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  1. I'm back on free jazz - and Viking disco (The Thing) - it just seems to suit the times we are living in. Recently saw the Sun Ra Arkestra at Ronnie Scott's, Joe Mcphee (and Paal Nilssen-Love*) at Cafe Oto and will be seeing Archie Shepp back at Ronnie's next month. Also back listening to vinyl. The digital wash ain't really doing it enough - after live performances, I think vinyl is like the speciality coffee music format. (*drums with The Thing and countless other people)
  2. Great, thank you. I’m in work meetings all day so just picking up things on the Forum intermittently.
  3. I have one that I'm happy to move on. How does £10 plus postage sound? It does have the bits but I don't have to send those.
  4. Lovely description - and Cast Iron are always right there so far as I'm concerned (my pal buys pretty much exclusively from them) so if you are enjoying the taste (as you are) you can generally guarantee that whatever they roast, you will like.
  5. Sadly not going but I'd be interested in reports of the event and pictures, too.
  6. Welcome Gareth - its more than a world - it's a universe.
  7. Great set of photos - and a bit late is good - I could relive it. But...where was Scotford?
  8. How about the HG-1? Adjustments are a breeze, lightly roasted beans a bit trickier, expensive, but for espresso - wonderful.
  9. You hadn’t. The balloons are helpful. The welcome wonderful. The coffee sublime.
  10. By the sound of it, I need to get to their stand as a priority before the Gesha runs out. I'll miss Frank and Markus this year and full on grinder and machine mods porn - they're (for at least Frank is) in Shanghai.
  11. It's impossible to send too much time in either place although Ben's can get expense after a while. I'm sure that you got a much better degree than you might have otherwise.
  12. Thanks Joe - always helpful to get a guide as to what to look out for and will definitely track down the Curve stand (roaster's village?). I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Very much.
  13. Welcome from me... and Krema is brilliant - they use Horsham and they happen to be close to Ben's Collector Records.
  14. Just applied Brandon Wax Oil treatment to mine, and the LI handles while I was at it... deeply satisfying.
  15. PUSH have just emailed out about trade tickets. I can forward you the email if you PM me your email. I don't know if they're free, as they suggest.
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