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  1. Just cancelled my order on the next drop, so there is one back in black on the Niche site , if anyone's looking ... ive picked up one from a mate and not going the eBay route
  2. No , the PF's are a 58mm, the motta 53 tamper was for a Spaziale
  3. Hi BenjiBob Certainly- moving to PM? Thanks Andy you would be next in line:)
  4. Sorry folks, double thread. Mods- could you please delete this one Ta
  5. Having a clearout of stuff that realistically I'm never going to use (Mrs' rule of thumb is it it hasn't moved for over a year, its surplus to our requirements !) Stainless under counter knock out drawer, bought from a member here a year ago, brand new and never been used,by him or me ( I tapped out a PF to try it once) £50 pickup or £70 posted signed for (its big and Heavy.) There is a slight indent on the front from storage, see pic 1 , not noticeable unless you catch a reflection in it. Not really suitable domestically unless you have a serious caffeine addiction:) Concept art calibrated tamper in gunmetal, knock bottom in 58mm Hardly used, the Mrs wanted one to try after seeing them used in a Milanese coffee bar. Looking for £30 pickup or £35 posted- basically under half price Motta 53mm tamper with Black handle £10 pickup, £15 posted Costa branded Portafilters to fit a CMA/Astoria/Wega machine New, one has a 14g basket, the other is a 21g Really nice quality £30 pickup or £35 posted No paypal unless you are happy to stick fees on top, bank transfer or Paypal gift (cash would also be acceptable:)
  6. I assumed that this was the real job Boris was after...
  7. The situation has changed completely. Sturgeon will win her new vote before Article 50 is complete
  8. Mignons are great , but if you have the space for a mazzer, it'll probably fend off Upgraditus slightly longer. They do come up reasonably regularly. Welcome
  9. @grumpydaddy Used one of the big boxes you supplied , stuck the lightly bubble wrapped SJ in , and packed it out with the other empties from the cups.. Reckon it could have taken a fair bit of courier mistreatment
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