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  1. I’ll take 2 cappuccino cups at £15 please!
  2. Decided to sell my Decent Tamping Kit as I need to save a bit of space and I have not used any of the other basket sizes since I got it. It includes 4 basket sizes, v3 self levelling tamper, different pressure calibrated springs, tamping cradle and suitcase. I’ve only had the kit for a month and only used the tamper and cradle so still in very good condition. £200 excluding shipping. I am based in London, UK. Below is a picture of what is included from the Decent website and also a date stamp picture
  3. No extra VAT or duty for me. It's charged at the point of sale and the declared value is on the hardware. Seems like a grey area for customs duties but widely discussed as having no issues at all for the buyer and Decent say themselves they will resolve any issues if they came up. I understand they even took it to court in Germany and won the case... Delivery was also ridiculously quick for me - 2 days from Hong Kong to my door!
  4. My first coffee of the week - flat white using the ‘LRv2’ profile which emulates a shot from a Londinium lever machine. I find this profile is great with a slightly darker bean and as a base espresso in a flat white. It has a slow preinfusion and gets up to 9 bars with a gentle decline. The key here for my taste is to get the end flow between around 1.6ml/s - 2.0ml/s which with these beans is a ‘19’ on the Niche Zero. Milk steaming is also improving now after practice over the last couple of weeks. Looking forward to experimenting more with this profile, exploring different temperatures, a
  5. I can only echo other recent posts here from DE owners. I received my DE1+ a few weeks ago now and it has been fantastic so far. I am coming from a Lelit Mara X that already made great espresso but I am really enjoying the capabilities of a true profiling machine. Truth be told, I am still trying to get my head around all the data and work out what variables to change for different profiles based on bean roast level etc but it is so much fun to play around with. This week I have been using a few different types of beans, a darker one as a base for a flat white and also a light roast geisha
  6. It was a medium roast coffee bean, although on the darker side of medium. @decent_espresso ;can I ask what data you can see which suggests that the grind may be too fine for this shot? I am still trying to understand the variables / data and actual changes in the cup. It did taste very good, especially for my first shot, and I am enjoying the process of learning the machine and how it changes my understanding of making well extracted coffee specific to a certain type of coffee bean/roast level.
  7. Received my Decent Espresso machine today and it all seems great so far. The picture below is the graph of the first shot on the suggested 'Default' profile. This was an 18g dose in and 36g liquid out. The taste was actually very balanced for the first run and initial impressions are very good. The next stage is to experiment with milk steaming and then move on to the more advanced profiles. I am looking forward to trying the Allonge / Blooming Espresso profiles and tasting the flavour differences in the cup. I will update my journey on the thread if anyone is interested...
  8. Coffee beans arrived for Decent espresso machine due tomorrow...!
  9. Yes - good point. I will need to hold off anyway until the preorders open again...
  10. I have seen that - and it does throw a bit of a spanner in the works. Coming from the Niche, I wanted to try a flat burr grinder and the Flat Max seemed the best of the bunch really, although you do pay for that and have to wait to get on a preorder. I appreciate that puck preparation will be more important on a flat and want to make sure I get a grinder that I am happy with for the long-term. I may need to do some more research and work out what the specific differences are in the cup and which burr profile best suits the kind of coffee I drink. In an ideal world I would have both but can
  11. Interesting - what’s the main difference you find between the MC3 and Max? I do enjoy lighter/light-medium roasts and I am looking for a flat burr grinder that is a good quality option for this. If the MC4 would be a better fit for me, I’m certainly not against it, as it is cheaper, although I have heard that it’s not a million miles away from other conical grinders, like the Niche. I do appreciate any hands on experience you have though.
  12. I’m looking at trying to get a Monolith Flat Max as an upgrade from the Niche Zero to pair with the DE1+. Does anyone know when the preorders open again and have any tips on how to secure one before they all sell out...?
  13. Yes correct - they came in the case. It’s the ‘Tamping Kit’ Hopefully the machine will arrive next week as I am craving espresso...
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