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  1. Popcorn machines are fantastic for roasting about 60g a batch! I used to use for home roasting years ago, still got the machine somewhere. Can create a fair bit of smoke as the beans go into crack so make sure youre well ventilated, but if youre starting out and only doing small batches I would always recommend that over a gene cafe or anything!
  2. Mrs Athas is my favourite to be honest. Or you've also got Opposite cafe and Filmore & Union in the VQ centre.
  3. I know exactly what you mean! Dont get me wrong there are some exceptional coffee shops about, but a lot are just copies of each other with a different face. This is the kind of thing i want to see more of: http://www.perfectdailygrind.com/2016/02/cafe-de-lambre-where-green-beans-have-been-aged-for-23-years/
  4. I can see that looking pretty awesome with more added to it! Nice work
  5. We've been clearing out some more, got another 70 odd sacks going to a good home if anyone around york fancys them?
  6. Got about 70 odd more sacks going if anyone in the York area wants some? Come help yourself!
  7. Haha yeah i know what you mean, well i come over from leeds everyday! ha. Yeah its a hard choice, id definitely recommend the rwandan though!
  8. Hi @wilse Yes they are, hessian jute sacks. Ok brilliant, we are open until 5:30pm :) Zach.
  9. Just round the corner from where we are currently, still in nether poppleton @MarkT
  10. Sorry, we're in York! YO26 6QY
  11. Morning folks! Having a big clear out in the roastery as we are moving premises in a couple months, Iv'e about 100 empty coffee sacks, free to a good home! If anyone wants some feel free to pop by the roastery and help yourself, as many as you can take! haha. Ill post some pics up later on.
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gaggia-D90-Coffee-Machine-/131706135039?hash=item1eaa4c21ff:g:ejUAAOSw-zxWn132 Pretty decent i think for any Londoners on here! £100. Needs a bit of tlc. Id even be tempted to buy it and get it shipped.
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