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  1. Forgot about Hart's. Good call.
  2. It's 10 minutes walk to Full Court Press or Small St Espresso (both excellent). Baristas is a bit closer but I've never been.
  3. http://www.makeandbrew.co.uk/ Maybe not the 'speciality coffee' they claim, but it's monmouth coffee (I think) made pretty well! Definitely the best in southampton that I have found..
  4. If it's not too late to change the order.. You might get on better with the max 600g version, as it will allow you to weigh the cup + espresso as it's extracted - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Smart-Weigh-SWS600-Pocket-Digital-y/dp/B00GS8LWIW/
  5. Jon V

    Emergency beans

    AFAIK, coffee no1 beans are supplied, but not roasted, by clifton coffeee (though this may have changed)
  6. Jon V

    Emergency beans

    Best ones all closed until next year unfortunately..
  7. Jon V

    Emergency beans

    Good suggestions, thanks. Yeah, regularly go to Full Court, Clifton Coffee, etc but all shut until the 4th AFAIK. Gusto is a good suggestion, thanks for that. Also Amazon Prime has Rave Signature in stock but not sure how fresh that is..
  8. Thanks to some bad planning I will run out of beans in the next couple of days Any suggestions for decent beans for espresso that I can either buy in Bristol or have posted this week. Most of my usual choices are shut until next year..
  9. I've visited Bond St Coffee in Brighton (related to and with coffee roasted by Horsham) which was excellent
  10. Visited Two Magpies a couple of weeks ago thanks to this this thread. Had a flat white & cake, and thought they did a very good 'traditional tasting' coffee. Recommended if you're in the area.
  11. Other good roasters in bristol include Clifton Coffee and Roasted Rituals - both worth trying. And if you're visiting then the Full Court Press and Small Street Espresso cafes are well worth visiting.
  12. I appreciate the help - thanks. Interesting, greenm, that you also have some unevenness on the burrs and are struggling with extractions. I'm particularly concerned about the large 'piece missing' in the middle of my second pic.. To me it seems like this and the other problems would have to have an effect on the consistency of the grind. What I'm generally finding is that my shot times etc are consistent and pours look decent but i'm getting tastes of under and over extraction in the same shot, and have to run the shot over a longer time than usual to avoid under extraction.
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