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  1. Worth a shot for 60p Recipes are a must though, would the clever be classed as v60 (pourover) or does it have it's own brew classification as it is an immersion brewer I believe. Edit There is nothing for immersion brewer, so would I be better treating it as an aeropress?
  2. Yup that's the one that the builders lent to me, it has cobalt alloy so is quite strong. I measured where to drill the pilot hole, I prepunched it, masked the area and then used a hss drillbit to guide the holecutter. During cutting I applied some of that cutting lube to help cool the cutter. I used low speed and high torque setting on the cordless drill and applied enough pressure to manage the cut without jamming it. I took around 20-30 mins to cut the hole as I took some breaks inbetween to also help cool the ss and cutting tool. It's a slow process but I easily managed it. You
  3. The high pressure pipes aren't very flexible so bear that in mind, with copper you can create bends to get a cleaner look but then takes some effort to get right. Also you will need the clamp. http://www.buyagauge.co.uk/epages/211912.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/211912/Products/PANELCLAMP/SubProducts/panelclamp-0005
  4. Liam I just followed the advice from those who did the mod before on GUG they recommend I placed the connection in it's current position to reduce fluctuations. As for using a larger guage size I guess if it doesn't look out of place and looks proportional to the size of the machine it will fit. But make sure that it clears the boiler at the bottom of the machine. 25cm length coil/copper pipe? I have no idea on the size sorry as it's soldered into the back of the guage and there wasn't an option to customize the length. The coil acts as a damper if you're getting a glycerin fil
  5. Also pulled this up from Reddit. Was this just a scam then?
  6. Just came to post an update, seems you're already on the ball.
  7. looks super, is it food grade ss? If you ever decide to make a limited production run then count me in
  8. I prefer Moccha Java to IJ and Fudge. But these for me at least needed a good 10 day rest time for latte.
  9. Looks great. Is that a different gauge? Also apologies that I haven't been on recently. A good friend of mine passed away from Bowel Cancer and it hit me pretty hard watching him deteriorate and then eventually die a few days later. He was only 31 and left behind a loving wife, mother and 2 kids. He was diagnosed with Cancer at 27 and left us all at no age at all. When I'm feeling up to it I'll be active and posting again but in the meanwhile will just be lurking and catching up on threads. I did plan to do another Group Buy for Brass Plates in the New Year but that's on hold for now.
  10. No experience but I've seen a few mobile coffee rickshaws, bikes on ebay. IIRC some were solar powered but have a butchers on ebay and read the description to see what people have done. That's until someone provides a better answer.
  11. no, no, no I'm not practicing microfoam but just letting the cups soak in fairy liquid.
  12. Have you been Plagiarising other peoples work? As long as you give reference/citation to the original Author then I don't see any problem. Enjoy your grinder, looking forward to reading your review on it.
  13. Looking good. Are there any machines out there that stop the brew by user defined weight of coffee output? Also do you pull your shots at 93 degrees celcius mrshades? I've Not been happy with the taste of my espressos lately and I found lowering it helped a fair bit with the beans from Rave (They are all dark medium roasts )
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