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  1. @DavecUK Yes it's sold ex-VAT, I emailed 30 Coffee and they confirmed that plus detailed a 1 year warranty (shipping required back to Poland, free return to UK from there). Tempted but ultimately still feel the MaraX in the UK for the same price is the better option (I personally value an extra year of warranty at around 10% of a list price). Comparing the MaraX and the Elizabeth is still a case of diminishing returns as far as the result in the cup is going to be (as someone who has only just recently learned that you should brew light/medium/dark roasts at different temperatures!),
  2. @DavecUK https://www.espressounderground.co.uk/Lelit-PL92T-p/pl92t.htm Read earlier in the topic and 30 Coffee in Poland, if you're okay with importing, have it for ~£900 after shipping and import duty/VAT.
  3. Yeah, it's definitely an option. I guess the question is if you could have a brand new MaraX with 2 year warranty or a used Elizabeth, with some scratches, with 1.5 year warranty for a similar price is there much between them?
  4. I've got a Mignon Silenzio with a single dosing mod (smaller hopper and bellows). Actually got the mod yesterday and very impressed with it so far. @DavecUK A new Elizabeth can be had for £1040 so would go there rather than used. Nothing against used, usually buy that way in fact, just the price is so close. Minima - again, price.
  5. Cheers, will contact them too. 30 Coffee came back already and answered all my questions, £900 seems a silly price for the machine. Gosh, I'm going down a right rabble hole here! I'm still erring on the side of a UK purchase with 2 year warranty, less unknown variables and potential issues.
  6. €1100 = £1140 once UK VAT is added ☹️
  7. Interestingly I've just found an Elizabeth (and MaraX, similar price) here: https://30.coffee/lelit-elizabeth-pl92t-the-new-double-boiler-machine-of-the-vip-line It works out at just over £900 after UK VAT (no import tax because of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement).
  8. The MaraX I found was £899 and the cheapest Elizabeth (and other other UK stockist that has stock) is from CoffeeUnderground at £1041. At £140 that's still nearly double the jump from my budget of £200-250 - it's within reach if I'm honest but unsure the benefits would make it a worthwhile purchase? With E61 machines the maintenance is known to me now, and I understand they are fairly easily to fix if there is an issue. Is the same true about the Elizabeth?
  9. Oh for sure, I would almost certainly consider making the jump to a higher machine than the MaraX if a. we weren't seriously considering moving out of the country in 3-5 years time and b. we had a lot more counterspace in the kitchen. I came from a Sage to the Mara and I did a lot of reading on what the Mara (HX) does and how it functions, but not a lot of reading on the other alternatives. I think the endgame would be an all-bells-and-whistles DB machine, or at least something less "antiquated" than the HX format, but right now I'm very happy with a HX having got to know it. It's been good tr
  10. Right now I'm not using cooling flushes, I'm getting a desired brew temp by using a small fan to cool the group down to a target temp on the group thermometer and then pulling my shot after a small temperature rebound, as detailed by HowardSmith in his own thread (it works for me but it's a bit of a faff and requires a bit of micro-management in my workflow). I've only had my Mara 3 months, bought it from the classifieds here. I think if I can upgrade for £200 then the additional warranty, subject to their new rules at BB as you say, plus the other upgrades is probably worth it if I'm pla
  11. Perhaps that wasn't a good analogy for not needing a dual boiler, but IIRC most of them fall outside of my budget which would still discount them either way? Also footprint is a big deal that I didn't mention - we have a small kitchen and the size of the Mara is about as large as I can afford. Appreciate the points you made above, I too think I'd be fine. So overall worth the money in your opinion?
  12. Pretty much my thoughts so far is what you posted above! Interesting on the temp management - what do you mean by working with rather than against? Further points to note to decipher decision better: Max budget is £2-350 away from what I'm likely to get for selling my Mara, it would be my only upgrade in all likelihood (famous last words!) It's only me that drinks coffee in the house, usually flat whites (circa 175ml milk steamed each time) and I make 1-2 cups a day The machine is likely to be owned for 3-5 years before we potentially move and at that point it woul
  13. Wondering if I'm overthinking this or not, I have the chance to sell my Mara and buy a MaraX for an uplift cost of around £200-250. If I'm correct, these are the benefits I'll get from doing so: Brand new 2 year warranty (9 months left on my Mara) No need to manage temps via flushes or fanning the group More energy efficient - not sure by how much? Quieter pump Sharper looks (in my opinion) Are there any glaring omissions from that list? I'm torn as to whether to twist from what I have and know or make the change based on the cost...
  14. I usually drink blends as a matter of "convenience" so that I can get a tasty profile into my espresso shot to either drink as is or in a flat white. I haven't gone down the rabbit hole of SO coffee yet... I do wonder sometimes why SO beans are often 20-30% more expensive than a roaster's blend when they often used the same quality (score-wise) in the blends.
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