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  1. Hi @MildredM, is there a more effective way of highlighting to mods when an item is sold so that it can be moved? I did post a request for this on 9th August but I guess art relies on you doing what yu have just done, which is to monitor the Posts. (I did go back and edit the Porlex sale post, so maybe that's the thing to do. )
  2. All done and dusted, thank you @Sharkie
  3. Crikey, that was quick. Thank you -and I'll reply to your PM. Could a mod please move this to Sold.
  4. This Porlex Tall is in good condition. I have used this on average two or three times, if that, across the last few years in the office that I have now left (for good), no slippage on the handle. £20 to include postage.
  5. Just arrived - the wonderful six for six...
  6. Thank you for letting me know Toby and I should have read this first before PMing you, belatedly, to say that I had posted it yesterday afternoon. I'm pleased, too, I just caught the postman at 5:00 as he was collecting the post and he waited for it to be weighed and stamped.
  7. My goodness, just 15 minutes... I know that we all have different tastes but Crankhouse is always consistently good to my taste and Dave Stanton is a great bloke, so I'm thinking, what's not to go well?
  8. All done and dusted - thank you Toby and John. Could a mod please move this to the sold section. Thank you in anticipation.
  9. Just done it. Hope you get a good sample size.
  10. Hi John, Thank you - and I'll reply via PM.
  11. Hi, thank you and yes it is. Do you want to move to PM (although I'm just off to bed so it will be tomorrow before I respond).
  12. Well another bump, for these perfect go-anywhere solutions.
  13. Well perfect for running through that machine... and apart from the wonderful suggestion of paying it forward by Joe, you have a creative mind and could figure something out. (You are maybe close to Crankhouse anyway, maybe Dave would hold it in store for you).
  14. Yes, I have the Orbea Gain - a bit of a punt at the time but I did get to test ride it (in the good old normal days). I have now ridden it regularly for two years, including one trip to SW France, two trip to Ventoux and one trip (last September) to the Pyrenees and so far, so good. It doesn't sound was if you are intending to do those kinds of rides, though. If the Ribble had been available when I was looking, I would have gone for that, driven up to have a test ride and then do what I have done with my other bikes, have a local, professional bike fit.
  15. And that makes a difference because? Cost might one. I just had four from him last weekend but it ain't going to stop me support the 6 for 6, and make a bit of room in the freezer if I need to.
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