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  1. The newer EK43 and the EK43s have their burr carriers made in a different prozess which must be just a bit quicker. Long story short, the shear plate doesn´t fit inside completely like it did before. it is touching the inside of the front plate with both ends and that is where the noise comes from. (most likely) take a file and just take that 1-2 mm off. Another thing which could be responsible for the chirping, the burr carrier is touching the stationary burr, then you need to align the stationary burr radially. Losen the screws of the stationary burr and do it like shown in this video.
  2. I am pretty sure that it is the shear plate touching the front plate. Take out the shear plate and file it till it is level on both ends coming out. There was a similar problem here: https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/new-mahlkonig-ek43s-chirping-not-holding-calibration-t56789-10.html
  3. We are running every grinder with 12v, not sure if that works for you, but that would be a normal car battery. You could get a cheap Versalab for $1200US, invest another 600€ or so and you have a good single doser.
  4. We sold them 2 different alignment tools and even after a month wait and + 5 emails, never received the payment. So from my side a loud and clear, NEVER AGAIN.
  5. Yes you can, but mainly by luck, in most cases the burr carrier is the MUCH bigger error source. If you go for the sanding method, you just transmit the error of the burr carrier into the case. You cannot align the moving burr by layers / shims, also the marker method doesn´t work for the rotating burr. A lathe machine is the only possible way to fix the burr carrier / alignment for moving burr. It is not a big deal to do so, ask your local machining shop. 2nd biggest error source are the burrs, in 3 or maybe even 4 out of 10 sets it is just not possible to pull a proper shot without burrs touching, of course after stationary burr + burr carrier running better than Is it because of less fines? Or the burrs are f***ed? slightly different geometry? No idea, but it is the burrs fault in that case. Regards Frank
  6. This sounds like something is wrong with the static wiper. Did you take of the funnel to have a look inside? It shouldn´t touch the burrs or anything. I also have an aluminum funnel left, it is coated on the inside. If you pay for the shipping, then you can have it for free, but first check your static wiper. Cheers Frank
  7. Yes I think it is the geometry in combination with the speed (lets say some dozen RPM more or less). I know the impact of RPM and I am sure you too. I was talking to Ben Kaminsky some month ago in Copenhagen and he told me, there are bars running the EK´s even a bit faster, or feeding the beans a bit slower with a turkish burr carrier or even the poppy / grains burr carrier because it produces a more uniform output. I haven´t seen any ojective data, other than you suddenly need a more coarser setting for the same fow rate because The EK grinds a bit finer when the beans are fed slower. About the MAX, I also have no idea and haven´t seen any objective data.
  8. Just keep in mind, the reference grinder EK43 spins with 1400 RPM. This has the most uniform output of all grinders. The faster it spins with EK burrs, the more uniform it will grind in that case. (there will be a limit at some point of course)
  9. Hi, Yes, it is kind of normal for the "S" version. Some even make a real jolt. BTW a vertical video is perfect in that case.
  10. Yes, it is even a bit cheaper. 1930€ +19% VAT and around 95€ shipping. Revised burr carrier (espresso, or filter) and alignment of stationary burr is another 220€.(optional) Regards Frank
  11. Just a little side note. These parts have been purchased by someone who didn’t care for aesthetics, it was just about function. We do not sell separate mountings for the EK43 to get this „Versalab“ dosing working on an EK. The hopper, nor the mounting plate has a proper finish. Also this dosing tool doesn’t fit on a Titus and we do not sell parts separate. We would never charge 880€ for this, not even 400€ to be honest. I don’t care for how much you sell your stuff, but please don’t mention me/us with these fairy tail prices.
  12. I gave one away to a coffee forum member for free, exactly to let everyone have a go with it. I don’t remember who it was, I will have to check when I am back home. You guys should have one alignment tool to just check and send it to the next EK43 owner. It has a real impact when you compare the shots (before and after) in addition the better performance doesn’t cost you a penny.
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