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  1. Well, this thread escalated quickly.
  2. Hmm that's a shame, I do not use the forum often but when asking for help he has always waded in with much appreciated advice. Even to the point where outside the forum he has offered me to demo some of the kit he has that I was interested in (a coffee roaster at the time).
  3. Update: Ordered a replacement float from ebay and now it woks fine. Seems to me the bouyancy was still there so can only guess that the strength of the internal magnet has reduced - I did read somewhere else that the internal magnet can sometimes corrode within these floats.
  4. Thanks guys, I didn't realise how far down the screws were. I did find an article to see if shorting the connector can resolve the issue in the event that the sensor is faulty which will be next on the list to do. I don't seem to have an issue with the float as it seems bouyant enough and putting a magnet next to the screws doesn't make a difference. I've also ordered a float "just in case" but I suspect the hall effect sensor is faulty.
  5. I'm having the same problem again after a few years of perfect use, I'm curious about the above picture as I'm trying to locate the hall sensor in the event it is no longer working. Are those two screws visible if you take out the tank (as I can't see them) or do you need to take the cover off the machine to see these screws? Thanks in advance.
  6. I take it back, there is a Mettricks in Southampton - will give the place a try this weekend as was dashing through the place so didn't have time to stop.
  7. Merricks you mean in Ashurst? Really nice coffee from there. Coffee Lab Flat whites have an almost strawberry cream taste - very nice.
  8. Shout out to Dr Brew's in Bowness. Visited a few places and Dr Brew's definitely stood out in terms of a great cup of coffee. Ordered a flat white and the coffee did have a very unique almost dark treacle taste. Decor is also very steam punk - worked really well; other plus point the space is very spacious - no attempt to cram as many chairs/tables in as possible which is always a bonus. Flat white from Dr Brew's by Mark Barnes, on Flickr
  9. The menu is unhelpful and fiddly with some bizarre logic between what is available on the dials and having go through a stack of menus to change a simple setting. Also the fixed lens is a pain too which is a revelation when coming from DSLR/Mirrorless kit. However, when it works - it works extremely well and also with the fixed lens it does make you think on how to frame a shot.
  10. Nice middle of the road roast (not too medium, not too dark) is Jampit by Coffee Compass. About £20 per Kilo.
  11. If you don't mind fixed lens - grab yourself a X100T/F weighing in at around 450/500g. Takes a bit of getting used to if your previous kit was DSLR or Mirrorless but is pretty capable.
  12. Hmm do you drink it or smoke it, asking for a friend.
  13. If Darker roasts are your thing - try the Mahogany Jampit especially if you already like the Jampit. Out of the two, the mahogany roast is my favourite (but only just). Surprised they don't do 1KG bags to be honest.
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