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  1. Good shout. I’ll try grinding a little finer, slow it down a tad, it should knock a bit of the acidity out. Thanks 👍
  2. @Les996 I'm on the Fudge now. Dialed in on the 3rd shot at 18g to 36g in 30 seconds. It was great in milk but the acidity was a bit overpowering as straight up espresso, it might be my brew temp on my Classic though (currently 93). What temperature are you brewing Fudge at?
  3. Hi all, I’m trying to improve my milk drinks presentation. However my cheapy pitcher has a very wide spout so doing anything fancy seems pretty tough. is there a recommended milk pitcher out there? 350ml. Thanks, gavin.
  4. @Les996I'll have to try the other two next time, I've heard good things about the Fudge..........but the trouble is that I've fallen completely in love with the Mahogany Roast Jampit Hit from Coffee Compass (credit to @Rob666 above). Gone through 500g in just over a week!
  5. Competition spout in good condition. Thanks.
  6. Ha! I was waiting for this comment. 😂 I’m experimenting with the cup again. I’m sure I’ve noticed more channeling now I’m not going directly into into the PF. The holder will be back soon enough.
  7. 😂😂 it’s just an empty coffee compass packet.
  8. Thank you @MildredM!
  9. @El carajillo @Nick1881 @blankets Cheers guys. Thought I was losing it. I’m using an 18g VST Maybe I’ll go for an 58.4mm next to get more coverage but to avoid any suction that might happen with the 58.55 then.
  10. I’ve got a 58mm PF and a 58mm motto tamper. So why does this happen, with the coffee on the side of my PF and tamper? It’s almost like the tamper is slightly too small. Will if affect anything?
  11. @MildredM Yup. I usually use this sort of cloth to wipe the PF, the shower screen for retained grinds, any little spills or give the wand a quick clean after texturing. I've got a separate microfibre cloth, which I use to never clean the stainless steel.
  12. Wow. This forum is amazing. PM sent. Many thanks
  13. So my coffee rag is stinking and falling apart. It was an old tea towel the missus let me ruin. Is it possible to upgrade your towel? 😂 What do you guys use?
  14. Many thanks. Used it for their gift box. 4 x 125g coffees for £16 after the discount (including postage). Slightly more expensive than just getting 2 x 250g bags but a small premium for variety is fine.
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