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  1. 45cm x 41cm x 33cm, 6.3 kg It’s double boxed, exactly as it got delivered to me...original box is like new. Below cost of going via myhermes.....very easy to do. Delivery 1/2 days after posting is a few pound more.....pics of costs below. Don’t know your postcode so used random oxford code.
  2. I’ll check out box n weight etc and get back to you.
  3. Located in Sheffield. Sorry for slow reply.
  4. Anybody else got one to match their classic etc? I no longer own a classic, I’ve had a few and always done the steam wand conversion. At present I just use a moka pot as I prefer the coffee half and half with microwaved milk. Anyway a while back I bought a dualit milk steamer and I love it, ironically I prefer microwaved milk to steam milk with the moka...just tastes better to me, however I do a lot of hot chocolates for the family and the dualit excels at this. It would make the perfect partner to the classic in my opinion........it’s incredibly quick to heat up, literally swit
  5. Fine to remove thread mods. Cheers Jonathan
  6. Bought in May 2020.......had about ten cups out of this machine. It’s as new. Can’t use it due to my sensitivity to black coffee causing bloating and pain. Makes a lovely hot consistent coffee. I think the machine looks lovely and very retro. It’s the orange version. £100 plus buyer sorts courier, collection is fine. Jonathan
  7. It’s yours. Holding it is no problem. Pm when your ready. Jonathan
  8. Got a new Mazzer Super Jolly with hopper n lid, had it a while, in original box ( although a bit tatty), I’m pretty sure the the manual is there too. I do believe the tiny screw that tightens the hopper to the base is missing....probably a couple of pence to buy.....hopper does hold in without it. Its as new....unused Wanting £250 and buyer to organise/ pay courier costs....alternatively collection from S35 Sheffield. Jonathan
  9. Bought all my lodge off amazon a few years back, but not the Dutch oven. Great bits of kit. I be got frying pan etc, if looked after as good as any non stick and will last a life time.
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