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  1. 'Hames' for 'James' (no idea why), thereafter so random at times it looks like experimental poetry. We have a lot of fun receiving texts from a friend who spectacularly fails to proof read before sending.
  2. Am I alone then in watching the football on Radio 5 live? To me the picture created by the commentators is usually better than the televised version of the match.
  3. And received - thanks Graham.
  4. Forum days are fantastic for the reasons mentioned - the Brighton coffee crawl (starting off at the Small Batch roastery in Hove), which Glenn organised, the visit to the Has Bean roastery and being swept away away by Steve Leighton's enthusiasm and passion, and then the epic events that coffeechap has organised at Rave (not all of which I have been able to attend, sadly). As well as meeting other members, always friendly, patient, understanding and willing to pass on knowledge, I have learnt so much and tasted fantastic coffee.
  5. Probably should have added @Grahamg and I also have the original box. Just looked at the photo and it looks like there is a little ridge on yet left hand side - there isn't. I found it difficult to photograph because of reflection.
  6. It helps to look ahead. Will you always have a Classic? The Niche is well worth the investment and may save you money in the long run if you end up buying a grinder that you then went to move on in a couple of years.
  7. It's only a matter of time before Reiss @lespressoproduces a recipe book or 'A guide to 100 additional uses for a Londinium lever'. It may already be available.
  8. I knew that I should have kept quiet... and I'm neither joking nor being falsely modest...Mark70's entry is better. There is no way that I could either do a Rosetta or tulip. I can just about manage a heart and that's after practising through the lockdown, since we both started working at home and I get to make my wife a couple of coffees a day. She takes milk, I don't. I will follow the competition with interest though.
  9. Crankhouse is also very quick to despatch - but you may have sorted this out by now.
  10. Still better than anything I have ever managed. I think freestyle latte art is the new rock 'n' roll.
  11. My faith in Christmas is restored every year when the first emails ping in with Christmas blend details.
  12. It sounds like you have made a decision. I have the Stagg and it comes with a UK plug - they started shipping them some time last Autumn if not earlier. I have had no issues with it all - it is a joy to use and perfectly balanced. I much prefer it to the bonavita I had. Clearly, the cost of the Stagg is a hurdle.
  13. Welcome - and it's exactly how most of us started out on the forum. In my case, belatedly in life discovering that I liked coffee (I had told myself for years that I didn't like it and I was right because it was either instant or low quality coffee made without care) and wanting to make it at home.
  14. The Niche without a doubt. It is reliable, easy to dial in, easy to maintain, doesn't dominate the coffee corner and from my point of view is an aesthetically pleasing design. Plus, the Niche folk are a pleasure to deal with. Depending on how often you make pour overs, as has already been suggested, keep your KG79 just for that or move it on and get a hand grinder (which is what I use).
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