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  1. Hope and patience. I haven’t looked on the Londinium site to see if anyone is posting one for sale there - although more likely to be a machine outside the UK. Good hoping and waiting [emoji1365] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. For home use, there really is no alternative to Londinium, in my utterly biased opinion, and you would never need to look again at another machine in your coffee making life.
  3. Something similar but different to Brazil happened when, after the war and having destroyed virtually all the agricultural land, the US pumped money into Vietnam to promote coffee growing (robusta) and that had a devastating effect on coffee farmers in other countries. Again...(im)pure politics.
  4. Tag is not proceeding with this - by the time shipping costs were added and the total converted to $, the saving wasn't significant. It was good dealing with you Tag - even though we didn't proceed.
  5. In the interests of transparency I have sent @Tag1260 a PM with the cost of shipping to the USA (minus what shipping within the UK would be).
  6. Thanks - I will get a quote later today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. And, of course, I owe it all to that lever evangelist, coffee chap...it’s the best cult to become a member of. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. A little bump before I try to sell the Kruve elsewhere...
  9. When it comes to machines, I'm utterly biased but an L1 is as close as I can get to perfection at home as it's possible to get (in fact there is nothing else in our kitchen that gets even that close, whatever its purpose - apart from maybe the parmesan grater).
  10. Thank you for a great account that has brought memories of Porto flooding back. Fabrica is almost round the corner from Livraria Lello, as you may know. Another thing we did, which we thoroughly enjoyed was an ocean and parks (slow) bike ride with a well informed and personable guide. Overall, we loved Porto.
  11. I bought the Kruve on Kickstarter, the coffee geek version with 4 sieves: 400, 600, 800 and 1000 microns. It arrived, I was busy, pretty much forgot about it and then rediscovered it the other day, still in its box. It's pretty obvious to me that I'm not going to use it. This combination of sieves pretty much covers the range of brewing methods (pour over: 400-800; aeropress: 500-900; drip: 400-900; espresso: 250-500; cold brew: 600-1000. (Bella Barista sell individual sieves at £16 and their two sieve version is £50 , when in stock). So, still boxed and sealed and £40 incl UK postage.
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