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  1. Thanks guys, Settled on a Eureka Mignon, finish is not that great, but it grinds really well, save for anywhere up to 6g retention!!!, seen the tips on palming the throat of the grinder, seems to work well, have less than 2g now. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  2. Thanks Luke, It was good to meet you, hope you enjoy the Gaggia and have a great Christmas & New Year
  3. Is the sage any good compared to the eureka mignon and the mazzers?
  4. Yeah I know hoepfully Santa will get me a good deal on a Eureka Mignon, zenith or a Mazzer Mini
  5. Hi Luke, that's fine. I will PM you my contact details If anything changes between now and tomorrow, please let me know thanks Marc
  6. Hi lukej, sure first dibs to you, if the boss says OK I can hold on to it for you, let me know ASAP though please Marc
  7. Thanks DoubleShot, trying to payback to the community 1st post updated with some more info
  8. I ordered a couple also, handy when traveling
  9. Hi Guys, I purchased 2 of these (1 by mistake) during Philips recent 40% off promotion Delivery expected by EOD tomorrow (17/12/14) so if I havent heard anything I will return it. I either have to decline delivery or move on (at cost) £159 (see image) postage at cost of course, or collection welcome (SE London/Kent DA17) If you can let me know ASAP as I will need to decline one if there is no interest Many thanks Marc
  10. Thanks guys, shame I cant switch easily, but I have the skirton pretty well matched for the chemex so its not all bad. I'd rather not go too big for the grinder (if avoidable) have about 490mm clearance. I get my beans from hasbean last beans I bought were Costa Rica Finca Arbar El Manatial Yellow Honey Sumatra Raja Batak Honey Process Typica (all gone now) El Salvador Finca Nejapa Roma Red Caturra Washed (in use now) I also had the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe in the past.
  11. Hi, Been lurking a while, in fact posted in the newbie thread a few days ago. I am getting a Gaggia classic, and have a Chemex and a Espro press. Currently I use a Hario skirton, will this go fine enough for the Gaggia? I'd like something pretty easy to "dial in" so I can move between them, I'll probably do 1 to 2 doubles a day in addition probably 1 Chemex's or Espro's on Staurday & Sunday. I dont mind used, so long as they are not too tatty Been eyeing up the eureka mignon or the zenith 65e I'd like to stay south of £300 so the mignon is the best bet in the eurka range any help greatly appreciated
  12. Mine also, for delivery tomorrow. if anyone wants to buy the extra one, let me know, else I shall refuse delivery of it
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