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  1. Xbox now sold. Elite controller still for sale - reasonable offer considered
  2. Hi guys, It's been a while since I visited the forums. Hope everyone here is doing well. My wife bought me a new Xbox Elite as she thought it would make a nice upgrade. To be honest the controller is wasted on me and i've not used it. I've decided to keep the actual console and sell the controller. I live in NW4 London and would prefer collection. Xbox One 500Gb & Controller still have the box (over a year old) - £115 Xbox One Elite Controller as new - £85 (current selling price is £100)
  3. very smart - actually got a Rado Jubile that i've not worn in a few years and was thinking of selling. Good luck
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Already ordered it. Though if it's naff I may take a look at the Bodum mentioned by Froggystyle. I'm pretty sure it'll be fine though for my needs.
  5. hoping someone on here has something old they wanted to shift. i'll be patient for a little bit
  6. I wanted to include that into the price. Really don't want to push it over £50.
  7. That's £140 new - unless you know of something going used I don't want to stretch that far.
  8. Yes - Not looking for the best. Convenience rules here Just to clarify - it's the Hario grinder that will be going on sale and not the Mrs. Needs to be compact - nothing the size of the Iberital.
  9. Looking to buy a cheap used grinder to use with an aeropress that everyone can use. I have a Hario grinder that my wife can't be bothered with. Which will likely go for sale soon I'm happy to go up to £40-£50 including del. Otherwise i'll purchase something cheap n cheerful online.
  10. i've seen a business style Nespresso machine in a private office. I guess essentially it works the same way except the pods are a different shape and size to the consumer. The machine was a lot bigger too, though that may be due to the stand it was on. The good thing was that people couldn't bring their own pods (so would be forced to purchase yours) and also most people wouldn't want to take them as they are useless at home.
  11. just ordered a couple of bags of Mercedes for my B2C machine - will let you know how i go
  12. xmas14 code has expired. would love to place an order for February. Any ideas on a current code ?
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