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  1. iv'e upgraded quicker than expected to HX machine hence the quick sale, - Sage duo temp pro (used - average condition with some scratches) - Sage portafilter (with bottom drilled out to make it a naked portafilter) - Coffee distribution tool (modified for the sage machine by a forum member - rare tool) - Portafilter extender (put it on top of basket when loading larger doses, saves coffee going all over) - Bag of machine cleaning tablets etc.. (Should be enough to last a year or so of regular maintenance) 185 pounds posted, I can arrange shipping via ups.
  2. Thanks Dave purchased one looks great
  3. just a update guys after the posts I also hate it when the auction closes with bids on items but to be fair to this guy and my self I don't think we did a great deal wrong here and certainly not my intention to buy the machine from under any one as I was willing to spend more for a dual boiler and wasn't all that fussed about a HX the few bids he had on eBay was when it was a dual boiler !! he changed the listing to HX only after I I told him of the mistake he made in his listing he told me he would close the listing and thanked me for pointing this out and that he was going to amend and re list the auction as a hx I replied to ask him if he would consider a best offer when he re listed the item which he said he will and what price he had in mind which he said he would take £375 as I'm local and if I picked up today the new listing there was no bids !! If I made the full £375 offer he wanted the outcome would have been the same only eBay profited more the only difference was eBay made profit on £175 and not £375 but instead i made the best offer £175 instead and £200 cash only problem with the machine it rattles when pumps running it's driving me crazy and the green light won't switch on other than that its great and looks mint inside
  4. £57 from the espresso shop is there any cheaper? Thanks
  5. Where's it for sale Dave?
  6. Bit of a long shot but I'm after a E61 Group head thermometer
  7. I offered him £450 to start with but I realised it wasn’t a dual boiler so I revised my offer in the end I paid £175 plus £200 cash he told me he had been offered £400 and £200 for grinder but he told me that when it was listed as a duel boiler
  8. £375 with loads of extras Looks great so we’ll pleased
  9. Yeah I bought it well chuffed with it he through in loads of extras too I bought the Mazzer Mini of him as well
  10. Says it a dual boiler but it's a HX
  11. Looking for a dual boiler but out of my price range Great machine will keep a eye out over the next few weeks on my budget of £1500
  12. It was a impulse offer as i have niche on order this was just going to tie me over for the next 6 weeks or so It's tempting as it's a great price but I think I will just wait the 6 weeks for the niche good luck with the sale
  13. I’m interested could you meet Carlisle if I decide to buy?
  14. I would love a Vesuvius again my offer is £1475 delivered for everything
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