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  1. Hi all, Now that I have abandoned Espresso Coffee making and shacked up with a sexy filter machine (no really ), I have decided to sell these beautiful accessories. These lovely tools cost me an eye watering £70 and £27 (plus delivery), and they were both purchased from Bella Barista. Both items are in excellent condition. I'm looking for £40 (Tamper) and £17.50 (Pitcher) including delivery. Cheers Steve
  2. Chris's Coffee spec a number of water alarms on their Quick Mill machines. There spec machines (Andreja, Vetrano) always let you finish the shot.
  3. The portafilter should be kept locked in to prevent the seals from drying out, hardening, and hence wearing out before their time. The PF should only be 'locked in' loosely; there should therefore be little pressure on the gasket. Cooling flushes should be done without the PF in pace because the steam temp water could overheat the PF. If it doesn't overheat it, the likelyhood is that the PF will not be the optimum temperature and it will act as heatsink- lowering the temp of your Espresso to below optimal. This was the advice I had the Bella Barista in any case
  4. I can confirm this. I have an issue with my setup (see signature). As an example: Set the Rocky to six and you get more than a double in 25-30 seconds. Tighten the grid to 5, which is the smallest possible adjustment on this stepped grinder, and you get a shot that's far too short. This issue, combined with the ridiculous amount of grounds clumping, makes the Rocky next to useless for Espresso in my opinion. The fact that there are far more capable grinders available for significantly less money makes the Rocky a bemusing choice for anyones Coffee grinding requirements. Mine is now grinding filter Coffee, with Espresso duties falling to the excellent Porlex I read in so many places that the Rocky was good for Espresso... I wanted to believe that because it's such a good looking grinder. Mazzer Minis are good, but as you say, they are expensive.
  5. Steer clear of Coffee Italia and the other mentioned company. The former pretends that they are based in England Hasbean all the way for first class customer service As others have said, email Steve and he might be able to do you a deal. Stepped grinders (Rocky) feature adjustment 'steps' ie 0, 1, 2 ,3 .... 80. Stepless grinders allow for a far greater degree of grind adjustment ie you could set 2.5. Stepless grinders are superior, though I believe that they can be a little trickier to adjust. As far as grinders go, the Rocky is good but it isn't the best. There are other options worth exploring, such as the Vario and MC2 (a stepless grinder).
  6. I have placed an order for a filter Coffee machine and have been given a 15% off voucher to send to Coffee loving friends. If you were to buy through the following link, I would get a 15% rebate on my order, and you would get 15% off your own purchase. The link is here: http://curebit.com/o/d/IuRgW (I do hope that this is allowed ). You need to order by Wednesday evening. I just thought I would post it on the off chance Thanks Steve
  7. Yp, those are the ones. I had them from Coffee cups though.
  8. Hi all, I just thought that I would let the community know that Coffee Cups seem to be selling on Amazon now. I have bought 4 Cappuccino cups for £15.65 inc delivery. Delivery is £4.65, which is cheaper than £8.95 I just need them to sell Como Espresso cups on there now
  9. Sorry, I should have updated this. The machine is getting used daily now and so I still need the Rocky. An upgrade to a Mazzer at some point should mean that I do sell the Rocky on here though
  10. I had some Coffee in there a few weeks ago and the whole experience was shocking. A disgusting Espresso and painfully bad Cap. Low quality, over-roasted beans and a bunch of hat wearing pretenders behind the bar. They were more interested in posing than making good Coffee. Someone on Beanhunter gave them a 10/10... Perhaps the manager or an employee. The wonderful, and recently opened 6/8 Kaffe saved the day however. Two very pleasant ladies behind the counter made my partner and I some delicious Cappuccinos, resplendent with impressive latte art.
  11. These beans make for the best Espresso and Cap I have tasted. I wish you could get them all year long.
  12. Hi All, Reg Barber Zebra Wood Tamper (57mm, purchased from Coffee Hit). £25 inc postage. There are two small vertical scratches on the side of the base. These happened when tamping I believe. Thanks Steve
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