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  1. Thank you for replying. Currently in Scarborough. Cheers Wuyang
  2. Maybe......but my offer should be treated with the same respect as somebody who can afford to pay more.....we all have different budgets and to ignore somebody....I don't think is good forum practice and only creates posts like this. A simple yes......no or what about a haggle, but to ignore.
  3. Has this been sold? Ive had no response to my offer which i made over a week ago yet you've been very active on the forum.
  4. Ill make a cheeky offer of £75 posted. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the lido and sold my previous ones because the adjusting ring can be challenging to say the least. Other thing I had with my lido 3 was the handle folded on me a couple of times when grinding. However still a bloody good grinder. Cheers Wuyang
  5. Mazzer jolly seams big at first, but after a while you really don't notice it, especially if the bean hopper is removed. Makes a good pairing with the gaggia.
  6. Never sunny when I lived there! I do miss the countryside around there though.
  7. The best travel mug I've come across are made by contigo.....buy the easy clean one. I take mine out walking or motorbiking......in which case you find these mugs lose most the heat through the lids so I put them in a nice thick glove, lid side into glove...works a treat. Loads of reviews on amazon.
  8. I'm liking your style . I'm somebody who suffers with my muscles, hand grinding for me is a work out, but I'll do it for as long as I can......incorporating it with something else certainly helps.
  9. I like the simplicity of the moka.....although I prefer stainless given nobody seems to know if aluminium is bad for you or not......I've got a lovely gaggia at home, but the aluminium boiler does make me think twice. I think mastering the moka is no different or less challenging than mastering any other high end espresso machine. I drink half moka half milk....and I love it. To me there is no right and wrong, just what works for you personally. Very versatile Raw bit of kit that keeps coffee real and affordable.
  10. Whats postage for something like this......in the uk
  11. What's the stemming capability of one of these like compared to say a gaggia classic? Also, what's the boiler made from? cheers wuyang
  12. As long as it's a technivorm you'll be happy. Look good and built well.
  13. I maybe way off.....but I reckon the technivorm gave a richer deeper coffee......you could still pick up the flavours if that way inclined, but I reckon the broader options of the behmor allowed for more fine tuning of your brew flavours. If it also matters to you what it looks like on the worktop, then for me the technivorm everyday of the week....the behmor in my eyes looked like something breville would knock up.....but each to their own. I think at the end of the day two similar but very different machines...the behmor being able to do a decent amount of volume and a small cup, but the technivorm only one cup. For me i would buy the technivorm, I can see the appeal of the behmor, but like the designer said to me it's not designed for small amounts and that's what causes the leaks. Unfortunately for me I had one that did spew it down over the controls.
  14. I found the behmor to leak water from the above tank over the controls. I was informed by the designer that it was something to do with a vacuum which was created when doing small volumes....one cup. Made nice coffee though.
  15. I'll gladly take you up on it and of course make a donation to the forum.I would love to set myself up once again. I'm living in Scarborough at the minute but visiting Sheffield next Saturday/ Sunday. Thanks Jonathan
  16. Ah sorry, missed that. I used to grind all my beans with my lido, but I sold that when I stopped having coffee and have just been buying ground recently. Think I'm going to start maybe roasting and grinding my own again.
  17. I can't lie I'm on a tight budget. I might get the popcorn popper out and try roasting again, but it would have to be something not too highly priced and not too challenging to roast. So any suggestions? Moka pot coffee and I like chocolate, nut caramel type flavours. cheers wuyang
  18. Right..sorry for the delay. Sainsburys......."RAW BEAN" proper coffee, Definitely Decaf, 100% Chemical Free, Swiss Water Decaf, Single Origin, Strength 4.....( says with notes of dark cocoa and walnuts). Roasted date printed on side. Enjoying
  19. Sainsburys..do a nice one I forgot its name, I'll check when I go down stairs. I've only tried it in a moka pot though. On offer at minute at £3.50....usually £5 I think.
  20. Can anybody chip in with their thoughts on this....it would be solely for one cup of nice hot coffee. I have owned both machines in the past.....I stopped drinking coffee for a while for health reason, but I'm now back on decaf. I did like things about both machines, but would be interested to hear other people's experiences. Thanks Wuyang
  21. After a long period of been totally off coffee for health reasons I am now back albeit on decaf. My equipment at the moment now consists of a stainless moka pot and French press, but I'm only using the moka at the moment, I sold all my other gear when I stopped. It would be great if anybody could shed their experience of the different available types of decaf available that they had tried and would recommend. I may start roasting a little again in my popcorn roaster ( i did at one point up grade to breadmaker and heat gun) so both decaf unroasted and roasted beans options would be good. Thanks Wuyang
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