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  1. You can do that, but that’s something else entirely, no the dowel can be used as a simple alternative to a tenon joint, with the mortise being provided by a simple hole
  2. You’re right to be unsure , they will have no strength , biscuits are for alignment not strength Dowel may be an option ,
  3. Only slightly , just a little facelift
  4. To be honest I have a little bit , I always used to look at activity stream on the previous incarnation and I haven’t seemed to find that yet . Been so busy my end which has made jumping on at breakfast my only option . Navigating here was easy as your message provided an alert. Let’s see if I can add a photo R
  5. Well I’ve managed to navigate back so here is hoping
  6. Well I managed to post , don’t know if I will be able to navigate back here though really stuck in my ways I guess but I can’t seem to see the usual post I used to pop in and read Any help will be appreciated most confusing I’m affraid , hopefully I will be able to find your reply’s
  7. I think it’s akin to a party where I know my friends are or were and now I can’t seem to find them , it’s the party goers that make the party not the venue
  8. No they won’t 🙁
  9. Ek is not on my radar at the moment , really surprised how the forum has changed , a casually of its own success
  10. Adverts littering between the posts , oh dear oh dear personaly I am a little disappointed
  11. Not even sure I am in the right place , I guess you get used to how things were before but I personally think the new look Is terrible .
  12. I am guessing he has convinced you,that’ll he will convince me ,
  13. you've been in toffee chips company for too long , you are starting to sound like him
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