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  1. No worries, what I do know is that the machine when combined with my grinder (+-350watts) pushes my inverter (500w) slightly above its limit! I'll try calling Italy but figure a 1000w inverter will do the trick. Many thanks, Philip
  2. Hello all, so I have a 2 group dual fuel myway pompei running on propane and have been having a few inverter issues. Does anybody out there know what sort of wattage a machine like mine pulls while running on gas? This will effect how large my inverter must be! Many thanks, Philip
  3. Thanks for your reply. The pump works, (pushes water from fresh water into the boiler while not at pressure) the pump has pressure of 40 psi. It's just not running while above 1 bar of pressure, as opposed to running and not pumping. The only difference with now and when it worked before is that I'm using LPG to run the machine and previously it was using mains electricity. So, the button works while the machine has less that 1 bar of pressure, after that it doesn't. (leading me to believe the button is not defective). I bought all of these bits (machine,pump etc) separately but sought reputable advice pre-purchase so I knew the parts were capable of what I wanted. I have never run the machine off lpg before and plummed/wired the it myself (with assistance from a friend). Many thanks for your speedy reply! Philip
  4. Hello all, so I have my Izzo Pompei dual fuel running on LPG with a 12v battery for my shurflo pump, grinder and the machines electronics, with the help of an inverter. The shurflo is pumping fresh water into the machine until the boiler reaches operating pressure. Then it shuts off, and doesn't kick back in when the boiler level drops (there's a button on the front of the machine to give the pump a whoosh and this also ceases to work when at operating pressure). This means that once I'm up to pressure, my boiler starts to empty as I pull coffees, steam milk or use my hot water and I cannot refill?!! Has anybody any suggestions/ideas/similar experiences? Mucho appreciado, Philip
  5. We should start a mobile spring lever dual fuel group! I'm setting up my Pompei in a trailer as we speak. It's attached and plumbed in at the moment, did gas yesterday. Just need some more solid wiring and plumbing and I'll be on the road in no time! (Aiming for the weekend after next!) Would love to ask you a few questions Jo as you seem to be a step or two ahead of me in this game! (re:the pompei) Many thanks, Philip
  6. Especially when I return with macchiatos for all and no more milk!
  7. Howdy all, so it's taken a while but here is my bedroom setup! It'll be gone soon because it's going mobile! So the machine and grinder are running off mains electricity at the moment. The water is connected to a pump which runs off a marine leisure battery. When mobile, our machine will run on gas and the grinder and pump will run from the battery. Pretty nice bedroom setup if I do say so myself! Thanks to the forum for assistance with setting this up!
  8. Wow, so many opinions to consider. Thanks. I've been away recently but am meeting a fabricator and printing up some branding this coming week so I'll be picking some more brains about the final set-up we go for! Space is a big issue in our trailer. So is the fridge, can I run a fridge of gas? p.s. I also hope I can sell more than 30 cuppas in a day! Philip
  9. Cheers for your help gang. Cleaned everything up and popped the screen back into place, held in by the circlip. Made sure to not over dose and we made some deliscious brews. Frothed some lovely milk too. Was reassuring to see all working wonderfully, and shot times closing in on 25-30 seconds. Thanks again.
  10. We were experimenting with larger doses after suggestions from the roasters. We'd been using about 14g for our double, and had more than that in the PF at the time. Pretty sure we had too much in the pf. Does anybody know how many pieces sit below the last shower screen? Or where I can find a pdf of the group head?
  11. Thanks, apparently the clip is called a circlip that's come out with the gasket. I wonder does this happen often.
  12. Howdy gang, I think that I ground too fine and tamped too hard! When I locked the portafilter into place and pulled down the lever to preinfuse, all seemed ok, until the lever was stalled and locked pointing at about 60 degrees from horizontal. After a moment the portafilter blew off and the lever sprang back. Unfortunately one of the shower screens and an o-ring blew out, into the drip tray! From an infogram I found I think it's the bottom o-ring that's come out. What should I do? Has anybody experienced one of these "blowouts" of sorts? Can the old o-rings be popped back into place? I figure It's best to replace the screens but should I replace the o-rings too? Your advice is much appreciated.
