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  1. People who don't check in on this forum regularly won't know anything about Niche's reputation and just see "Indiegogo" and the alarm bells start ringing. Many (most even) who have backed products on that site have been burned.
  2. I understand your concerns but in this particular case I think you'll be fine. I was an early backer and had quite a wait for my Niche. When my delivery was due there was an almighty balls up on the part of the haulier and my Niche disappeared. The haulier had no idea where it was and tried to just fob me off by saying I needed to put a claim in with Niche. When I contacted the lady at Niche she was extremely professional and sorted it all out for me. I ended up waiting a couple of extra days on top of the few months I'd already waited, but she instilled loads of confidence in me that she'd get it sorted and she did. I think now that production has moved to China there's no wait, you pretty much order and receive in a conventional way.
  3. It's a shame you're in Ireland, this forum would be a better place to be looking. Maybe put a post in the wanted section, but stipulate the machine needs to come from your locality. You never know.
  4. Thanks again for the recommendations, we ended up going to Episode One and the pour over as very nice with friendly staff as well. I'm over again on Thursday, is there anywhere near Leeds Arena for good craft beer, preferably that's open late?
  5. The vast majority of decent coffee in Colombia is exported straight out of the country. Just go with whatever and enjoy the experience.
  6. That's a nice, neat job and less hassle than other solutions, but bear in mind that it won't actually stop pop corning, it'll just reduce the distance the beans jump and stop you from viewing it. I can't remember the reason why, but Dave definitely said to never spray the beans before grinding. There's no need to anyway as the Niche has virtually zero static, which is one of the best things about it. I used to always put a couple of drops of water in with the Pharos but have never done it with the Niche. Can you get free delivery with any US Prime product if you have UK Prime? How does customs charges work on more expensive items?
  7. Oh. I'll keep an eye out for them. Northern England has really got a buzzing craft beer industry erupting at the moment. I can't think of anywhere else in the world that has so many micro breweries springing up. I live in Bolton and there must be 6 or 7 within 5 miles of me and I know Leeds is a pretty exciting place for beers at the moment as well, although I'm only familiar with Northern Monk (excellent). I'll keep an eye out for Ridgeside. I'm staying over with the missus and my other daughter towards the end of the month for the Chemical Brothers gig, so may find somewhere to sample them then.
  8. Thanks for that. You don't work at Northern Monk do you?
  9. Thanks and yes, I was looking for somewhere near her home because it's a bit of a nightmare to drive around the city centre and I've not been well recently so not really up for a massive hike.I'll look into North Star but would imagine the parking may be a problem though. My daughter isn't much help. This is her second year in Leeds and she still doesn't really know her way round. The good and bad thing with Leeds Uni is it's so big it's almost self contained. Other than a few trips into town to clubs and the weekly shop at Aldi, she's never really left the campus, plus now she's out of her first year and has left the halls of residence, she's moved right over the road from the library, so she's even less reason to get out and about.
  10. As above really. Is there anywhere decent within walking distance? My daughter has moved into a flat straight facing and I need to pick her up tomorrow and was thinking maybe to go for a coffee before heading home. There's a lot going on locally with a good craft beer scene, so I thought the same may hold true with coffee.
  11. Good luck with your treatment mate. I remember that thread and contributed several times. I pretty much disagreed with everything you said but liked the way you kept it civil. It would be a boring place if we were all the same. Again, good luck. I've had health problems myself recently but I can't even begin to imagine how you are feeling.
  12. Wow. That was quick.
  13. It looks like you have the opposite problem to me. I've got loads of counter top space but not enough cupboard space.
  14. Good advice above, but if you do upgrade rather than sidestep, you'll probably need to upgrade your grinder to do it justice. Fracino Cherubs are sometimes available for around £300 second hand but I wouldn't bother with Ebay, there's too many abused examples. Get your count up and check out CFUK sales section. I don't really see much point in a side step for the sake of something new, although maybe the Sage is a slightly better machine. Personally, I'd upgrade properly or pimp what you've got.
  15. It's a HX machine, but unusually doesn't need a cooling flush. Fracino see that as a design fault. If you just leave it to heat up on it's own, 45 minutes is about right for it to be good to go. I have a grouphead thermometer in mine and was surprised how long after it feels hot that it actually reaches optimum temp.
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