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  1. Have you owned the machine from new? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Is this still available? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No worries - let me know if you change your mind, as I’m not far from you anyway and so delivery won’t be an issue.
  4. @ThinkJunket are you still looking for a Gene Cafe roaster? I would be happy to offer mine for sale and I could even deliver tomorrow morning when I’m en route to LHR to collect someone. I’m thinking of £240 which I think is keenly priced.
  5. My colleague (truly... not me!) is looking for a bean to cup machine for a relatively small kitchen space. Can anyone recommend a decent machine for her, and any warnings of what to avoid?
  6. What a lovely looking grinder - good luck with the sale. At risk of distraction from the thread (sorry), does anyone know where I could get a wooden lid like this one for my Jolly? Thanks!
  7. Nice when a humble coffee shop can elevate itself to treat status through care and attention to detail! Very cool. Happy birthday.
  8. I’m not a sophisticated chap. I know what I like and I like what I know, but I also like to learn. And so... I wanted to compare side by side espresso made from beans which have undergone a natural process vs those undergoing a washed process. To eliminate as many variations as I could I opted for the same beans from the same roasting house (Hambela from Atkinsons - an heirloom variety from Ethiopia, processed at Guji in the Oromia region). I’m not good at describing flavour profiles and shall not try here, but I will declare the great enjoyment I have derived from this little experiment. The bouquet of the beans and the freshly ground coffee differs notably, and so does its colour in the cup and surface oil on the crema. And the taste profile is excitingly different to boot. All this confirms the merits of my little experiment, and I commend it to any others who are also seeking to enjoy a journey of learning.
  9. It may be that I stick with pour-over for when we have guests!
  10. I love my Caravel, though I’m thinking of upgrading to a machine which will produce excellent espresso (my preference) but which will also allow me to produce several shots in succession when I have guests, as well as steaming milk for their drinks. And so 85% of usage for espresso only, 15% for milky drinks. I’m looking for a used but well loved machine, and would welcome thoughts of what might suit me best for a budget of around £500 (or please feel free to tell me if the budget is misguided). Indeed if anyone has a machine that fits the bill please shout. Many thanks!
  11. Likewise. The Dutch supplier of heating elements and seals is excellent to deal with.
  12. I’m afraid I’ve not been able to get the video to work on my phone - you may cover the points I ask in commentary and if you do I apologise. How old is the machine and how has it been used, with what water etc. Is there any limescale etc. Thanks
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