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  1. Did they ask for your eyebrows to add them to the ground coffee?
  2. Funnily enough I was thinking of Jaunty Goat. I was in there on Sunday 26th September as part of a weekend return to Chester (my home town) and had a long chat with Patrick who owns it. Anyway, on topic, I make a simple point of not bothering with coffee if there's a remote possibility that it's awful and it's usually possible to judge - hospitals, cafes claiming to be the best or 'serving fresh coffee', where the kit looks uncared for and so on. Having just heard Johnson's Tory party speech (in the interests of research), one of the biggest single, vote winning, low cost, levelling up improvements for the NHS would be to mandate the serving of coffee in all NHS premises to acceptable standards (i.e., to Coffee Forums elitist standards).
  3. Good that you got a refund, better if the manager asked for improvement suggestions as well. A double shame because there are cafes in Chester where the coffee is good...
  4. I'm sorry to inject a totally pedestrian tone into this thread but this morning, in Krema in Guildford, I had an enjoyable natural from Horsham - a Brazilian catuai from Inhame Farm. As it cooled it developed and it was an unmistakably (to my taste) natural. The roaster's notes: "We love the traditional flavour profile of this Brazilian coffee. It is clean with hazelnut, milk chocolate, and some gently dried fruit notes."
  5. The Manchester Coffee Festival, formerly Cup North, has been a good opportunity in the past for especially Northern based members to meet up although I have travelled up to it (although I used to stay with my mum in Chester when she was alive) and I know others outside the North have too. Unfortunately, I can't get to this one because of work commitments either side of the weekend. It is obviously on a smaller scale than the LCF but that has its advantages - it has been less frantic and less packed with a better chance to have longer conversations with roasters and other stand holders. AS the LCF, I have always experienced it as a friendly event and well worth supporting. I'm sure that there are posts about previous editions.
  6. It may not be relevant or what you had in mind but I think that's where the 'Brewed by Hand' people come in. Before Crankhouse there was a a company, SEND Coffee whose coffee offering is relatively small but their main purpose is to work with young people and adults with special educational needs and disabilities and support them into barista jobs. Whoever is behind Brewed by Hand offers slots without the costs of a stand, which are prohibitive for micro roasters.
  7. I was wondering whether there was much interest in the LCF. There has often been a lively Forum discussion about it but personally I think it's unmissable. I have just got home. I was glad that I got there early this morning with a chance to get my bearings before it got really busy, which it did. Some highlights, Dave Stanton and Jack from Crankhouse, just doing a two hour session on the 'Brewed by Hand' stand, which is on the ground floor, G 25. It would be worth visiting the stand in any event because they have rotating guest roasters there. I had an enthusiastic conversation with Hayden from Quarter Horse. They had a lovely Indian coffee (Mooleh Manay, a selective natural, sold out on their web site. I would have bought a bag or two but their card reader is out of action until tomorrow. They were in the roaster zone section on the first floor along with Origin, North Star and Bailies - R51, 52, 53 and 54 by the Coffee Art Project. I had variously an espresso and filters and filter from the four, Bailies had three different beans. I enjoyed them all (as well as the Pacamara that Dave had). The Indonesian stand had some interesting coffee on it. I recently had an Indonesian Pegasing, via the Dog & Hat sub, a natural roasted by Gold Box (Quarter Horse had a washed version earlier in the year). I would have bought beans from Quarter Horse - but stocked up with Crankhouse, Bailies and the Caravan/Project Waterfall collaboration (Ethiopian Desalech Mussie). The other concentration of roasters worth visiting was on the second floor, and it includes Girls Who Grind. I tried to find but didn't, Neighbourhood Coffee - supposed to be on the second floor. You get a map when you go in. If you have a KeepCup (or equivalent), take it with you and inside the map there is room for three stamps from various roasters including Quarter Horse, Origin and North Star. The participating roasters will stamp it if you use your reusable cup, then at the KeepCup stand they will enter you into a draw for a trip to Florence. As ever, there were plenty of other things and interesting conversations along the way even though Hayden said they had reduced exhibitors by a third. Once it got busy, though, it seemed as crowded as ever and not a whole lot of social distancing, which would have been a challenge. I left after four hours - completely caffeinated - I wish that I had taken a bottle of water. I am very glad that I went.
  8. Welcome. Jumping in at the deep end is good and as you will know you can get lots of life support through the forum if you need it.
  9. The freshness of your beans and as they age are other variables along with humidity (although less of an issue now).
  10. 16. @Phil104Londinium LI
  11. Welcome Nat. Working on a coffee farm must have given you some amazing insights. While you're waiting for Classic owners to rush forward, well worth searching the Gaggia Forum, which you might have done already.
  12. +1 for the Banko Gotiti from Crankhouse - there’s a whole lot going on with that.
  13. It sounds like your wife would benefit from a capsule machine, like the Opal One (and is free if you subscribe to Colonna Coffee) - so there may be some kind of trade off over time.
  14. That's brilliant - thank you... a great guide and stimulus for experimenting.
  15. Thanks, again, Mike, very helpful, as ever. I'll slow down the pour time as you suggest and I'll try the 15g recipe. So far as you know, should the Howell method be modified for an Origami? I have tried it a couple of times but haven't been that convinced, which has led me to think that it might need modifying (which ultimately I could do myself by experimenting).
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