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  1. Manufactured 3/1970 ... Stripped, cleaned restored, made a new piston, bought the correct rings etc. Used it a couple of times to prove the concept and then literally shelved it. New home needed... £275 or part exchange/swap another spring lever machine requiring restoration
  2. Found this thread waay too late.. I restored a MK 2 last year (Mine built 3/70) There is something about these, it think it's the jeopardy of a combination of scalding water, Italian electrics and compressing that massive spring with such a small base area.
  3. Make that stands me at £120... the drawer jumped another 20 quid in the last few mins! Tries to hide smug grin.. fails A little more work on the lathe and I've cleaned the faces of the doser arms and closed the gap between them so the stainless plate only just slides through them, it now sweeps as near as darn completely clean over it 250ml Cocktail shaker lid mod now in the middle to reduce the build up in the centre..... Next plan is to figure out how to machine the bottom of the doser properly flat then find a way of bringing the sweeper arms down to almost contact the bottom.. This should eliminate the need for bits of tape to get a clean sweep.. Humm.. thinking cap
  4. After some hunting I managed to pick up a 2015 Mini at £166, great joy it also came with a huge knock drawer that's sitting confidently on Ebay at £26 with a day to go. Net, I've managed to score a late model grinder at maximum £140. It was at work in a small cafe the day before I picked it up so 'restoration' has been limited to a darned good clean and check. Pleased to find genuine Mazzer burrs which are still nice and sharp. The hopper looked to be the 600g one which is far too big for my kitchen so cutting it down seemed to be a good option. Much measuring proved the hopper to be more or less parallel for the first inch and a half. Marking it for the cut involved mounting it very carefully in the lathe and using its own lid to keep gentle pressure Even after some careful centring the amount of run out on the hopper was still too much (about 1mm) to attempt a cut with a tool.... Definitely a dig in and smashed plastic if it tried. Instead I dismissed the idea of a cut with a tool, removed it and set the edge of the tool holder to where I wanted to mark the hopper and then while running the lathe set the holder as close to the hopper as I dared without it touching. This allowed me to use the vertical edge of the tool holder as a rest. Finger pressure on a broken hacksaw blade held against the tool holder allowing 'bounce' as the hopper revolved meant that I could gently scribe the plastic as it rotated. Although the edge of the blade was cutting through the plastic quite well... I decided to err on the side of caution and complete the job by hand... little by little.. A quick clean up of the cut edges and bingo... lid still fits and its a far better size.. sorted!
  5. Sometimes a punt on the dreaded fleabay comes off... Perhaps it was something to do with it being in deepest Suffolk I don't want to gloat... BUT!.... It also came with a knock drawer which I've been offered £20 for, reducing the price paid a tad more.
  6. Stainless steel knock drawer Unknown make As best I can Measure with my schoolboy ruler 38cm long 30cm wide 9cm deep Some scratching to the top... Sides look good Sadly banned from the family kitchen £40 posted... Now sold... Thank-you
  7. Thanks for the replies... Stumbled across one at the weekend... Slightly more expensive at £160 but a 2015 model as new! The Cornwall one would have been perfect! Sods law
  8. I could spend the evening in the warmth of the living room watching TV, but where is the fun in that? I far rather be in a freezing cold shed with parts spread across the bench because I'm one of those (perhaps) odd ones who enjoys the rebuild as much as the result! Anyway... cut to the chase. Looking for a Mazzer grinder for a rebuild/restoration... Ideally a smaller model (a mini seems ideal) as: A... Space is limited B... If I bring another huge coffee related item into the house there will be hell to pay! I'm based near Peterborough but a day-trip out is always fun... What have you? cheers JT
  9. And it makes coffee... does it get any better than that?
  10. Oh dear.... The seals arrived yesterday... got far too excited, fitted them and buttoned the thing back up again. In all honestly though so far as restoration goes it's not really much of a task... 1. darned good clean 2. Replace the piston because the Alloy one was corroded.. 3. Clean the bore lightly 4. descale 4. re wire to UK standard... 6. change the seals Hardly the work of a mechanical genius... I'd love something larger and older to get my teeth into ... plan is to eventually replace the Fracino with a single group vintage lever
  11. Boxford for me as well... the VSL like this
  12. Update... It's here! All looked good but the Alloy piston was corroded, not really nice enough to put back in Here's the replacement half-way through manufacture
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