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  1. Now all quickly and easily done and dusted and met up with David ([email protected] ) yesterday late afternoon for a handover. It was a real pleasure doing business with you David and I trust you will enjoy the grinder as much as I did. Thank you. Could a mod please move this to the ‘sold’ category. Long live the Forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Hi @LGoose and I'm sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, it is available and although it's not quite what I was aiming to get, I would prefer to see it sold through the forum and go to a good home than sell it elsewhere. So yes, I will accept your offer and PM about the details.
  3. Phil104


    Too much of a coincidence and may explain why it's not available on the Colonna site.
  4. Phil104


    As it happens, my latest sub of 'rare' beans from Colonna, which arrived on Wednesday but I only opened today, is an anaerobic roast from Costa Rica - although it doesn't appear to be available through their webshop.
  5. A great idea, and stating my interest too.
  6. Phil104


    There were anaerobic processed coffees at last year's London Coffee Festival than I recall from previous years. A colleague said that this was the best coffee he had in 2019 (but no longer available) and although I haven't had this, from Clifton Roasters, I would be tempted.
  7. Massive relief, too, given the number of bottles I have under the spare bed.
  8. As others have noted, I can't imagine ever wanting anything other than my basic, non-plumbed L1, which works well for me with light and medium roasts. I use an 18gm basket but dose with 17gm, aiming for 34gm out and a preinfusion time of six seconds. Maybe I am doing it all wrong but I like what ends up in the cup.
  9. Definitely Dog and Hat for variety, care, attention and as above, all round wonderfulness. I get the occasional box from the Coffeevine because of the European focus (Dog and Hat also feature European roasters), and after that it's taste and buying (without a sub) from roasters that never miss a beat so far as I'm concerned. It's a lovely dilemma.
  10. I bought this from someone in Australia via the Londinium Forum. I haven't used it now for for about 16 months, the Niche has pretty much taken over. When I used it, it was from about six to a dozen times a week. It has 83mm burrs but I can't remember which version. There is a blind tumbler (with a small mark on it), a funnel wiper, a base mat and a 3D printed disc that I had over the upper funnel that kept it all a bit tidier. As well as the blind tumbler mark, there is small mark on the top at the front and marks on the fly wheel from bad packing when it was sent to me. In every other way it is in great condition. I would prefer not to ship it because of the weight and potential damage but if it came to it, I would. I live near Guildford and could discuss collection. I think that given the marks, £425 is a fair price.
  11. Happy New Year to all...and may the year turn out to be better than we can possibly imagine ?
  12. My Dog & Hat sub arrived too, at the weekend, with the ever fantastic North Star, just about finished although I've saved enough for the base for festive espresso martinis. Today, though, at the last gasp minute, my Coffeevine box arrived, including the storming Belfast roaster, Root and Branch with their new recyclable packaging.
  13. The day that you are tasting the machine rather than the beans is the day that you machine is telling you that it needs a very good clean ?
  14. My wife is listening to the James Taylor Christmas album... I'm revisiting Tom Waits, including a Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis and Columbia records compilation, Jungle Bells Swing which includes Miles Davis' Blue Xmas. Although Christmas music isn't Christmas music without Dylan's wonderful Christmas in the Heart.
  15. Happy Christmas to you too, and to all on and off the Forum united in coffee.???and in the absence of an espresso emoji ☕
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