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  1. Is it possible to help me understand when it is time go change burrs on a zenith 65e? Is it based on shots, or there is a more scientific method to design if I have to change them?
  2. charris

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    The CCM663 or CCM663RD (low depth version) is actually our go to inceiling speaker for proper multi-room speaker when there is budget and we combine it with rotel multi-room amps. It is also our "starting point" for the 3 front channels for inceiling home cinemas although I have to say for surrounds and height (atmos) you can certainly use something of lower quality if budget is a concern. People that think sonos is not a good system cannot believe their ears when we demo them a multi-room system that uses B&W CCM663RD, Rotel RMB152 and Sonos Connects. Source for now it Tidal. We have even done some multi-room systems with 700 series but then it starts to get ridiculous price wise. If you worry about sound leakage the B&W offers the BB6C backbox which is compatible with all 6" and 8" 300 & 600 series speakers. In the 700 series all the speakers come with their own backboxes. Photo below of a 9 zone system we are finishing with sonos connects and rotel amps. The connect amp is used for the surrounds in a sonos 3.1 zone since the connect cannot be combined with the sonos soundbar. Speakers are B&W CCM663RD and a few AM1 outside.
  3. charris

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    Just saw this. Simce you have a front gypsum wall let me tell you this: Surround speakers are not as important as the 3 front, go for inceiling ones. For this setup if you go for the B&W CI700 e.g CWM7.x for the front then you can get amazing sound and you can use cheaper inceiling speakers from the CI600 series for surround. It is ok not to for inwalls for surround although if you want to do tru atmos which I really suggest you need to have 2 inwall surround and 2 inceiling at least depending on room size. Again we need a budget though and room size and layout.
  4. charris

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    Budget is also extremely important. But also room size and room layout. For example if your budget is 3k than I would suggest to go for Sonos/Heos Soundbar, their sub, and inceiling surround speakers. You said you do not want a soundbar because you want to have a clean look for the tv but this can be arranged also. Have a look at the Leon Tonecase for the Sonos Soundbar: https://www.leonspeakers.com/tonecase/tcfit/ Picture also further below. For 3k-4k it would be difficult to beat this setup with a receiver and inceiling speakers but the most important this is that this setup works with the tv remote and your wife does not have to use the receiver remote or a universal remote. If you are budget is 6k-8k then you can get an amazing setup even with inceiling speakers. If the room is big then go for 4 surrounds For example: Amplification:Marantz AV7705 & Rotel RMB-1585 would give you an amazing audio. If you want one box then Denon AVC-X8500H or Denon AVC-X6500H or Marantz SR7012. These can be expanded in other rooms for audio using Denon Heos wireless speakers. For good inceiling speakers the B&W CI700 cannot be beaten. Models CCM7.5 or CCM7.4 for this 6-8k budget with the amp. Also as mentioned Inwall speakers can give you better sound than inceiling. If you are ok with aesthetics then you have to tell us what material are the walls because if they are brick walls you have to use inwalls with special backboxes and your buidler must prepare this. Also wall depth is important. Same for ceiling depth. Something else you can do that will beat all above is to get two nice floorstanding speakers which will look good e.g B&W 703 or 704. Since you want clean look you would not want to use the 700 center speaker but what you can do is create a fandom center speaker using the Marantz/Denon receiver. For surround you can go for inceiling. This setup will give you the best sound and can be done properly for 4-8k depending on equipment quality.
  5. charris

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    By the way a thread with some photos from some of our projects - quite old - for inspiration. Home Cinema, Audio-Video and Automation Picture Thread https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=6813&share_tid=17745&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcoffeeforums%2Eco%2Euk%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D17745&share_type=t
  6. charris

    Audio Enthusiasts?

    Sean just post a few photos and I will tell you all the pros and cons for everything mentioned. Also please define a budget. I do this professionally for almost 15 years and I can help you.
  7. Testing today the “top of the tange” Devolo Magic 2 Lan ethernet over power adapter. First impression is not good. One of the 2 rooms that I am sending ethernet get around 60-70 mbit/s and worst of all it seems the connection interrupts every now and then. The other room gets 200mbit/s which is ok but still below the thoretical/advertised 2400mbps.
  8. A bit late to this but I thought it is worth posting since I do this for a living: 1) The best solution is to pass a cat6 cable and then just add an access point. If you have other devices that need cable in the shed just add a network switch in the shed or buy an AP that has an additional ethernet port (if you only need just one extra wired device 2) A strong router/AP does not improve the situation much. Think of wifi as 2 people throwing a tennis ball to each other. A stronger router/ap antenna will be able to through the ball further but then the laptop/camera/wifi device will not be able to send it back. 3) For sure get an AP that supports 5GHz and AC standard. Also it should support band steering so that it sends the devices that support 5GHz to that band. 5GHz is much faster i.e supports much more bandwidth and is more tolerant to interference BUT the range is stronger. Don't be surprised as the internet speeds to the home increase to be needing an Access Point in each room in order to reach the speed you are paying for. We usually use the ac range from UBNT or Pakedge/Ruckus when we need the best possible. 4) We have not tried - professionally - ethernet over power like the one you own but I plan to try them soon for some very difficult retro installs. Still though we expect to have problems in 3 phase power housesBest brands are Devolo, Netgear and maybe TP link. 5) Something else that you can you try is mesh wifi like google wifi or eero. UBNT Unifi also supports this but the setup is more complicated. Again nothing will beat wire (Cat6) and it would be the best solution in the long run.
  9. charris

    Songs Play 5

    We have mentioned it with doubleshot in lots of threads: it is very difficult to beat Sonos for multi-room audio. I actually think it is kind of cheap for what you get and compared to other systems. And you can actually design high-end multi-room audio systems or single high-end room stereo systems based on Sonos as well.
  10. Yes but a bit differentl : For anything less than 3k for 5.1 we usually go with a sonos soundbar and a sub. For rears 2 x play1 or connect amp with inceiling speakers For 20k usually it involves motorized screen, motorized projector lift, nice 5.1, tv behind projector screen, hdmi baluns, rack hidden far away and surely automation to make it easy. But 20k media rooms do not come often enough unfortunately.
  11. Wrong dates. I thought this was updated recently
  12. David, at that price isn't the Brewtus (Leva) the "best" choice? If you buy it in Euro you might even have some money left for a grinder . I guess another option is the Sage DB.
  13. David, are you sure? I think both the Zenith 65e and the Olympus are commercial grinders. Maybe not for extremely heavy use but certainly for any small cafe. I actually know of a couple of places that use zenith 65e. I do not think the home and prosumer market is big enough for Eureka to be interested in with the zenith and Olympus.
  14. I can help gladly on both wifi and hifi
  15. charris


    What are you controlling? 4 rooms which already have thermostats - is this underfloor?
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