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  1. Amazing thread! It is about agreeing cheap scales work just fine and it seems everybody agrees but at the same time a significant amount of people try to get a code to buy a bit cheaper the most insanely expensive scales! Love this!
  2. Is it possible to have the contact also?
  3. Dont forget another huge market: supermarkets, bakeries, kiosks, etc that have a permanent coffe stand and “baristas” are loosely trained but have excellent machines and grinders usually supplied by the roasters. Lots of those here incouding with Lineas and great grinders. This grinder is ideal for them.
  4. To get serious: This is a great grinder for the candidates Mr Boots described. And many more: another family member that will not weight, distribute and tamp precisely. We are talking 10 seconds to grind and tamp, this is huge. And so this is also in my opinion is a great grinder for 70% of the cafes that have baristas that do not know what they are doing. It will really help them in disttibution and tamping. There is a very thorough review in HB and comparison with Monolith and grinding for 60 persons for 3 hours. If links are not allowed to other forums, I will delete asap.
  5. But does it have a built in tamper? [emoji2]
  6. 1.6k euro without vat is the retail here. Yes it is too much. But it is surely a good robust grinder.
  7. My point is if you manage to get from one from Germany it would be around 2k GBP max. Still 1.7k gbp used could be a good price for some. I would never post this if it was a forum sale.
  8. Why though? You can get a new EK43S for 1900GBP and this was though very brief online search. https://www.roastmarket.de/mahlkoenig-muehle-ek-43-s-schwarz.html
  9. La Marzocco Swift Mini https://international.lamarzoccohome.com/en/product/la-marzocco-swift-mini/
  10. Trying this now. Construction feels superb and very high quality.
  11. Machine has been delivered. Also trying the new LM grinder. App is quite cool, I will try to post photos later.
  12. So far I have found these also: https://www.mahlkoenig.de/products/e65s-gbw http://simonelliusa.com/Products/va-mythos-2.asp
  13. Yes. And I think they are also built like a tank
  14. Mahlkonig E80 is jnteresting. Not sure about the E65 since I already have 2 flat 65mm grinders - I would prefer something with bigger burs. Mahlkonig Peak should also work and it should be an easy no non sense machine. Fiorenzato are used a lot in cafes here so I will research them. It seems many many options these days and all should be capable to grind at a top level.
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