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  1. When I was was looking to do a mod on my super jolly (did the octopus funnel mod) I found afew 3d prints available online and was thinking small independent 3d printing business will be able to do it, so i sourced a local 3d printing business they quoted around £70 and collection available the next day. The down side is that it would be manufactured in plastic a couple of colours were available and I'm not to sure how it would hold with static. Just an idea I thought I would share if it helps anyone.
  2. A friend of mine got me a tomahawk stake dry aged for 48 days. Seasoned with salt pepper and garlic powder Only way to cook it is on the bbq (basted with garlic butter) let it rest, open it up. was so juicy and tasted amazing will need to make another one soon.
  3. Hi sam_d How did you get on? Is the machine hearing up? The red light indicates the boiler is on and under neath it is the blue light that indicates the pump is on filling the boiler. My blue light only seems to turn on when the boiler is emptied threw the hot water tap, so you could turn on the machine wait 15 20min (keeping it monitored) have a look at the pressure gauge see if its moved up turn the hot water tap in to a pitcher for afew seconds and see if you hear the pump kick in and the blue light turn on. Hope that helps
  4. Just in time can't wait to dig in
  5. bangit

    Eid Mubarak

    **EID MUBARAK** With the weather the way it is family will be round and will be having a bbq in shaa Allah lamb chops, lamb shish and chicken just missing a good steak (could kill for a wagyu steak atm) Mrs is still doing all the prep work bless her.
  6. Sure @Abcan pm me your details please and I'll have it posted. Thanks Adeeb
  7. I believe most people are using it with a gaggia classic, I used it with a fracino cherub. Its compatible with 3/8" thread spout connection. Mine was fine so no adjustments needed but you would look for the pressure to be between 9 to 9.5 bars of pressure ideally.
  8. Thanks @little_rob Received and finished using, ready to pass on to who ever needs it next. Just @ me so I'm notifienotified Thanks Adeeb
  9. Hi @little_rob Any reply from @dnic? Thanks Adeeb
  10. Got it yesterday but used it today, from h&m home, looks lovely but not the best feel when drinking from it.
  11. Hi @dnic please add me to the list after you've finished with it Thanks Adeeb
  12. Can't wait to try these thanks @BlackCatCoffee
  13. Not sure if this counts the naan was from local take away but the butter chicken was made 🤤
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