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  1. Freezing beans crops up periodically on the Forum, either as a topic in its own right or as part of a discussion about storage. There's an interesting article on freezing just published on the Roast Magazine's Daily Coffee News, here....
  2. And mine has arrived too, thanks postie, and the user experience on this thread.
  3. Phil104

    Crankhouse Coffee

    I think Dave would be very pleased to know that his straightforward honesty is appreciated (as well as the amazing roasts that he produces).
  4. Phil104

    Crankhouse Coffee

    Probably worth a thread on its own and not tucking it into the roaster lockdown thread. Dave Stanton has just sent out a lovely message to everyone on his email list, informative, frank and honest, and with discount code CAFFEINMAG10 across the site and also a link to an interesting video on YouTube about how he got started, which is well worth watching as a change from 'another movie that I always meant to watch and now know why I didn't watch it in the first place'.
  5. Thanks John...I'll reply to your PM.
  6. It's a great move on the part of roasters...and I'm now tempted to try Calendar, like you, I haven't so far. And their bag designs are good, too.
  7. Workshop have just emailed about their twin offering with Calendar (Galway based roaster), so they're obviously roasting...as indeed and predictably are Calendar (who are donating 30% of every bag they sell to a coffee shop in Ireland, irrespective of whether they use their coffee; the buyer choses the coffee shop).
  8. I bought this at the beginning of the year to use with my vinyl albums and CDs - and it is very effective. My daughter had the same great idea and bought me one for my birthday recently. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I already had one. I'm therefore selling mine, which still has the original box and up until my birthday, I had used it on average twice a week for about five LPs and the same number of CDs. I think £30 to incl postage is a fair price given it is relatively new and they cost £50.
  9. I think it depends on the area - our posties are doing okay. On delivery news: Origin was quick from the day of roasting.
  10. North Star are open again. Dave Stanton aka Crankhouse Coffee is still going strong. Colonna are. Cast Iron are. Dog and Hat are still doing their boxes, as is the Coffeevine. The Origin offer is worth taking advantage of. The LSOL hits the jackpot again.
  11. Well, mine is on its way. I am backer #236.
  12. I've not had anything from White Star but I assume they are as good as the other amazing coffee roasters in Northern Ireland. Root and Branch and Bailies produce lovely, lovely roasts.
  13. 1. Dalerst 2. Cooffe 3. Dunk 4. ratty 5. EricC 6. fatboyslim 7.cjonny 8.AmandaH 9. Phil104
  14. Phil104

    Very old beans

    I had the same set but used them at the time - it was a great idea and I enjoyed the coffee. Not in the cupboard but I have just retrieved from the freezer (vacuum sealed and frozen) Square Mile's Red Brick roasted on 30:07:18 and to me it tastes as if it was roasted a week or so ago..
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