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  1. mrsimba

    Rocket R60

    Not seen anything on this one before now, looks interesting though! Can't say the either the controller or 'support bracket' look like they spent too much time in the styling department tho!!!
  2. I would imagine they are concerned about the flow rate, if a small filter gets clogged up then the pump could be starved or having to work harder than it should.
  3. Looking well set up there!!! enjoy!
  4. Under Pressure Espresso in Sutton Coldfield always have workshop beans for retail sale - espresso 'cult of done' & a roast for brewed
  5. My worktop with the R120 & L1P 'side by side' is reinforced with 3 struts and some brackets all hidden away, and it has still bowed very slightly by about 4mm! not really noticeable as its behind where the machine sits but the weight of these on a counter top is not to be underestimated!!!
  6. Can't wait to hear how long the grin will last when you un box it!!!
  7. With mine connecting the male-male I just used a very short length of copper pipe and a compression fitting so it went - 90' push fit from filter - copper pipe compression - PRV - copper pipe compression - straight shut valve - coffee machine So you'd be looking like this -
  8. A brass socket will allow you to attach male - male fittings together - http://www.toolstation.com/m/part.html?p=24305 I'd probably take your existing T out and replace it something like this - http://m.ebay.com/itm/121449478656?_mwBanner=1 and then work your plumbing forward from there!
  9. roughest sketch ever but along these lines... obviously with shut off valves fitted before the washing machine & filter/PRV !
  10. From the photo think I'd be looking to remove the washing machine fitting and put another T in onto the existing T then you can connect the washing machine back 'in line' and take a line off the 'new' T for the PRV - if your fitting filtration you need to fit that first and then put the PRV in after that last in the line to the machine I feel feel your pain tho my existing plumbing was very similar and ended up taking a feed off the supply to the combi boiler which whilst requiring a few more meters of pipe was a very simple install requiring only a few fittings * also a straight spanner is prob not going to get into those fittings you really need something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Knipex-86-03-250-Pliers-Wrenches-Pliers-Wrench-In-A-Single-Tool-250mm-/381038670285?hash=item58b7acb1cd:g:1K8AAOSw3ydVphtq That'll make easy work of the job!
  11. Beauty! Great machine at a great price for someone here!
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