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  1. The newer EK43 and the EK43s have their burr carriers made in a different prozess which must be just a bit quicker. Long story short, the shear plate doesn´t fit inside completely like it did before. it is touching the inside of the front plate with both ends and that is where the noise comes from. (most likely) take a file and just take that 1-2 mm off. Another thing which could be responsible for the chirping, the burr carrier is touching the stationary burr, then you need to align the stationary burr radially. Losen the screws of the stationary burr and do it like shown in this video.
  2. I am pretty sure that it is the shear plate touching the front plate. Take out the shear plate and file it till it is level on both ends coming out. There was a similar problem here: https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/new-mahlkonig-ek43s-chirping-not-holding-calibration-t56789-10.html
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