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  1. Thanks for that. I actually have a bigger basket but never thought to try it. I’ll give it a go and let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi I haven’t posted for a while as I have been having reasonable success with my Rancilio and Mignon. With a coffee dose of around 16g in 25-30 secs with 25g or so in the cup, the coffee was ok. Not too strong. Lately I have been trying to follow the recommendations on the coffee suppliers packaging ie 18 g in 25-35 secs with 34-40g in the cup and things are all over the place. Sour tasting coffee with dark areas on the shot. I have experimented and can’t get back to normal. What am I doing wrong? I have replaced the burs on my grinder recently, and have cleaned the group head thoroughly and replaced the gasket, but am wondering if my Rancilio at 5 yeas old is past it or needs a service. i would welcome any advice. I am thinking of upgrading my machine to a Lelit heat exchanger model. I would appreciate any advice.
  3. Tried that and best pull for ages. Thanks a lot. Could you advise on the effect on the coffee taste when you use a fine grind and light tamp v coarser grind and heavy tamp to get the same quantity out?
  4. Hi Mrboot2u. Thanks once again. Good advice. My portafilter basket is the Rancillio 40-100-102 which I understand is a double, so I will now try 14g grounds yielding 42g coffee and let you know how it goes. I also find the timer on my Mignon unpredictable.
  5. I have been using my Rancillio machine with Mignon grinder for some time now, but with unpredictable results. I find I have been confused when looking at articles on the web which seem to offer differing advice. I have been using 14g coffee in the large rancillio basket, but extracting only 25g of coffee which means the grind has had to be fairly fine. The extraction time can vary from 20sec to 50sec depending on the tamp pressure which is hard to control. Looking at an article recently it looks like the ideal combination should be 14g extracting 50g coffee (most of these articles are American and they talk about an ounce which I presume means fluid ounce i.e. about 30ml). This seems to yield more predictable results but there is something wrong with the taste. It's too strong and the quantity excessive if I want to make a single cup. It also has a dark granular crema which may mean that my machine needs cleaned. Everyone seems to advise not to use the small basket. My milk foaming technique is brilliant though. Any advice would be welcome. I read Mr Boot's articles which help, and I like the consistent weight measuring technique.
  6. kedo

    Coffee cup

    I presently weigh 25g of liquid coffee into my cup using scales on the drip tray of my Rancilio. I'm sure this is not the regular way. I wonder if you can buy a regular cappuccino cup with a ridge or line at the 25g level. I am also finding it difficult to get consistent pressure and the delivery time varies from 15s to 50s from the same amount of coffee. I aim for 25s. Advice would be appreciated.
  7. kedo

    'Shot' definition

    Thanks all for clarifying that. My wife asked for a double shot today and you could stand a spoon in it. I think she got 2 lots of 14 grams! When you go to Costa for instance and ask for a small cappuccino, the cup is enormous and even with a 14 gram double shot it tastes nothing like a traditional cappuccino. Once you learn how to do your own coffee, it makes you think twice about where you order.
  8. Can someone tell me the definition of 'shot'. 14/15 grams coffee rendering 25 grams liqueur. Is that single or double. Since there is a 7 gram basket, I have always assumed that this is single. I think there is some confusion in the High Street about this.
  9. There is sometimes a screech (non-mechanical) which happens when the wand is inserted in the milk and the valve opened. As Wando64 observes, this is a mechanical noise which is heard even when the machine is switched off. I lubricate with WD40 weekly but the effect doesn't last long before it starts again. The wheel is rough to turn.
  10. Has anybody experienced this? The steam wheel on my relatively new Sylvia is rough to turn and makes a fairly loud and unpleasant screech. The supplier, 'My Espresso' was a bit dismissive, and told me to squirt some WD40 onto the shaft of the steam valve. This resulted in a slight improvement but after few days, it's worse than ever. Takes the joy out of using the machine. Don't know whether to make a fuss. Anyone had a similar experience.
  11. Thanks for your comments. I'll take them on board.
  12. I have been advised by members to weigh out the coffee to achieve 25g from 14g coffee in 25secs. I have been doing this for a while but noticed recently when I made an espresso, that this equates to only about 1 fl oz which is not really enough. 2 fl oz, which I always thought was correct, weighs about 50 to 60g. I would appreciate views on this.
  13. Good explanation. Thanks. So after steaming. I switch off and let everything cool. When I start up again, I switch on and immediately open the steam valve and switch on hot hater until water flows from the wand, then allow to warm up. Does this sound ok?
  14. What about the Sylvia? I would like to understand it a bit, as there is this implied danger that if you don't do thinks in a certain way, you may burn out the submersible element. How does a full boiler become a steam vessel? Does the water vaporise due to the pressure and temperature and condense again to a smaller volume of hot water, possibly exposing the heating element? How much steaming would you have to do to risk this exposure?
  15. Interesting to know that the Gaggia Classic doesn't fill either. What would you have to do to burn-out the heating element in one of these machines? I have owned 3 Gaggias before this Sylvia and never burnt anything out, so it must be a theoretical problem up to a point.
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