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  1. kedo


    Thanks for your advice MWJB And DavecUK. I’ve never heard of a shot time as long as 40secs. I am aiming for a 1:2/2.5 ratio. I always weigh my coffee and have a Motta leveller which has helped to make tamping more consistent and never brew until the machine is up to temperature (20mins at least). This has given really good results up until recently. My grinder has been sticking recently and I have been cleaning it every week or so, but maybe you have a point here in that that this is where the problem lies. I didn’t realise that purging the grinder is necessary. I will try this. I have looked for the boiling at the group head but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of this. A quick flush can’t do any harm.
  2. kedo


    I have a Rocket Apartamento and Mignon grinder. Since acquiring my new Rocket, I have had consistent results using 17g coffee producing 30 - 40g in the cup in 25 -30 secs with consistent tamp. Lately I have struggled, sometimes only brewing a few grams in the cup with my normal timing, and at other times, 40 grams of coffee in maybe 15 secs. Not even close! Coffee is expensive and I can tolerate some variation but this is massive waste. I know that you must dial in the grind first thing, but this is regularly happening after this. I can only think that I have a bad batch of coffee (I use Artisan Roast Trigonometry-very nice by the way) or that my grinder is faulty. it has turned very cold up here lately, could this be a factor? I’m Also not sure whether I should flush the Appartamento before use. There is no mention of this in the manual, but I know that this is generally required with HE machines. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. kedo

    Pressure gauge

    Ha Ha thanks. They looked like glass to me.
  4. kedo

    Pressure gauge

    I note on the Rocket Appartamento there appears to be two small lights on the bottom half of the gauge. I’ve never seen those lit and I can find no reference to them in the manual. Are these lights and if so what are they for?
  5. Yes I’ve seen a post where the manufacturer confirmed that this power-down feature has been added to the latest machines.
  6. Yes I’ve seen a post where the manufacturer confirmed that this power-down feature has been added to the latest machines.
  7. After some time of non-use, my new Appartamento shuts off and the green light flashes slowly; a different frequency of flashing than the low-water faster flash. I understand that the latest models do cut-off after a period of non use, apparently a new Italian regulation applied to all electrical appliances. Is this correct or is it to do with mineral content in the water? Also during warm-up, I get a puff of steam rising vertically through the top warm up plate. Anybody seen this? I am also still a bit confused about the frequency of flushing before use and for how long. Otherwise great results.
  8. I have decided to hold on to the Mignon, but the Rancilio is still for same all gleaming clean, back flushed and boxed in original box with all accessories and manual.
  9. Hi Neil thanks for the offer. I got a new Rocket and can’t now afford to upgrade the Mignon at the moment so I have decided not to sell it at the moment. Thanks again
  10. That’s great news. Strangely, I replaced the burrs on my Mignon and suddenly bingo! Great shot. Best ever. How would you temperature surf a Sylvia as a matter of interest. Opinion seems to vary.
  11. Thanks Mr Boots2u. That’s a very good point. I’m sure as you say, that both machines are capable of making great coffee, it’s the skill bit I worry about. I don’t think I have ever really tamed my Rancilio! Hope I have better luck with my new machine when I decide. Without having seen either, I’m favouring the Lelit at the moment, purely based on its price and the in-depth review on Bella Baristas site which really praises its build quality, design and features, many of which are not available on the Apartamento.
  12. Thanks guys. That’s very helpful. I didn’t realise that Machina Espresso was in Edinburgh. They don’t stock the. Lelit as far as I can, see but I will be able to see the Appartamento. thanks Salty. That’s a generous offer. I am off for a week on Sunday but will get in touch. Where are you?
  13. Hi. I live in the Edinburgh area.
  14. Thanks for those replies. I live good distance from BB so I think it has to be mail order. I have spoken to them on the phone and agree that their service is excellent. I’m tempted by the Rocket because of its reputation but the Lelit is significantly less expensive and shares a similar spec. It even exceeds the Rocket in having a more powerful heater. I’ll post when I have the new machine.
  15. I am upgrading from my Rancilio. The Sylvia is capable of great coffee but i feel that a heat exchanger machine may be less fiddly and quicker in use. I’m looking at the Lelit Mara PL62 or the Rocket Appartamento. Bella Barista reckon that the Lelit at around £900 is as good if not better than the Rocket at £1,200. Have any members any advice. I intend to use it with one of the newer Mignons with the bigger burrs. My existing Mignon delivers in cubes which are easy enough to break up, but make the levelling and tamping more difficult.
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