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  1. Yeah I'm i could give this a try.. Manchester, is there any good training vids online
  2. Thanks for the replies guys I think ive got lazy useing frozen beans and not timing my shots Ive just received my new fresh beans today Mocha java Wahroonga (going to try first) Indian monsooned malabar So try to get 40g in 25-30 sec then adjust the grind to get less in the same time and see how i like the taste What is temp surfing?
  3. 1.Quite fine 2.Ive not been counting i will start again 3.very consistent I would say 4.i was useing some i had in the freezer for a few months ( how long can you freeze for?) 5.dont no how to check temp or pressure
  4. I only drink Americano with i litttle milk, How do you pull longer? Just leave it on longer
  5. Costa ive been useing as its a 5 min walk from my house
  6. Just they dont seem to put no effort into making coffee its the machine i no but are they programmed to stop when the shot is done? I like my coffee weaker rather than really strong About 30 seconds but ive not been timeing it no more got a bit lazt with it TBH And how much do there machine and grinders cost in them shops
  7. Hi i have a classic and eurek migon and my coffee don't seem to be great I normally get about 28g out of a 16 g shot and using rave Signature Blend When im in the coffee shop they do it really fast don't weigh it and just turn the machine on The coffee comes out good normaly better than home coffee
  8. I allso only use the weight of the tamper to push it down so not much pressure off my hard so i can tamper the same every time
  9. Better i got 16g in to 40 out in 25 seconds not to bad but getting the hang of it just adjusting the grinder a tiny bit at a time. It can get a bit messy making coffee any tips to keep it tidy the grinder is very good just adjust the grind a tiny bit at a time thats what I've learned tiny adjustments can make a big difference im just a total noob tho lol
  10. Yeh its really doing my head in end up in there for like 30min trying to get it right when i just want a cup of coffee... Didt realise how hard it was to get right I just settled for 16g in 45g out after 25 seconds made about 10 shots addjusting the grind a tiny bit at a time got fed up of trying How hard should i tamper down? How do i no how much to ajust the grind when i change beans I kinda thinking maybe i should of got a bean to cup machine :/
  11. yeh ive had that happen a few times choke ive been adjusting the grinder a little bit at a time i i just made one 26g in 30 seconds wow it tast really good no bitter taste atall but then 2ed choked i tried to make it the exact the same :/ then one more choked then ajusted the grind by a tiny bit then got was 38g in 30seconds its really hard to tamper the same then 27g in 30 seconds its a bit inconsistent i really have used about 1.5 kg in coffee and hours over the last 5days trying to get this right lol my first shots was horrible now i think back was like 100g in 25 seconds was really bitter was putting me off coffee lol im useing rave coffee ive used fudge, signature, the Italian job, Colombain, i got colombain in now.. Lucky i got quite alot of coffee lol Thanks for all the help i would be lost with out this site and ive read that guid that was posted thanks was a good read
  12. So i did a 35 gram shot in 30 seconds from 16 gram of coffee i been grinding the powder really fine then not pressing down hard with the tamper ive made a lot of shots trying to get this right thats the best i can get if the powder less fine and tamper really hard i end up with. 90 g shot in 25 seconds this is really hard yofigure out lol
  13. Yeh ive got a none pressured one from Amazon so whats the point of the pressured ones that come with it they take forever to fill a shot glass it only takes 20 seconds the coffee taseing better the more i make and the better i get at it how fine do i wamt to grind it? My grinder on setting 3 atm like a little gritty not fine powder is this right? how long do i pour the shot in?
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