Black Friday Gift' from Colonna: 250g of Limonada Natural, from Gruppo Terruno Nayarita and a group of communities near the coast of West Mexico. A great Black Friday act of random kindness.
  2. Phil104

    Black Friday

    And 250g of Limonada Natural, from Mexico, as part of Colonna's discovery range - and an exclusive to Black Friday sent out as a 'Black Friday Gift' to subscribers (and I think others buying off their site). A good way to do Black Friday, especially as it was unexpected.
  3. Phil104

    Black Friday

    And unless I have wildly misinterpreted an email are, in any event, sending something to subscribers.
  4. Phil104

    Black Friday

    This is a great service to the Forum. I just wanted to say that because I value it (and I benefitted from it).
  5. I'm sorry but I realise that I should have asked a mod to move this into the 'sold' thread. I moved it on a while ago.
  6. Phil104

    PUSH Tamper

    I'm not interested in selling mine and they are perfect in an 18g basket. I enjoy using it and I has lead to more consistent tamping on my part.
  7. Thank you - offer accepted and we can sort out the rest by PM. Could a mod please move this to sold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. @hummel89 - it is still available if you are interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Thank you @MildredM - because, unequivocally, it has sold.
  10. That;s fine, thank you for erring on the side of caution...and I realised that you had moved it to the relatively new 'Sold' section, so a double thank you.
  11. I'm sorry everyone for sewing seeds of confusion. I clearly should have let a mod know to mark it as 'sold' because it was indeed as Tempest has confirmed. I had thought I had posted a message to say 'all done and dusted' but obviously not.
  12. I'm caught...it seems reasonable to allow some time and it was a while since I was back on line to reply to junglebert. Incidentally, (and I don't know if this as an @Glenn query) although I have checked the 'notify me of replies' button, I am not notified of replies, which to be fair to me, is one reason why I was late in replying to junglebert.
  13. Thank you @xpresso, ashroc is correct, the rules state that, so I will hang on for 24 hours and see what Junglebert wants to do.
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