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  1. Ok. Thank you I was just testing my limited knowledge. :-)
  2. Just out of interest am I correct in thinking that this would not fit a gaggia classic?
  3. Am I ment to contact you or ? Just wondering :-)
  4. Just a new group head gasket for my gaggia classic.
  5. Could be interested. Don't mind waiting. Thank you.
  6. Recommendations on where to purchase a 49mm tamper for my europiccola Thanks
  7. Hardyboater

    49mm tamper

    Anyone got a 49mm tamper they not using for my recently purchased la Pavoni. Thanks Dave
  8. Thanks Martin. Was great to meet you and coffee was lovely. Machine safe in my kitchen :-)
  9. That's very nice. I'm not not far from you by the look of it.
  10. Paper clip. Ordinary no custom job here :-)
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