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  1. Could I have the code if possible please. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
  2. I bought these as I thought they would be a perfect swap on my San Remo SR50A grinder, turns out they are slightly different in size by a millimetre or two and therefore will not fit. Turns out I think I need a 63mm burr set rather than 64. In an ideal world I would love a swap for the right burrs but would just like to receive what I paid for them which was £26 delivered. Would like to leave the possibility of a swap open for 24 hours until accepting the first offer if that's allowed. Thanks Tom
  3. That would be great yes please, I bought a set of o rings from Screwfix which weren't a perfect fit. It fixed the leak but I wouldn't mind putting the correct part in at some point.
  4. Hi Craig have you carried this out? Would you happen to know the part number for the new o rings? Thanks
  5. Thanks for that Craig, will take a look tonight.
  6. No, but we have extremely soft tap water. Machine is descaled regularly.
  7. Morning guys, Having a few issues with my DB after a couple of years of faultless service and regular maintenance. I set the machine to come on every morning so normally everything is nice and preheated, however this morning I noticed that the 93 was flashing and the surface temp on the top of the machine was noticeably hotter than normal. I am going to try a full boiler descale tonight see if that helps. Just wondered if you guys had any other suggestions. Thanks Tom
  8. Hi guys, I have been using the DB for a few years now and have kind of got stuck in a rut with regards to turning it on in a morning and churning out average shots. I have been using rave coffee through a Mazer SJ mostly so I am happy that the coffee is fresh and of a good quality. When I first got the DB I played around for a while I got the pressure set to working at around 7 bar. What do you guys normally pull shots at? Any tips or suggestions to brighten things up would be welcome! Thank you Tom
  9. You can find plenty of info throughout the forums. The quick answers are: 1. 58.4 tamper works a treat. 2. Classic naked PF does work just doesn't line up straight. Just make sure it's locked in good and proper. 3. You can reduce the brew pressure by setting the preinfusion time to 60 secs and lower the pump pressure percentage to whatever you want. All available in the manual.
  10. Sorry to hijack the thread, I was hoping a kalita user could help me out. What are the dimensions of the filter? I am particularly interested in the diameter of the flat bottom section. I bought a dripper from a store called blue bottle coffee in US and neglected to buy the filters. I am sure the 155 will be the similar but was hoping someone could help me out as can't seem to find online.
  11. If being ultra picky on the eBay one, the bit that sits within the PF is too deep, so when you remove it, you're left with a large ring where the funnel has been. But like I said, it's decent and great value!
  12. I have one of these they are decent. I tend to use the 3D printed one purchased from Whitey.
  13. Prepare yourself for Tim Hortons and Dunkin Donuts. I never had much spare time when I was there, but a really good flat white was hard to come by, let alone a roaster I could get too in the little time I had. That was 2 years ago so things have hopefully changed. I always had an aeropress, porlex and beans from home to keep me going.
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