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  1. Hello Sorry cant give you the 'one pack of beans' reccomend, but there are few good places, to buy and try. Also depends which area you have time to visit. In farringdon area, definately take a look at Prufrock. It is one of the only shops to stock a range of beans from several roasters. They have the whole Squaremile range, and usually two other guest roasters. The guests are often Tim Wendleboe, April, Coffee Kolective etc. Origin roasters are pretty good - brances in Shoreditch and Southwark. The Southwark branc in near Tate Modern, if your visiting, and also makes much better coffe than the Shoreditch branch. In the West End near-ish Oxford Circus, there is a branch of Workshop coffee, which sells their range of beans, coffee is ok, their Bond street Branch makes better coffee. Also nearer Oxford circus is the terribly named Kiss the Hippo which seems to get positive feedback recently. If you are in trendy Hommerton, then definately try check out Dark Arts cafe [ not open all days of week ]. They roast and sell their beans, and also have a great cafe with really good NW style brunch. Dont be fooled by their name, their beens are not dark roast. Have fun
  2. They are no longer in business, at least in London. Apparently they were found out to be melting down cheap industrial chocolate as a blend to make up their very expensive fancy bars of ‘single origin’ chocolate . . . . . . so I heard.
  3. IThere used to be a hipster chocolate shop in London called Mast Brothers who did. They used a HG-1 grinder to grind cocoa nibs, then used a siphon brewer to make a really quite extraordinary hot chocolate ( water based ) quite savoury, but very delicious. So it is possible, but probably not with a machine you would share with coffee, also probably best to freeze the nibs first.
  4. Hi I went to Barn Berlin recently, and instead of decaf they were serving a low caffeine varietal bean called Laurina. Tasted good, . . . . . unlike their service ! https://thebarn.de/collections/beans/products/laurina-lowcaf
  5. If your in London and want a decent Lever espresso which isn’t charcoal Italian roast, try a visit to Lanark in East London. The guy there used a 3 group Victoria Arduino levee ( as used by Gelym Davis ) with an EK43. Beans appear to be preweighed in individual portions ( Darkarts coffee ) Seems to be fine with moderately busy times, and coffee is always very good.
  6. Hi after a long time I have discovered the problem ! i read somewhere it can be caused by the piston head being loose. I took the lever apart, and indeed the piston head was loose. Screwed back on tight, reassembled, and now the shot volume is back on target. Now I have increased dose back up to 15g, getting 30+g brew weight out ! Great
  7. JKK

    Poor Mans EK

    It is a copy of the Kalita Nice Cut grinder. Which in itself is a smaller copy of the Fuji Royal R220 grinder. The Fuji is quite decent for a small grinder, and has a choice of two types of grinder burrs. Here is a picture of the burrs of the Chinese grinder.
  8. HI Seems that the uber-hip american Blue Bottle coffee are expanding in Japan. They opened in Tokyo a couple of years ago, and are now opening a very nice looking new cafe in Kyoto in a coverted traditional house. If you are into architecure or Japan or both have a look at the link http://schemata.jp/blue-bottle-coffee-kyoto-cafe/ The cafe in Tokyo is allways packed, usually with asian tourists, coffee is aveage. Strangely they use Baratza Virtuoso domestic grinders for their pourover, tsk tsk !. At least the new Kyoto branch looks to have an EK for pour over, although using Mazzer espresso grinders feels a bit old school in 2018 [ Myhtos Ones seems to be the choice for most UK cafes these days ] PS. Blue Bottle are now owned by Nestle = Nescafe = Nespresso = Babymilk scandals https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/feb/01/nestle-under-fire-for-marketing-claims-on-baby-milk-formulas I will check it out this summer, and if my lazy mood improves I will report back. -jkk
  9. For my experiment I'm not sure it matters what the actual pressure is. More the fact that when the boiler coils are switched on by the Pstat thign, the boiler is rising to maximum pressure, which would then presumably help push as much water as possible into the group.
  10. Hi Yes, the one with the sight glass and gauge. Although if you have good ears you can hear the Pstat switch on with a non-gauge machine.
  11. Hi Thanks agian for the comments. I have tried 14g, which does make a difference - I managed to get 26g out which is a new record !! I then tried marking the piston with a pen, to find the exact lever position height before water flow. This enabled me to lock the portafilter in, with minimum extra air gap as the lever rises for water inlet. This gave me shots of 30g,29,27g, & 30g . I then tried timing the lever lift with the p-stat switching on, so efectively getting max water pressure with water inlet. Interestingly this gave an increased shot volume of 35g and 37g. So a combination of lower dose, minimum air suck from lever lift, and timing the shot for highest water pressure seems to get the maxium shot output. I finally tried making the grind coarser, which resulted in a 41g shot ! But the 30g shots tasted better
  12. Hi thanks for the comment. I am not a fellini type either, causes chanelling etc, it was just to point out there is room above the puck for much more water than I am currently getting with a normal lever lift. Do you think the piston needs adjusting ? Regarding beans, definatley not oily, thank god !
  13. Thanks for the replies. Here are some further comments. Grind size - I use the same coffee with same grind size and the shot volume varies, without change in grind. 10sec Preinfusion - This is what I am doing already. Dose weight - I'm not sure this is the issue, if I use a mini Fellini move then I can achieve a consistent 25g shot from 15g dose. By "mini Fellini" I mean, pull up lever let water in, close lever a fraction then lift lever again.
  14. Hi I have a Milenium Pavoni, and find that the shot weights are rather inconsisitant and a bit low. I am aware of the fake pressure thing, and always bleed the steam wand into a jug of water for 30-40 seconds after filling. For a 15g dose of consistant beans, I get anthing from 17-20g out. I am aware of a mini-felini wiggler on the lever, but I feel it damages the puck, as pours from this method always chanel, so not keen on that solution even though it gives larger and more consistant shot weight. Should I adjust the p-stat for slightly higher pressure, currently the dial hovers around 0.6-0.7 bar ? Any thoughts appreciated.
  15. Try Bulldog Edition at the painfully hip Ace Hotel. [ on Shoreditch high street ] If your drinking espresso based, so long as you ask for double shot, their coffee is very good again recently [ after a while in the wilderness ] Origin, as Nod mentioned is usually very good, two choices of beans for espresso, they also serve carfully brewed V60. Not super far from Shoreditch station, is a new bar-based coffee experiece from Clipson & Sons at Spitalfields market. I thnk they have some mad new cold-brew nitro gizmo whatnot coffee too.
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