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  1. Well, just to update: Bella Barista - brilliant as always, just swapped out the machine for a new one - no more messing around. Many thanks to Jordan / BB for great customer service.
  2. My R58 is a few months old. After about a month i started to notice the pressure gauge showing eratic behaviour, accompanied by some sort of rattling noise when in operation (this machine is really quite quiet when operating normally) - its now making quite a racket by comparison. I took a video and showed it to Jordan at Bella Barista. Rocket apparently thought it was a pump issued, so a new one was ordered. When the machine got back to bella barista, Jordan couldn't replicate the pressure issue, but found a loose nut believed to be the cause of the noise. The issue was put down to mayb
  3. There is lots of mention of vintage Zassenhauses - but what about a new one? - this looks pretty good for about £125 at whittard and cheaper elsewhere if you hunt:
  4. I noticed that Taylor St baristas had them on as a guest espresso last week - in Mayfair at least. I tried it and it was pretty nice - although my coffee palate isn't really yet able to tell the difference in any meaningful way between that and their house blend..(Union Rogue) So if someone wants to try before you buy, maybe have a look in Taylor St if London based.
  5. Chinery was first in there for the free black steel and walnut knock tamper. He has kindly offered to put something in the forum pot, so everyone's a winner.
  6. mine doesn't have a screw, but i just use a teaspoon to lever it out - needs very little pressure and mine has a small lip which you can catch with the spoon; not sure if yours would be similar.
  7. If you are changing your coffees a lot, you may want a grinder with low retention. Some of the large conical grinders, like mine which is Compak K10 Fresh, are known for having quite a bit of retention. When you change your coffee, you need to "dial in" the right setting for that coffee which can be quite an iterative process. A grinder with a lot of retention potentially needs you to put through a double dose of coffee to get the effect of any grind setting change into your next shot. The implication of that is a lot of wasted coffee every time you switch coffees. anectdotally, if i buy a 250
  8. I have found the same with the black metal knock ones, and did quite quickly switch to a knock polished steel one, which are jolly nice. They say on the web site that the black steel has a higher surface strength, but i actually feel its a step backwards, as far as tamping. So, happy to let someone have mine for the price of the postage. was ordered as 58.35 but actually measures 58.05; I'd be more inclined to think that was sending the wrong one, rather than QC issues..
  9. Bender, I might be lying, but pretty sure I saw some baratza virtuosos, or certainly something very similar, in Prufrock in Leather Lane.
  10. This comes up here and there, but i haven't found any "with and without" comparisons. The K10 Fresh (certainly the one i'm using) has a bit of clumping going on. It's not the end of the world, but just wanted to get some thoughts about that rubber flap inside... what is it actually for and what are people's thoughts on removing it? Apparently, it is missing from some machines from the outset. Thoughts seem to be it is an anti-static device, or perhaps to help regulate dose. I'm not so bothered if the dose occasionally suffers, as i tend to weigh them all anyway. I can't se
  11. Hi All, My name is Nick. I've been enjoying espresso for years - or so I thought. The stuff you get in restaurants and high street coffee shops. Nespresso for home - did me fine. Until recently, when i've started to discover and seek out specialty coffee shops and noticed the complete difference. Federation coffee in Brixton first opened by eyes, followed by Taylor St Baristas and Volcano which is pretty near where I live. Espressos that tasted like they had 9 ingredients, not just bitter. Flat whites that tasted like they had sugar in, but didn't.. So begun a bit of an ob
  12. Agh - was watching this on Ebay - and wanted it - too slow!!
  13. Sorry - that last post was pointless - the thread goes way back - which i missed.
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