  13. 'Yes, yes. And now for the re-verticalisation switch!' Red jumper has clearly has his hair done in a gravity neutral style in preparation.
  14. Cheers for your help, when I said twisty dial I meant the collar yes. I'll try this method tonight, and take a few pics for here while I'm at it! Cheers for the help, Philip
  15. Howdy gang, so I recently picked up a Brasilia RR45 grinder second hand and stripped it down to clean it all up. When rebuilding it I was unsure of how tight to tighten the burrs and calibrate the twisty dial on the side, has anybody experience of doing this? Also, how does the anti static guard work? That's the little pad that the ground beans hit after going between the burrs while going into the doser. Thanks, any feedback is appreciated, Philip
  16. Yup, Cloudpicker is deliscious! There's a new cafe in Dun Laoghaire that's whopper! It's called 'two beans' and it's opposite Gilbert and Wrights or next to the garage! Worth a trip!
  17. Cheers, will do! Hmm, charging without removing isn't so much of an issue. Have day off tomorrow and might just be able to put up an aul video of the machine and set-up in the appropriate section! Thanks again knowledgeable peoples, Philip
  18. I've a big ol (no clue how to quantify the actual size) marine leisure battery and battery charger (Halfords finest) that'll charge it! I'll be taking the battery out after a days work and will be bringing it inside to charge. Battery is 12 volts, goes straight to my shurflow pump and the grinder will indeed be after an inverter hooked up to the same battery. :-)
  19. Ha, it seems to be in your set-up in use at the moment. I doubt my budget can stretch to an amount that'l' make you want to part with it! What'd you be looking for it? Cheers for your input, am scouring locally to find something I could maybe see this evening! Philip
  20. My Izzo is plugged into the mains for now until it's mobile and it'll be running on gas mostly. So inverter will be needed to run my grinder off my battery when it's going outdoors and into my mobile set-up. Thanks for recommendations, will start researching! Philip p.s. Do you have a Mazzer Royal Garydyke1? What do you think of it? Are you getting rid of yours?
  21. As nice (and tiring/time-consuming) as it'd be to be grinding by hand, electric seems to be the way forward! Can I wire up most grinders to my 12 volt battery? Am I right in thinking that something similar to a Mazzer Super Jolly is what I need? It seems to be a bit of an industry stardard, a little like the Fracino machines on mobile units. Thanks, Philip
  22. I've an Izzo Pompei Dual Fuel spring lever beast. Manual is an option we'd consider, we hope to be trading for between 4 and about 8 hours on average. Not sure as to how much beans we'd be going through to be honest at this stage. Price range goes upto about €250, could be pushed for something lovely! I'll have a goo now at different manual offerings. Thanks again, Philip
  23. Hello, So I've my home set-up sorted but I still have no grinder! I'll be running it off a battery! Space is a concern but unfortunately I've no dimensions with me. Anybody have an idea about this one? Brasillia about 150 euro? http://www.donedeal.ie/cateringfittings-for-sale/coffee-machine-and-cofey-grinder/6505068 *worst case scenario we get a grinder to practice with and then another when hitting the road! Many thanks, your advice is much appreciated, Philip
  24. Yup, gonna have to be set-up with battery in the future for mobile so we figured we'd set it up as close to the way we'll be using it! Running off a bike would be amazing!
  25. So I got a friend in town to grind up some deliscious beans and pulled many shots this evening. It was so so different from yesterday. The lever action was sweet. It catches just above horizontal. :-) Grinder hunt starts tomorrow. I'm looking for a decent grinder that's not too big methinks, that can run off my 12 volt battery. Anyway, many thanks to all for your help. philip
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