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  1. I read you can use rice to season, I tried, and yeah lets say think Ihad a close call. Maybe because I was using easy cook. Anyway I pulled a shot and it came out at a level 5. Seemed good, should I season maybe 2 kg first or should I just continue to use it as normal, im only using at home for the odd espresso at the moment
  2. Hey guys an update, the bottom burr was well worn, so we replaced both burrs. Also have descaled the Silvia with Puly and the group with Cafiza. Now just need to season the burrs. So far I have put half a pound through them, when I get more what do you recommend? 3 pounds worth?
  3. Done with that, burrs on grinder replaced. Now to season them
  4. I have almost finished the de-scaling. What was coming out was clear so probably was alright. Now flushing fresh filter water through. Then will clean the group with Cafiza. I used some grindz to clean out the grinder, (Rancillo Rocky) was thinking maybe I should learn my lesson from the last 2 times when it got stuck in the grinder. The zero point is at zero, but coffee is coming out of the grinder slow and clumpy, so will change the burrs today as well and re-callibrate. Wish me luck! Let me know if there is anything else I need to know
  5. I found it to be fairly cheap, got 5 sachets at £1 each. I was wondering if I have damaged the machine by doing what I was doing, gonna do a descale tomorrow then flush a tank of filtered water after
  6. Ive seen a video with the descaler and 3 quarter full tank. I dont have tartaric acid, and dont really want to spend any more. Just not coming out properly, considering need to change the burrs on my grinder as well
  7. I was just wondering, I had my Silvia over 2 years now, on 3 occasions I descaled it. I realize only now that I was using the wrong product, Cafiza to descale it. Will that have any affect on the machine? I have now purchased some Puly sachets to use, and will keep the Cafiza for its proper use, group head cleaning
  8. Thanks for that that is a great help. I am certain now the zero point is zero, as I was pulsing from 6 backwards and got the loud sound at zero. I ordered a new set of burrs, from ebay at £20 delivered, we had some difficulty getting them off before, either the screws were too tight or we didnt edge the burr carrier to get it off. I have seen dozens of videos on how to clean out a silvia, I mentioned before there was an issue with the water coming out, which sorted itself, I know this is the grinder forum, hoping there isnt an issue with that. I find it incredibly troublesome and time consuming to clean it out, especially as I only use the machine for espresso
  9. Sorry was talking about the grinder there. Yes that is also an issue. Unless I mve to level 11+. All this quarter turn so so stuff lol its confusing me. Thats stepless grinders for you
  10. No it is also coming out of the grinder slow, well after the first time we sorted it, then it was, the second time im not sure. Its hard to tell now. What I do know is what I originally said
  11. Its as close to zero as we could get it, again I dont think we know exactly, which is why we need it looked at
  12. Personally im out of my league here, I really need someone hands on to help me, as I said I will compensate
  13. I did think about getting new blades, but we checked them with the forum member, he knows his stuff. We agreed they seem fine.
  14. The beans are reputable. Also I do have coffee scales and shot glasses, I was using them to weigh what was going in and coming out, I soon got the hang of how much needed to go in, for me to have had to use the scales all the time would be too time consuming, time which I simply did not have or have now. I have used the same amount up until 4 months ago with no issues. I think its the grindz that done it, they got stuck in the grinder as I said, twice. Maybe even it could be my silvia, for a while it stopped dispensing water but we managed to sort that out. All I know is im certain it shouldnt take any more than 5-6 seconds before the coffee starts coming out.
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