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  1. Honestly I think it’s a mix of it not having the latest Shuriken burrs and is priced quite strongly for a preowned unit (and not much difference in price to buying new). These, like most of the high end grinders now, are not readily accessible but can be had after a short wait of a few months. If you came down on price slightly, it would sell. I might even buy it myself!
  2. Yes sorry should have added that point!
  3. You need to be added by Decent. If you send them a message, they will send you the link. Its then accessible through the Basecamp platform. Enjoy the experimentation!
  4. I couldn’t disagree with you more - but I appreciate the profiles and that different roasted beans do react very differently using them (as well as all the other variables you can experiment with). Maybe you just prefer a simple shot, with a ‘normal’ roasted bean (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but most Decent owners, myself included, want something that has the ability to manipulate different flavours and provide endless opportunity to experiment. If you are buying a Decent, and spending that much money, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you get the best out of it and t
  5. @RobW out of interest, how much was your grinder without import/shipping? With the current exchange rate, the new $3,250 cost (without import/shipping) equates to £2,340 but it may have been a bit more when you bought your grinder last year...
  6. Thanks for this - I think it may be cheaper now with the exchange rate being better recently. I’ll keep an eye out for your advert.
  7. That would be really useful - thanks!
  8. Does anyone know that price difference between the Monolith Flat and Monolith Flat Max shipped to the UK, including all import costs etc (just for the standard base model of each with no upgrades). I am trying to work out the price difference before I confirm my pre-order but it is not very clear...
  9. This could be a good alternative to the Kafatek Monolith Max
  10. @decent_espresso ; what’s your opinion on the Kafatek Monolith grinders being paired with a Decent machine? Have you used one much in the past?
  11. The Niche and Decent are indeed a great combo!
  12. Sold elsewhere, thanks
  13. For sale are the below set of matched Acme cups (Grey) in as new condition. - Acme 280ml Latte Cups x2. - Acme 190ml Cappuccino cups x 2. £30 delivered for the whole set in the UK.
  14. Thanks for this. Bentwood is way too big for me unfortunately (downside of living in London). The Flat Max would be my limit size wise. My only concern with getting the Flat over the Flat Max, is knowing that for a little more I could get the best possible grinder in the line-up and not suffering 'upgradeitis' later on.
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