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  1. Personally I'd walk away from this. It's eight years old and the guy can't service the machine himself and isn't likely to be able to sort something as simple as a leaky steam wand otherwise he'd have done it before sale, so how does he know that there is zero limescale in the machine? There may not be, but it's unlikely that he knows that, as it hasn't been opened up for four years. It doesn't look like he's likely to budge too much on the unrealistic price either. On top of that, a jammed on/off switch and a leaky steam wand do not equate to perfect working condition.
  2. It's every bit as easy to clean as the Classic, if you're having trouble finding specific info for this machine, just google "e61 hx" or similar as they all work in a very similar way and often use the same generic parts. It has a steel boiler which many prefer and claims to have a stainless steel body which is good. Is there a reason you've decided on the Isomac without being able to find much info on it?
  3. That's an intelligent and coherent comment and I don't agree with all of it, but it was well put. In regards to climate change though, if by that you mean global warming ( a lot of people use the terms interchangeably ) then there are no legitimate anti consensus views. The planet is warming and at an alarming rate. That is scientific fact. The debate, if there is a valid one, is around how responsible we are for what is happening. To the planet isn't warming when it is proven beyond doubt that it is, is something akin to saying the Earth is flat when it isn't.
  4. The thing with the word Paki is that it has been used as a racial slur for decades. It often isn't associated with Pakistani's at all.It's a catch all racist term to describe anybody with brown skin and an Asian/Middle Eastern/ North African appearance and is often levelled at people who are as English as I am. Aussie is a term of endearment for (specifically) someone from Australia. How much of your opinion is based on educated and informed research and experience and how much is simply what you've read somewhere on the internet? I ask because you mention foreigners being bumped up the queue for housing. This is classic right wing propaganda that you are either ignorant of or are compliant with the spreading of. Foreigners don't get bumped up the waiting lists, families do. By law they have to be given either permanent housing as soon as needed or temporary housing for a short period until permanent housing is available, so immigrant families are a priority just like British families. Single adults from abroad tend to get housing quicker because if you say to the average Londoner, ok, we have a flat for you but it's in Hull and we'll give you £100 to relocate, they'll often laugh and carry on couch surfing, whereas someone from Syria is much more likely to say " where's the nearest train station". They have no roots here, so it doesn't matter to them. They won't have even heard of Hull. It's the same with homeless English people. People say they should get first dibbs on housing but unfortunately a big percentage of homeless people aren't at a stage in their lives where they could be given the keys to a property and lead a happy life. They need a lot of support from trained professionals to make it happen and the funds and infrastructure just aaren't there anymore. Your average asylum seeker is very capable of looking after their selves otherwise they wouldn't have made it here. It's sad that the funds aren't there for the homeless, but that's government cutbacks fault, not Johnny Foreigner.
  5. I honestly thought that clip was going to have a twist at the end, but no. It didn't have any comedy either. That's the thing I don't get with peoples attitudes to young people these days. I find them to be much more productive and able to utilise technology effectively than most older people. And I speak as someone who is closer to 60 than 30.
  6. I really don't like it when young people are called snowflakes for showing compassion or concern or older people called gammon purely for having a view on Brexit that doesn't fit there's. I think intolerance of other people and their opinions or beliefs has got a lot worse since the referendum and it comes from all sides. I live in a town with a large Asian community and it's noticeable when I go to my gym which is almost exclusively Asian, that people are more insular and less likely to strike up a conversation with a non-Muslim now than they would have been 4 years ago. It sometimes feels that people need to pick a side, even when they don't want to. We definitely live in a more divided society.
  7. I'm quite happy to not have an opinion on things I don't understand, but a lot of people feel I should take one side or the other. Take transgender issues for example. I have no experience of it in my life and don't wish to judge others, therefore I don't really have an opinion on whether people should have access to gender neutral toilets etc as I'm ignorant aand don't understand. Both of my children aren't happy with this and tried arguing with me the other day as I wouldn't agree with them. I find it a bit odd that you can agrue with somebody who doesn't feel informed enough to have any opinion at all. I can't blame them though. People who didn't know me as a teen would laugh now, but when I was much younger I was a political firebrand, member of the Socialist Workers Party whilst still in school and then in my very early 20s probably the UK's youngest FOC for a union, so my kids were never likely to be shrinking violets. It's all my fault.
  8. The Fracino Ariette, Classico, Heavenly and Cherub don't need a cooling flush. In fact the head engineer who I spoke to was insistent that a cooling flush was a design fault by other companies. I think I'm right in the Londinium doesn't need one either? I read Rocket ( newer models )was another, but a few people on this board disagree with that.
  9. Oh, i see your either just spamming . Never mind.
  10. Hi Judy. Most members on here are in the UK and I don't think either of those machines are available here. There is a US based forum called home barista with lots of Canadian members. It would help either us or them to know budget and space limitations and to remember that if you don't go for some kind of pod or bean2cup option, you'll need to factor in for a grinder, pre ground won't cut it on an espresso machine.
  11. Yes, but it won't be heating for 30 mins, just the amount of time it takes to boil a full kettle and then 6 or 7 sec bursts every minute or so.
  12. You won't beat a Sage for start up time. As others have said, get a decent, stable machine and the grinder will make more difference to the taste. I don't own a Sage, but the dual boiler especially, isn't the toy it may appear to be and some very experienced users are happy with theirs . Most criticism is around either a perceived or real lack of availability of parts for repair and servicing. You could use a timer for any of those machines to warm them up ready for use. If you're not willing to do that, I'd rule out any E61. If you leave it alone and don't flush, you'll be looking at a good 30 mins warm up time.
  13. The Londinium is my dream machine, but at the moment though, that's all it is. If I ever saw one in good nick for £750 I'd linking my credit card to paypal in a flash.
  14. I'd go for Kimbo really. It's the least evil of the 2
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