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  1. Hi Paul, I don't claim any expertise, but I made exactly the same Gaggia to Lelit Mara transition a few months ago. The Mara is a lot more powerful at steaming, and takes much less time. I've also found out useful to use one of those stick-on thermometer strips to get exactly the right temperature. And, of course, you need a quick burst into a cloth to get rid of the 'wet' stream before you do the milk. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  2. Many apologies to everyone who has replied. This item is no longer available. I somehow neglected to ensure that I would get notifications from this thread, and of course I should have posted that it was sold anyway. Sorry guys.
  3. A good-quality bottomless portafilter and double basket, it's scarcely been used and hence is in excellent condition. I think, but can't be sure, I got it from Happy Donkey. It's got a very nice-feeling ergonomic handle and is very solidly made. I soon realised that I was too lazy to do bottomless, and now the Gaggia's gone it will never be used. I'm asking for £20 including postage.
  4. Ah, as easy as that! Well I don't think I could have sorted it as quickly. I hope you enjoy it out enjoy selling it!
  5. Hi L&R, Accepted, providing you're on the UK Mainland and, as I realise you've done implicitly, you accept the risk of damage in transit. Shall we move to DM?
  6. I have a pre-Phillips Gaggia Classic, with an Auber PID including pre-infusion and steaming, OPV mod, a Rancilio Silva steaming wand, a brass dispersion plate, and an IMS shower screen. The only problem is that it overheated and blew the thermal fuse. I don't know the cause of the overheating, and I haven't tried to see if it works with the fuse bypassed, though I've no reason to believe it wouldn't. The PID still shows the correct display when the power is switched on, even though the main unit doesn't switch on because of the blown fuse. The reservoir had plenty of water in it and I didn't hear any choking noises from the machine. As discussed on other threads, I'm selling rather than fixing it because I'm no engineer and the PID makes it slightly more complicated. And because I had a rush of blood to the head and bought a Lelit Mara from Bella Barista. Prior to this, it was used every day apart from short holidays, but usually only once, sometimes twice. I kept it pretty clean. For many years I have only used Volvic in it. A year or two or so there was a blockage, which i guess was from a dislodged bit of historic limescale, but that was completely cleared by repeated descaling. Otherwise, it's worked beautifully. I'm asking for £100, but will accept offers. It's for collection from Brighton, or I will add £23.40 for postage by Parcelforce 2 day service, insured up to £100. Packaging (snug and secure) is free! And I'm throwing in the Happy Donkey tamper pictured. Payment by bank transfer.
  7. Thank you to everyone who's replied, it's been very helpful. I think I'm going to put this on the 'for sale' forum, so that it's all done according to Hoyle. I hope that's OK with people who've kindly mentioned an offer.
  8. This may be the lowest value item asked about for a while. My Gaggia Classic stopped working. It overheated and the thermal fuse went. Because it's got an Auber PID, and because I'm no engineer, I've decided that it would take me too long to fix it, assuming I could fix it. So, heart in mouth, I've bought a Lelit Mara new from Bella Barista. If and when it eventually goes wrong, I think I can trust them to guide me through what I need to do to fix it, as far as possible, even after the warranty expires. So, I've got a broken machine: thermal fuse gone, and an unknown cause of the initial overheating. The set-up is as described in my signature. Now, I know that these machines aren't very expensive even when working, so at best I could ask for only a small fraction of that for a non-functioning article. My question is, is it reasonable ask for money (to defray at least a few quid of my scarily expensive new purchase) and if so how much, or should I just beg someone to take it off my hands for free if picked up, or for the cost of postage? It would be a terrible shame to take it, with all those lovingly installed add-ons, to the tip.
  9. I've come to the conclusion that this is beyond me I'm afraid. I don't have time, to tackle it at the moment, and because I'm inexpert it would take me a lot of time. Time when I wouldn't be able to make my own espresso! So I've slightly impulsively decided to buy a Lelit Mara (gulp, that's a lot of money). I'm now going to go on the valuation thread to see who would take my poor Classic off my hands. Thanks to all who have commented.
  10. I should perhaps also add that there have been no recent problems, certainly none that resemble the current one. I have used Volvic for several years, if that seems relevant to anyone. Because of that, it's a few months since I descaled it.
  11. Thanks Tag1260. That's a good idea. The problem is I don't know what I'm looking for. I know some people on this forum get a bit impatient with people who don't supply enough detail in their posts; if there's anything pertinent that I've missed, I'll post the information as soon as you let me know what I haven't told you! Forestalling this so far as I can, I should probably add that the PID controls both the milk steamer and the pre-infusion, and that the machine is a pre-Phillips model. If there are too many plausible problems to suggest a shortlist of the most likely, can anyone suggest a sensible trouble-shooting process to go through for me to try to fix the problem? I'm sorry if the answers to these questions are already available on the forum, but if so I can't think of an effective search strategy that might accurately bring them up, so if anyone could point you towards them, I'd be very grateful.
  12. I'm summarising something I incorrectly posted earlier on the Gaggia forum. A few days ago, a few minutes after I switched it on to warm up, my machine overheated, from memory, to at least 160 degrees Celsius. This was the sort of temperature displayed on the front of the Auber PID unit, and this reflected the unwonted hissing noises coming from the machine. This then blew the thermal fuse (I presume, from advice on here and through googling). The Auber display faithfully recorded the overheating, and the subsequent drop in temperature, so fault, I infer, is neither a general failure of the PID or of the little Auber thermal sensor that attaches to the boiler. It could could of course be some other kind of fault with the PID. I should add that there was plenty of water in the reservoir and I wasn't aware of any Now I imagine some of you experts will say I should replace the thermal fuse and have a look at what's happening. That would be sensible, except that for a klutz like me replacing the fuse is not a walk in the park, and I'd need to buy at least some crimping pliers to fit it. So can I test your patience and ask if there are one or two likely candidates for the nature of the original overheating problem, and how difficult they are to fix, so I can get an idea of how feasible it is for me to undertake the repair at all? Thank you.
  13. Thanks Tag1260: the reservoir had enough water and I didn't hear any throttling sounds, so maybe it was the PID. I'm going to summarise this and put it on 'Technical/faults/how to's' forum where I should have put it originally.
  14. Thanks for the further comments. I'd need to replace the thermal fuse, which I've gathered is quite cheap but fiddly. There is nothing obvious that tells me what the original problem was. Does anyone have a view on what else might have caused the problem? It occurs to me that it probably wasn't the Auber temperature sensor attached to the boiler, since that was faithfully recording the rocketing temperature on the Auber box. Anyone else have any likely ideas? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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