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  1. I agree. I suppose you know what you're getting before you go and see a John Wick film, but I was actually really disappointed by the lack of a story line or anyone putting in even a mediocre acting performance. Also I thought the vast majority of the fight scenes were nonsense and a throwback to bad old days of action movies were it would be 10 baddies against the hero and they would all take it in turns to attack him, remembering to bring a sword but forgetting the gun. If I was to be (very) kind , I'd say it was pure action in an early John Woo style ( think Hard Boiled) but without the Hong Kong backdrop, I must say I've never been a fan of action movies though.
  2. That's a much more realistic price. I'm glad you're happy with the machine now. I might take my Classico into them if I'm around those parts anytime soon.
  3. With regards to the steamer, that doesn't sound right at all. The Heavenly is a really good steamer, it sounds like there's something wrong there. Also, £300 for a half service ( whatever that is ) is well off the mark unless you're being quoted for postage both ways, which can be expensive, especially with insurance. Can you not speak to a local cafe and ask who they use? If you consider aesthetics as an upgrade, then maybe the Apartamento would fit the bill, but it isn't going to be an improvement in taste on a fully working Heavenly.
  4. Is there any point in cleaning it regularly? If it has virtually zero retention and the small amount that fills in nooks and crannies never exchanges, what's the point? I could understand if the oils in a coffee coated the burrs and they needed a thorough cleaning but when I've seen videos or comments on this aspect, people seem to only be using the pastry brush, which will do nothing except dislodge the coffee that would otherwise never make it into a brew. I understand the need for regular cleaning of machines and portafilters ( I did mine today ) but the lack of a need to do this with the Niche should be a great selling point shouldn't it?
  5. I'm not at all sure about this. People generally are much more savvy about coffee now than they were even just a few years ago. The sort of people who have enough interest in coffee to have some sort of real preparation method at home (not the ones who go to Starbucks once a week for a big, sugary, milky dessert), are no longer interested in novelty drinks. I'd have thought that sort of thing had it's heyday between 10 and 20 years ago.
  6. If you're bothered about the colour, there's a couple of standard refurbs for less than £200 with 12 month warranty on the website you linked to. They're pretty basic machines, but have been around for yonks and for the money are a decent bet. Unfortunately I don't know if this guys refurbs are good or not as I've never dealt or heard of him. The description is a bit vague. It talks about him fitting PIDs and various other mods but this doesn't seem to have any of those, not even a decent steam arm, just the change of colour, which obviously won't appeal to everyone. With regards to grinder, if you want electric and can save a little more £200 gets you into used Super Jolly territory. If hand grinding is your thing perhaps a used Lido E could be picked up for £120?
  7. That's a very good price. They're around £800-to £900 now and aren't competitive at all. I bought my Classico 3 years ago for less than £800 and it's now around £1500. Absolutely bonkers.
  8. I own the Niche and it's great for espresso and pourover ... But ... I also own a Wilfa Svart that does a great job for the money with any sort of filter/pourover grind. So much so, I still us it for V60 and leave the Niche for espresso. If you're happy with the SJ maybe the Wilfa would be good for your wife's coffee. It would save you around £400.
  9. I wish roasters still used the brown paper bags.Often recycled paper, biodegradable and no need for a plastic valve, I always thought that was the best compromise. I realise they are far from ideal for long term storage, but with all the info on the internet it' not hard to find out about more suitable alternatives like the airscape, as has been shown here. The foil/paper combo bags I've had have been the worst of both worlds and often upon opening have split, spilling beans everywhere.
  10. I'm in the dog and hat subs and that coffee needed to go a lot tighter than average.
  11. With regards to the taste, it's sometimes quite difficult to express exactly what you mean. I moved from the Pharos to the Niche. Both are large conicals but I was surprised how different thy taste. The Pharos wasn't inferior in any way, but I didn't like the tatse as much as I do with the Niche. It was often too fruity and sometimes left a weird taste in any milk based drink and was less forgiving with espresso, resulting in a lot of sink shots which I now very rarely get. To put this in more accurate words is beyond me, I just know what I like. Describing tastes is fine for you, but other people won't necessarily benefit.Most people who aren't veggie eat beef for example, but to describe it's taste would be difficult.
  12. I don't think you'll be disappointed by that if you bought it second hand. The MC2 in particular gets a bad rap on here these days but if you purchased second hand, when you come to sell you'll get your money back, so basically a free loan. It's loud and basic in the looks dept but will allow you to learn the techniques. The weird thing with espresso is that the more you pay, the easier it is to get consistent results with you equipment, meaning that if you decide to upgrade as long as you don't choose the pressure profiling or lever route then youre good to go off the bat. Even if you do, you'll have a good understanding of what you need to do to get the results you want.
  13. I agree with both you and Dave. Yes, fracino's customer service varies from quite good to shockingly bad, but the parts under the bonnet are mostly generic, which is one of the things that appealed to me when I purchased the Classico.
  14. I love Gruner Veltliner, especially from Stadt Krems winery, but in my limited experience with the reds I've found them to be fine quality, but in the UK the price never seems competitive. There's always something similar ( although not the same grapes, just similar style ) available from a better known region for a few pounds less. It's the same with Swiss wine unfortunately. They both have very decent wines, but lack the promotion of their unusual grapes and a realistic price point.
  15. Don't forget though, that genuine Blue Mountain coffee will cost you anywhere between 4 and 10 times the dog and hat beans, so not really a fair comparison. I've not seen any Dalat coffee. Most of the Vietnamese beans are cheap robusta. I'm assuming yours are different?
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