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  1. Looks good! What's sticking out of your cork for your WDT tool? I think I'll make one.
  2. I've gone bonkers for Coffee Compass' Malabar Hit blend. My go-to bean now. A little darker and spicier than the Rave signature though, if that's what you're into.
  3. I think the the Sage bean to cup things are expensive. Also, I read that the grinders on them are no too bad. So that might explain the decent latte. The temperature stabilisation issue is true of all machines in this price bracket. It is a pain when you're practicing but when you've cracked it then its not an issue. Steam output sounds ok. When the light is on the element is off and cooling. When the light is off the element is on and heating. Mine is always flicking on and off with the temp varying wildly between 129 degrees and 147. Not sure about your *ahem* everturning knob problem though. Not sure if it's just the knob rotating on the arm or if it's all going around (or if this is making any difference). I've not really used any other espresso machine but I think the learning curve is very steep when you're coming straight into a Classic. Don't give up, you can make it to the promised land. I'll try to record my machine doing a shot later so you can see some of the good stuff that is possible (after you've done your hard time at the steep end of the curve)
  4. I empathise with you. When I bought my Classic i wanted to throw it in the river and came close a couple of times. Even with my old rocky the results were sporadic with long periods when i just couldn't get a decent shot. I use to use a 15g basket with a Rocky and it was really hit or miss. This happened for years, off and on, until I got around (got the money and motivation) to doing a lot of the mods Here's a couple of things you could do cheaply or for free that might improve things on your classic: OPV mod. There's a pressure guage you can borrow on the 'Pay it forward' forum (top priority this one!) Learn about temperature surfing until you can get a PID Bottomless portafilter so you can see the extraction and try to identify the problems (channeling is hard to identified by looking at the puck post-shot) VST basket 18g - (although this might be counter productive in the short term as the VST is unforgiving with poor prep or a bad grind) Don't dose more into the 14g basket I don't really know why but I've been advised (by forum members) not to do this.
  5. I'd say the problem is your grind. You've got no idea how coarse or how finely your beans are ground because someone else is doing it. Your roaster can't see the effect on your extraction and can't adjust With any new bean there's a dialing in process for your machine where you adjust the grind setting to try to get the optimum extraction. This isn't happening with your beans because they're all preground. Also, what's your basket size? Is the dose correct for it? and what weight are you aiming for in the cup? I don't know anything about the Starbucks Barista grinder but I'd argue that the grinder is more important than the machine in a lot of respects and this is where your cash should be going.
  6. Gavin

    2019 Niche Zero in White

    @Flamingo - Nicked from @DavecUK's Niche review "The Niche Zero has the same quality burrs you will find in famous name commercial grinders costing £1,200. They are food grade 63mm conical burrs from a leading Italian burr manufacturer. A Mazzer Kony has the same size burrs, in fact Kony burrs from Mazzer would just pop right in. The specially hardened food grade burrs, last 70% longer than standard hardened steel burrs. This gives less contamination as there is less wear and hence the term food grade. Burr life is in the region of 750Kg of ground coffee (source: burr manufacturer), or around 20 years home use!"
  7. Gavin


    Filled up my Classic's water reservoir this morning to the 'Max' line. Immediately afterwards I got distracted by the children; I then came back into the kitchen and decided to fill up my Classic's water reservoir.
  8. Gavin

    2019 Niche Zero in White

    Sorry to butt-in on the thread...
  9. Gavin

    2019 Niche Zero in White

    @Flamingo I think Niche (Mazzer conical) burrs are good for about 800Kg. You'll likely never have to replace them. After the 10kgs Hasi's whacked in them they should be bedded in nicely as fresh burrs need a bit of time to reach their peak performance.
  10. You could ask @Nicknak to make you one. Check out my Niche Pimpin' thread.
  11. What a bargain! Great machine. This morning my PID classic with a Niche produced a shot that was so good that I almost shit myself. Why prosumer when you can classic and PID? (don't answer that I've not got permission to upgrade)
  12. Dang. I would have loved these. Reserve if badger doesn’t have then please? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Gavin

    Lighter Roasts

    Ah, apologies. I'm with you now.
  14. Gavin

    Lighter Roasts

    I'll try this. Thanks
  15. Gavin

    Lighter Roasts

    I went up to 21g in an 18 basket. which seemed to have better results. But someone above said not to do that.🤷‍♂️
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