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  1. I wonder how you got your Dog&hat sub so early. Mine wasn't even despatched until yesterday.
  2. I don't really have a problem with this if it's just one grinder. If he's buying up stock and depriving people of a place in the queue, that's something else. He isn't forcing anybody to part with their money though. I once had a watch that had a bit of a cult following. A short while after it was released the design was changed very slightly and surprisingly my version became very sought after. I sold it on eBay and got a lot more than I paid for it. I suppose the difference was I put it to auction and presumably all the bidders where happy to try and get it at a price that they thought
  3. Absolutely fantastic news mate. I've had a truly terrible last couple of weeks, but this made me smile. Congratulations.
  4. Since you bought your espresso machine do you single dose? Do you carefully weigh out each of those doses? Maybe even try out a few tester espressos when you open a new bag, before feeling you've got your grind right? Try doing any of those things during the busiest hour of the day in a commercial premises and you'll see your queue slowly melt away as they lose patience with the hipster who doesn't think he's a hipster and go somewhere more efficient, leaving a really shitty review on Tripadvisor to boot. This isn't meant to be sneering or patronising but do you think maybe you're chasing
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but why do so many people say Sage are non repairable? Are they withholding parts outside of warranty? Have they deliberately designed it in such a way as to make it impossible to service? Both of these practices would be very underhand, especially in the repair and recycle world most aspire to live in these days. They must be at least part hand assembled so I don't understand the difficulty
  6. Getting back on topic ... I own a Niche. I'm very happy with it, but it isn't the only option. Coffeechap mentioned his review. If I remember rightly and without putting words in his mouth, he thought the Niche was good and had it's place, but he also thought that commercial grinders that he could find for the price second hand were much better quality. I agree with this. Grinders like Majors and Roburs are built likw absolute tanks and go for peanuts second hand. The downside is they are massive, heavy, ugly and often dominate a kitchen. You'll also need to be ok with tools, but in the e
  7. I don't think you need to. I remember your original review and I thought it was very fair. Nothing can be all things to all men. I love my Niche but even now, after two years of ownership, I still don't like it aesthetically. You simply pointed out the things you didn't like compared to the used commercial grinders you could get for the same price. Just the fact they were being compareed to these £1000 plus grinders was a compliment to Niche.
  8. Not memorable, but not terrible either. If he's a fan of whisky and you want something different I'd go for a Japanese. Nikka from the barrell is really good and a 500ml bottle comes in at around £40. I few supermarkets have it in their more swanky branches as well. Other than that there's one or two others that sneak in under £50 but they do have a reutation for being expensive. They're not a novelty either, they're very well respected.
  9. I don't know whether this guy is a troll or just somebody who doesn't realise how many experienced people and engineers there are on this site, but he's incorrect about the Tim Wendlboe coffee. Mine has just arrived in my dog&hat sub and it's about as light as you can get without it being underdeveloped and grassy ( filter roast). Definitely Nordic style if you believe that exists. I've just stuck some in the Niche and it went through it in exactly the same way that it always does. I didn't drink it because I don't like really light espesso, only filter, but it looked as it should. I
  10. I've been using the Niche for almost two years and have no problems with light roasts, in fact I've some coffee coming from Tim Wendleboe tomorrow and I'm sure it'll be fine. If you are Italian, are you familiar with Gardelli's coffee? I'd consider them to be on the darker side of what I'm used to, so most of it is pretty light, especially if you're comparing it to the old fashioned charcoal that passes for coffee from most Italian roasters. You'll get "enough flavours" from those. Unfortunately those flavours will be burnt rubber and stale cigar ash.
  11. The only experience I have with them was a few years ago when they had a special offer on Fracino machines, I think it was around Christmas. I emailed them and asked if they'd be willing to hold the price for a couple of months. They emailed back saying no probs and I managed to get the money together sooner than I thought, so rang to sort out the purchase. When I rang back, he said there was a mistake, but would do me a machine at cost. He then quoted me a price that was over a hundred pounds more than CaterKwik were retailing it for ... I didn't bother taking them up on the offer.
  12. Which roaster is that Gilly? I can't make it out and don't recognise the logo.
  13. Loads. Most common commercial grinders can be modded to give low retention. Things like Super Jollys and Majors will all fit under cupboards without the hopper. If you want new though, with your requirements the Niche is the obvious choice I suppose. If you like light beans I wouldn't recommend the Pharos. I have one and it's hard to turn with really hard beans and has a lot of static.
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