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  1. Disappointing. I was hoping to see the Alex IV in the For Sale section 😭 Glad you're enjoying the DE though and look forward to hearing more...
  2. @coffeechap I know nothing about lever machines but would really like the opportunity to learn. I’ve been eager since I read the thread on last year’s day and I’d really like to come along, if there’s room for a little one. Cheers.
  3. Looks great but I'm curious. Your synchronika already has the group pressure gauge on before the kit came? What's the point of this being there if there's no flow control. Not being funny just genuinely curious because I don't know.
  4. Looks lush. Fair play.
  5. My calibration was redone pretty tight recently. I'm up at 17 with this one, which is an area usually reserved for the darker roasts
  6. Not getting much acidity, so I'm chilling down at 94 degrees. Pretty coarse on the espresso grind (at least when compared to last month's LSOL!) 18-36g in 32secs. No specific flavours popping out to me at beyond general fruit yet, but it is a smooth one.
  7. Mine have arrived. Thanks. Love the label [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Buy an old Classic with no mods fitted (Pre-2015 models only!) Then do all the mods yourself so you can learn and slowly start to taste the differences that each mod makes.
  9. Thanks for posting this sort of stuff, Dave. It's really interesting to see and hear about all these new bits of kit coming to the market, and your early impressions of them. Even if you can't share too much, for me at least, it still feels like a little glimpse behind the manufactures' curtain. Much appreciated.
  10. Cheers. Thanks for posting the video
  11. Out of curiosity how much was the dose?
  12. I'm utterly useless at DIY and have no electrical experience. The Shades PID kit took me 3 hours to fit and I got it right first time. Fool proof. Great upgrade.
  13. Only just found these boys yesterday and put an order in. Oh, dear.
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