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  1. Nice work buddy Just got to find myself an EK now 😂
  2. You can remove/forget this as I’m sorted
  3. Good coffee starts with good freshly roasted beans there is no reason to keep beans in the fridge , and the better the grinder the easier it is going to be (cheap secondhand commercial best £) weigh in weigh out or how can you repeat your master recipe . enjoy the journey TCL
  4. well Just put an ad up for a Stagg in the wanted section , if anyone is wanting to part with let me know
  5. hello looking to see if anyone wants to part with stagg EKG electric pour over kettle
  6. That’s sounds like something I would do 😂
  7. Thanks for the heads up , I may stump for the electric version as it seems no one has a bad word to say about it
  8. Sorry for delay , took me ages to find the thread ,(sure there must me an easy way ) Probably brewista off the list. seems like the stag might be the one that gets all the attention seem pricey but I like its looks I wonder if would the stove top work on an induction without much issue ?
  9. Just trying to see what the pros and cons of each kettle is , having not used them I’ve nothing to go by , dipping my toe into brewed at the moment and I’m loving the results , coffee is good .
  10. Electric , im sure you’re correct I have some gear here somewhere 😂Just trying to work at the differences that’s all how come whenever I ask something people assume I am on the hunt am I that predictable ?
  11. I’m interested in a pour over kettle at the moment , I don’t know if there is many differences between them I seem to remember brewista and bonvita is there much a difference between them .? any input would be most helpful
  12. Be careful with that axe eugene cheers Dave cheered me up 👍🏻
  13. Thecatlinux


    Could this be the beginning of the end ? Or just a realisation how fragile we are clinging on to this rock ? At least more people are washing their hands .
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