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  1. Any fans of Detectorists?
  2. If you would consider almost new, I have a mythos that does not get any use, low volume
  3. Thanks chaps. Very enjoyable. Just ordered some Kenyan and look forward to that too
  4. Yes thanks chaps, some tasty coffee indeed. Thank you for all your hard work
  5. Mythos is chunky, but well worth a serious think. If taste, and easy use, are priorities over space and what non coffee muggle friends might think, mythos makes sense
  6. Have picked up the AP again after a long while drinking just espresso, I'd be interested to hear if it is possible to grind too fine with a long steep? I just got myself a Feldgrind, and have been using short brews this week, but have not been getting anything too great. Feldgrind on 2 turns out from closed, 1min 30 inverted. I will be experimenting with ashbeck (tap water in London might be affecting taste), and with 30 min brews. And further to my question, I'll be trying tighter grind, including straight from my espresso dialled grinder
  7. Froggystyle, fancy a swap compak e10 for mythos?
  8. Ah Mr Shades, we could have talked, I just ordered a Feldgrind! I see the added value of this thread now
  9. I've just ordered one from machina, I'll know soon hopefully. I checked first with Dear Green, but no stock for a couple of weeks
  10. Fantastic to hear you're enjoying it. What coffee are you on atm?
  11. Well done mate, how are you finding it?
  12. Hi Dylan, I have PMd you. Hope I can grab one
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