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  1. Not even sure I am in the right place , I guess you get used to how things were before but I personally think the new look Is terrible .
  2. I am guessing he has convinced you,that’ll he will convince me ,
  3. you've been in toffee chips company for too long , you are starting to sound like him
  4. i refrained from posting that , I didn’t think and suddenly realised how many were sitting round the table on Saturday night .....was lucky to get out alive
  5. Amazing day , new LR for one lucky person , amazing and selfless generosity , insane amounts of coffee. Conti machine lived up to all my expectations, all the usual suspects and more , great company . The chap turning up with the unbelievable again .seeing patrick fettling an EK , Dave trying to sell me said EK , John cleaning my machine having ice cream with my northern coffee sifu , putting faces to names , raves unbelievable generosity , not having enough time to talk to everyone , meeting some new northern friends ;~] and getting a badge .. explaining to hasi yesterday there is a reason we all drive German cars . did I mention they gave away an LR .?
  6. Always a good day if you get a badge , thanks Mildred
  7. Those wheels are proper lush , wonder if they’ll fit the caddy
  8. ill have yours then ;-)
  9. Sounds interesting my friend ;-)
  10. Thecatlinux

    O o h

    Good news
  11. Although I’ve never met you , you’ve always been a big part and even bigger voice on the forum , get well soon mate as this place wouldn’t be the same without your two penneth worth ;-)
  12. Surely time will give a perspective of how your pour is behaving , you couldn’t just rely on output as you can achieve the same output quickly if you desired . a ratio in a set amount of time was always seen as a benchmark , personally I would look at it as a ballpark, I would make adjustments to the grind and keep the output the same , once in the ballpark I wouldn’t get hung up over time . taste although subjective, is king.
  13. Why have I gained an asterisk after my name , am I set to win the star price .? Or are there conditions about my attendance? Mildly panicking:-/
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